November 26, 2011

Random Punishment Selector

James, who hosts  the 'SpankedMale' blog shared a connection to the 'Random Punishment Selector'.  Its a really interesting on-line calculator that you can customize for your situation including the name of the spanker, name of the spankee, reason for punishment, severity of the punishment, number of implements to use, actual implements to be used with the ability to customize the parameters to match the implements you actually own, the position and state of dress.  In addition, there are options to set the severity factor of the various implements and even some additional punishment (such as corner time, mouth soaping, grounding, etc.).

Its really creative and once the parameters are all set, the resulting 'Punishment Certificate' with the results can be printed and handed to the guilty party.  The URL is:

Well, it seems as if James shared this little 'tool' with his wife and she has taken a real liking to it. The picture above is James' wife and is the opening picture on their blog.  As you can see she is a very attractive woman with a lap that seems to be calling to all us naughty boys.  I am guessing I may get in trouble with Cora for this comment, but its a lap that I would love to 'sample'. James has shared two incidences of his wife using the tool, the first resulting in 25 strokes of the cane.  The second time, it appears that James' wife got some 'inspiration' while reading another blog over James' shoulder.  James' wife entered another set of parameters and generated a second 'Punishment Certificate' that included three sets of punishment.  James posted how she delivered the first set with the other sets to follow.

James second set was delivered after he was caught reading one of my comments on his blog instead of helping his wife with some holiday decorating.  I guess I am partly to blame for this one, but James got 32 with his wife's bath brush.  I wonder if James' wife would have me share his punishment.  He has yet to receive some cane strokes but I am sure James will share that part of the session, too.

You can read James' portrayal on his blog and I would recommend it as James' blog is well written and fun to read.  He and his wife seem to be very 'real' and so generously share their lifestyle with the Universe.

So, Cora has expressed some interest in the Random Punishment Selector, too. 

 And yes, her lap is very attractive, too.  I have first hand (or is that first 'hairbrush') experience.

I think the pictures prove my point.  And as some of you have expressed an interest in 'trying out' her lap, I would just advise, "Be very careful what you ask for".  However, Cora loves these kinds of comments.

But I wonder if she will use the Random Punishment Selector like James' wife does.  Its one of those things that I both fear and hope she will take on.  Funny how that works.

Also, I can visulize Cora using a combination of her 'Notice of Discipline' with the 'Random Punishment Selector'.  The latter provides for varies degrees of punishment such as 'light', 'moderate' or 'very hard', with the difference being the number of swats.  It would be a natural for Cora to associate the check boxes on the Notice of Discipline form for 'Mild', 'Moderate' and 'Severe' with the appropriate level on the Random Punishment Selector.  I can just see her delivering a Notice of Discipline attached to the 'Punishment Certificate' at the same time.  Yikes!

So, I may be in even deeper that James with all these ideas.  I can't explain why I am sharing them where Cora will easily see them.  But then I guess I am just a little jealous of all the attention James is getting from his wife.

 P.S.  We are still working on the pix to illustrate our shopping trip at the Tack Shop.


Anonymous said...

Nice post, seems I now have a partner in crime!!

Can't begin to imagine if we were all in the same room. Just food for thought.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to research this one, er, further! :)
Cora, and her lap, look as inviting as ever. Sigh. Hard to believe, I wouldn't be able to sit ALL day after one of her corrections! :)

Jonathan said...

Hi Ken and Cora: Being a spoiled brat long overdue for a comeuppance made me seem like a perfect candidate for the lovely Ms. Cora's "hairbrush comparison test". Just used the random punishment selector to determine the severity of my fate and it calculated 165 otk hairbrush "wallops" on the bare bottom. Just wondered how this would compare with Ms. Cora's prescription. Regards, Jonathan

spankedbywife said...

Cora and I certainly had 'fun' with this post.

Indeed, we certainly seem to be 'partnered' well.

Well, I think you would probably be able to sit but you would certainly remember your time over Cora's lap.

Cora isn't much on the counting thing. She spanks until she thinks you have been spanked enough. If you remember, she is an artist and is more likely to spank to a particular color. This is an issue we may have to address with the 'Calculator'. Perhaps we would convert a certain number of swats to a certain amount of time.

Jonathan said...

Dear Ken and Cora: Thanks to your advice of a few hours ago, my comeuppance is no longer overdue. I recently introduced my lady to your blog and she not only bought into the FLR lifestyle, but adopted Cora as her mentor in both style and attitude. When I showed her your response to my comment, she instructed me to strip to my briefs and fetch her "new" hairbrush (recently purchased at an antique shop, per Ms. Cora's recommendation). She then summoned my over her girdled and stockinged lap, lowered my briefs and proceded to use my bared bottom as her canvas. With her artistic masterpiece complete, my backside resembles an autumn sunset and is on FIRE!! And I'm a little less bratty and spoiled. Even though I can't sit down at the moment, I would like to thank Ms. Cora for having a "hand" (pun intended) in todays spanking (and those to come in the future). And Ms. Cora was correct - that little antique hairbrush does indeed pack a wallop. Thanks to you both! Jonathan and June

Njspank said...

Fun, wow. Great post thanks

Yes Cora and her brushes are an amazing combination and love the pictures of her beautiful and inviting lap!

Be well


spankedbywife said...

Always great to hear from you.

I can't begin to tell you how large a grin Cora had after reading your second post. It was very inspirint to us, indeed.

I would invite you and/or your Lady to contact us direct if you should desire. Our profile includes an e-Mail address.

Ken and Cora

jonathan said...

Ms. Cora looks positively stunning in her new riding breeches. Just hope it doesn't inspire my lady, at least until I'm recovered from her artistic brush strokes. Glad Ms. Cora took pleasure in my plight, as she pretty much orchestrated it. As for her new duds, what better apparel/implement for a lady to utilize to "break" her wild stallion. Giddyup, Ken!!!!

Anonymous said...

great pics, wish I could have a session with her

Anonymous said...

For spoiled brats there's a beta download to a random punishment generator at the art of self spanking site. This counts out the punishment for you. The default "noise" is a bit annoying but can be changed.

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