September 17, 2014

Dana Specht's Signature Paddles

A while back we posted a description of the paddles that we make for Ms. Dana Specht.  These are exact copies of the paddles that were sold by Nu-West/Leda several decades ago.  I purchased two of their 'Spencer' paddles.  I had regretted not purchasing one or two of their OTK Spanking Paddles.

However, one day while browsing the internet, I noticed a picture of Ms. Dana Specht holding one of the OTK Spanking Paddles.  I figured that the OTK Spanking Paddle would have been made from the same wood used for the Spencer Paddles and with the correct proportions could make a reasonable reproduction.  But first I sent off an e-Mail to Ms. Specht asking for the basic dimensions hoping that she would respond.
Ms. Dana and Lady Cora showing off the OTK Spanking Paddles.
Can you imagine a 'Double Lap' Spanking from these two Disciplinarians?
And respond she did.  She sent me an actual tracing of her original paddle.  Wow!  With her tracing,  off to my workshop I went and made a template.  I then began cutting out several copies from a sheet of plywood.  Both the OTK Spanking Paddle and the Spencer paddle are made from 3/8 inch thick, 7-ply birch plywood. I found a small sheet of it at our local woodworking store.  I sent two of my first results of the OTK Spanking Paddle to Ms. Specht.  It was the least I could do in return for her generosity in providing a tracing.  She responded that my copies were exact duplicates of the originals.

Later, she asked if I would be interested in making a number of paddles for her to sell.  At first I hesitated but later thought that it might be fun to contribute to the world of women spanking their men.
Cora displaying the latest (and perhaps last) group of Ms. Dana's Signature Paddles

The first group was sent off in May, 2013 and were quickly purchased.  Another group was sent in late July and another in September.  And I just completed what will probably be the last group which were sent off about a week ago.  A total of 18 OTK Spanking Paddles and 15 Spencer Paddles were made.  At this time there is a very limited amount in stock.  So if you have ever wanted one of these classic Nu-West/Leda style paddles, now is the time.  Just log onto Ms. Specht's website (DanaSpecht.Com) and navigate to the 'Store' button, then 'Paddles'.

Prior to composing this post I thought it only appropriate for Cora to remind me what its like to take a paddling from both the OTK Spanking Paddle and the Spencer Paddle.  And in honor of Ms. Specht, I fetched our copy of the video she did for the Disciplinary Wive's Club on scolding.  Its an excellent video that demonstrates Ms. Specht's famous scolding style along with examples of her spankings, too.

I put the disk in our player, pulled one of the OTK Spanking Paddles and one of the Spencer Paddles off Cora's rack and presented myself to Cora for a paddling.  Over her lap I went and Cora began spanking me with the smaller paddle.  Cora loves to spank along with a video, especially Ms. Dana's scolding video.  Cora will match Ms. Specht swat for swat and I endured about 13 minutes of solid paddling.
Ms. Dana and Lady Cora showing off the Spencer Paddle

Cora then beckoned me to get up and traded her OTK Spanking Paddle for the Spencer Paddle.  "Bend over and grab your knees", she ordered.  I complied and was then on the receiving end of about 15 of her best.
Freshly Paddled (less than an hour ago) with Cora's OTK Spanking Paddle and Spencer Paddle

I don't think I need to go into the detail of what its like to be on the receiving end of a paddling with one (or both) of these virtually indestructable WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction).  Suffice it to say that I am sitting not so comfortably with a rather intense tingle in my bottom.  Indeed, the results show I have been thoroughly paddled.  But then no complaints.  Au Contraire!  Submitting to a paddling from Ms. Cora is an erotic experience I cherish in spite of the stinging.

Oh, and I am sure you are familiar with Ms. Specht's spanking abilities.  Her website introduces her as a "World Renowned Disciplinarian".  That's probably an understatement.  If you have seen any of her videos (and I'd highly recommend checking out her website where she lists many of them) you know that she is perhaps one of the most intense disciplinarians on the planet and spanks quite hard.  I fondly remember the first time I put her DWC video in our player and draped myself over Cora's lap.  Watching Ms. Specht spank really inspired Cora to keep up with her.  It was truly a breakthrough in Cora spanking me good and hard.

Ms. Specht has graciously shared some pictures of her spanking Ms. Sarah Gregory, who I'm sure you are familiar with, also.  I think the pictures speak for themselves as to the intensity of one of Ms. Specht's spankings.  Note especially Ms. Gregory's expression in the last two pictures.

Ms. Dana About to Deliver a Spanking With Her Signature OTK Spanking Paddle 

That Look Says It All


Anonymous said...

Greetings to the Lady Cora and her sore-arsed sub,

How wonderfully ironic it is to read that the implements of discipline used by Dommes such as Lady Cora are actually manufactured by her sub! I was glad to read that the sub was still feeling the effects of Lady Cora's paddling some time after the event. The visual evidence shows two lovely glowing cheeks. I would say that there seems to be an awfully large area of arse cheek that could do with some of the same treatment in order to make the whole of the sub's arse a more favourable colour. White is awful, pink a little better, red much better and deep purple much much better. Then when the bruising starts to develop, purple turns to yellow and then black, and that's my favourite stage, as it means that a good swipe when passing will cause the sub quite a deal of pain. Still, I should not be trying to influence the Lady, as she obviously is an accomplished and experienced disciplinarian. I am merely stating my preferred colour scheme!

Thank you, Lady Cora for allowing your sub to keep us informed of your discipline regime. If you think his efforts deserve a reward, why not get him to ask his readers to suggest a suitable punishment session? he could collate all the replies, and you could decide which is the most suitable. Then all you have to do is administer the winning punishment! Entertainment for you and us readers, and a reminder to the sub that skilled woodworker and paddle maker that he is, his main function in life is to accept graciously and gratefully the punishments you decide to give him.

I send the usual hugs, licks and kisses to you, Lady Cora, from,


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you posting again. I love to read about your adventures and the wonderful spankings Cora gives you. As usual your post today is great. I haven't made R any paddles to use on me but I did make our spanking bench and the whip she uses on me. I know how you feel when you make something like that what you are thinking while making it then presenting it to Cora so she can use it on you. As I made the bench I imagined myself over it presenting my bottom to her the same with the whip wondering how it would feel being used on me.
Wish you would post more often.