November 8, 2014

Bared and OTK

Its been a while since I have been spanked.  You probably knew that from the lack of posts.  Well, there just hasn't been much to write about.

Not that I haven't earned one or two (or three or four!).  Besides those I have probably earned, I haven't even been subject to maintenance spankings.

So I have relied on being spanked vicariously.  Through the hundreds (make that thousands) of images on Tumblr and reading a story or two.

Our previous post centered around a woman's lap and how there are differences of opinion on how she should prepare her lap.  Well, I guess I have focused on the 'next' step: over that lap just before the spanking begins.  Bared, of course.

Being told that you are going to be spanked usually brings on feelings of denial, fright and flight.  However I know that it will be inevitable that I will submit to her spanking.  I think the key word is 'submit'.

After responding to her call to come to her side, she either takes charge to bare her intended target, or makes me prepare myself.  This is followed by the bending over her lap and her adjusting my position to her liking.

Its at this time that I am most aware of my erotic feelings of submission to her.  I have given up all attempts to thwart my punishment and have accepted her (natural) authority.  I am ready for her to begin.  I have submitted totally.
Let the Bottom Roasting Begin!

October 4, 2014

Another Story Published and The Perfect Spanking Lap

I spend quite a bit of time reading spanking related stories on the net and I've mentioned the 'Library of Spanking Fiction' a number of times.  There is even a link to them over on the right side of our blog.  And last April my first story was published.  Believe me, it was exciting to see my story published along with the stories written by some very good authors.

Well just a few days ago my second story, "Its Time For Your Three O'Clock Spanking" was published.  It deals with an incident that happened when I was about ten or eleven years old.  My aunt was visiting.  She had quite a sense of humor and loved to tease.  So one day while I was occupied in an upper loft of our summer cabin, she called out to me, "Its time for your Three O'Clock Spanking".  Oh and did mention she taught sixth grade?

At the time I was just beginning my obsession about getting spanked by authoritarian women and as a sixth grade teacher, she certainly fit my ideal candidate to get a spanking from.  So while I realized she was just teasing, I always wondered, "What If?"  So my story takes it from there and what might have happened if I had spent a week with her later in the summer.

One of the nice things about the Library of Spanking Fiction is the feedback you can receive through comments.  In some ways its like the comments here on our blog.  And I did receive quite a few really nice comments.

What caught me by surprise was some of the observations by the commenters  regarding my description of my aunt's lap.  Its no secret that I have a strong fetish for girdles, stockings and high heels.  I know that its related to the era of my days growing up.  Most women still work skirts or dresses which also called for hosiery.  Bare legs wasn't something that was considered very fashionable at the time.

Since pantyhose hadn't yet become readily available or popular, nylon stockings was what women wore.  These stockings often had a reinforced toe and heel and had similar reinforcements at the top.  Some even still had seams.  So to hold up the stockings sometimes garter belts were employed but even more often, women wore girdles or panty girdles which seemed the choice of many women of that era.  The girdles had either 4 or 6 garter tabs that clipped onto the reinforced top.

I can't say why but I found this entire arrangement very sexy.  Very!  I can still recall the first time my hand accidentally (well the first time it was an accident) brushed up against the derriere of one of my classmates.  It sort of bounced off her and I could tell she was wearing something extremely tight.

I was definitely hooked and during my high school dating years had lots of experience being with young women wearing them.  And to my delight I didn't take too much convincing Cora to get back into them.  She really surprised me early in our relationship when she paraded out of one of the dressing rooms at Sears showing off a black panty girdle.  Naturally I purchased it for her.

I think it follows naturally that my ideal image of a woman who is about to spank me is wearing a skirt over a panty girdle and stockings.  High heeled pumps complete the perfect image.  After seating herself she prepares for my spanking by hiking up her skirt which reveals the tops of her stockings and the tabs of her garters.

So it was quite a surprise when one of the comments to my story (which had described my ideal image in detail) mentioned that the story would have been better if I was lying over my aunts bare thighs.  Cora even noticed that comment and mentioned it to me.

That comment caught my attention and got me to thinking.  Thinking about how things have changed.  While they are still being manufactured, girdles seem to be popular with only a small part of the female population.  And stockings (the real ones) are getting hard to find.  Thankfully Cora has a closet full of both and often (although not as often as I'd like) she wears them.  She has confirmed that they do make her feel better, more self confident and generally more powerful.  And sometimes she converts that power into a well spanked bottom (mine, of course).

September 17, 2014

Dana Specht's Signature Paddles

A while back we posted a description of the paddles that we make for Ms. Dana Specht.  These are exact copies of the paddles that were sold by Nu-West/Leda several decades ago.  I purchased two of their 'Spencer' paddles.  I had regretted not purchasing one or two of their OTK Spanking Paddles.

However, one day while browsing the internet, I noticed a picture of Ms. Dana Specht holding one of the OTK Spanking Paddles.  I figured that the OTK Spanking Paddle would have been made from the same wood used for the Spencer Paddles and with the correct proportions could make a reasonable reproduction.  But first I sent off an e-Mail to Ms. Specht asking for the basic dimensions hoping that she would respond.
Ms. Dana and Lady Cora showing off the OTK Spanking Paddles.
Can you imagine a 'Double Lap' Spanking from these two Disciplinarians?
And respond she did.  She sent me an actual tracing of her original paddle.  Wow!  With her tracing,  off to my workshop I went and made a template.  I then began cutting out several copies from a sheet of plywood.  Both the OTK Spanking Paddle and the Spencer paddle are made from 3/8 inch thick, 7-ply birch plywood. I found a small sheet of it at our local woodworking store.  I sent two of my first results of the OTK Spanking Paddle to Ms. Specht.  It was the least I could do in return for her generosity in providing a tracing.  She responded that my copies were exact duplicates of the originals.

Later, she asked if I would be interested in making a number of paddles for her to sell.  At first I hesitated but later thought that it might be fun to contribute to the world of women spanking their men.
Cora displaying the latest (and perhaps last) group of Ms. Dana's Signature Paddles

The first group was sent off in May, 2013 and were quickly purchased.  Another group was sent in late July and another in September.  And I just completed what will probably be the last group which were sent off about a week ago.  A total of 18 OTK Spanking Paddles and 15 Spencer Paddles were made.  At this time there is a very limited amount in stock.  So if you have ever wanted one of these classic Nu-West/Leda style paddles, now is the time.  Just log onto Ms. Specht's website (DanaSpecht.Com) and navigate to the 'Store' button, then 'Paddles'.

Prior to composing this post I thought it only appropriate for Cora to remind me what its like to take a paddling from both the OTK Spanking Paddle and the Spencer Paddle.  And in honor of Ms. Specht, I fetched our copy of the video she did for the Disciplinary Wive's Club on scolding.  Its an excellent video that demonstrates Ms. Specht's famous scolding style along with examples of her spankings, too.

I put the disk in our player, pulled one of the OTK Spanking Paddles and one of the Spencer Paddles off Cora's rack and presented myself to Cora for a paddling.  Over her lap I went and Cora began spanking me with the smaller paddle.  Cora loves to spank along with a video, especially Ms. Dana's scolding video.  Cora will match Ms. Specht swat for swat and I endured about 13 minutes of solid paddling.
Ms. Dana and Lady Cora showing off the Spencer Paddle

Cora then beckoned me to get up and traded her OTK Spanking Paddle for the Spencer Paddle.  "Bend over and grab your knees", she ordered.  I complied and was then on the receiving end of about 15 of her best.
Freshly Paddled (less than an hour ago) with Cora's OTK Spanking Paddle and Spencer Paddle

I don't think I need to go into the detail of what its like to be on the receiving end of a paddling with one (or both) of these virtually indestructable WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction).  Suffice it to say that I am sitting not so comfortably with a rather intense tingle in my bottom.  Indeed, the results show I have been thoroughly paddled.  But then no complaints.  Au Contraire!  Submitting to a paddling from Ms. Cora is an erotic experience I cherish in spite of the stinging.

Oh, and I am sure you are familiar with Ms. Specht's spanking abilities.  Her website introduces her as a "World Renowned Disciplinarian".  That's probably an understatement.  If you have seen any of her videos (and I'd highly recommend checking out her website where she lists many of them) you know that she is perhaps one of the most intense disciplinarians on the planet and spanks quite hard.  I fondly remember the first time I put her DWC video in our player and draped myself over Cora's lap.  Watching Ms. Specht spank really inspired Cora to keep up with her.  It was truly a breakthrough in Cora spanking me good and hard.

Ms. Specht has graciously shared some pictures of her spanking Ms. Sarah Gregory, who I'm sure you are familiar with, also.  I think the pictures speak for themselves as to the intensity of one of Ms. Specht's spankings.  Note especially Ms. Gregory's expression in the last two pictures.

Ms. Dana About to Deliver a Spanking With Her Signature OTK Spanking Paddle 

That Look Says It All

September 3, 2014

Cora's New Spanking Chair

In our last post we mentioned that we had been feeling the heat.  Well, today we found out that July & August, 2014 were the hottest on record for Seattle.  Yes, we here in the Pacific Northwest are weenies when it comes to hot weather but Cora and I are both relieved that the weather is changing to its fall orientation.  Whew!

I had planned a post about Cora's new Spanking Chair several weeks ago.  In fact there are several things I'll be posting that have been swirling around in the notebook of my mind.

It was a post on April 8 that we described a new chair that we expected Cora would use for the purpose of spanking me.  We even described how she sat down in the chair in the store and took me over lap to determine if she would like the chair.  She did and we brought it home.  Its taller than a normal chair which we thought would make an OTK spanking a little more interesting.  The chair was featured in several posts subsequent to the April 8 post.

However, after getting used to the new chair, Cora and I both came to the conclusion that its just a bit too tall and a bit uncomfortable.  So off we went to the same store.  We found a really elegant teak wood chair that was not as tall.  Again, over Cora's lap I went and she really liked the position.  How we didn't get caught in that position (twice), I don't know.  However there was something titillating about the possibility of getting caught.  Sort of like having sex in a public place.  (You have tried that, haven't you?)
 Anyway, we took the chair home and Cora put it to use.  She really likes it, not only for a classic Over-The-Knee spanking and like the previous Spanking Chair, it has a gentle curve that accommodates Cora's own curves.  And it looks really nice in our living room.  Oh, and our first 'Spanking Chair' still holds a place of honor sitting just below Cora's rack and is certainly available for 'action' if needed.  I think Cora loves having the choice.

Cora's New Spanking Chair
Nice Curve, Don't You Think?

So I have been intending to get some pictures of Cora's new chair to share with you.  The summer 'drought' has delayed my intent but today Cora dressed in some rather tight light-colored jeans.  I think she looks just plain hot in them.  So when we got home from our shopping, I grabbed my camera and set up her new chair.  I've included just a few of them here.

Cora in Her New Chair Getting Her Ebony Hairbrush
Ready For Some Action

Turns out after the photos we were both 'inspired'.  So Cora sat down and over her lap I went. Totally spontaneous!  And presenting my bare bottom to Cora for her to spank, sparked my submissive, erotic feelings.  I knew that soon, my upturned bottom would experience spontaneous combustion from Cora's Ebony Hairbrush and the heat of the summer would be replaced by the heat in my soon-to-be-spanked hindquarters.
Cora's Lap, Her Chair and Her Ebony Hairbrush

The spanking only lasted a minute or so but it was great to get back into the saddle.  So to speak!  As I am composing this post I'm still feeling the sting.  Its a nice reminder that I have just been spanked, something I have missed.  I'm guessing there will be much more to come.
"Over My Lap, NOW!"

And Ms. O, you needn't worry about me getting regular discipline sessions but we do appreciate your suggestions and hope you will continue to add your wise comments.  Cora has promised that they will resume.  Perhaps not as intense as the ones you deliver but I know she will keep me reminded of my place.

August 31, 2014

Certificate of Authority

Yes, its been a while since our last post (July 20 to be specific).  No excuses but its been unusually hot here during August and I think the heat drained the libido of both Cora and myself.  Yesterday was the first real rain and it looks like the summer inferno may have burned itself out.  It may be time for an inferno of a different kind to be lit, preferable by my lovely Ms. Cora!

In our last post, I mentioned that 'I'd let you know' what happened after my little stunt at the parade staging area.  I'll address the results further down in this post.

Like many of you, I am a member of 'FetLife'.  Its a fun forum and I have posted a number of pictures in my profile.  One of the pictures shows 'Cora's Rack' and includes the 'Certificate of Authority' which is displayed just above her rack.  I received an inquiry asking what it read and if he could get a closer look.  So I posted a copy of our 'Certificate of Authority'.
Certificate of Authority
Ours is filled in with our names and date.

Amazingly, I got lots and lots of responses.  Lots!  And a flurry of requests for both the Certificate and our (apparently famous) Notice of Discipline.  Two of the responses came from two women who identified themselves as 'Domme'.  The gist of their comments was that they did not need 'Permission' to spank but rather would just issue a 'Bend Over, Now!' command and spank away.

I must admit that there is a large element of 'Topping from the Bottom' included in our Certificate of Authority.  Large, indeed.  In addition, Ms. O, who often comments here, pointed out my own bratty behavior when I issued my Request for Discipline at the staging area of our parade, which pointed out I was wearing her panties.  Ms. O really took me to the woodshed with her comments including that Lady Cora should really tan my arse.  Check out her comments if you want to read further.

I have to agree; Ms. O was certainly correct.  I was topping from the bottom.  However its a dynamic that works for us and Lady Cora doesn't find it offensive or inappropriate.  Its one of those things that happens to get things started for us.  Sometimes I need to set the spark to light Lady Cora's fire.  Another example is when I purchased and printed the books from Ms. Francy.  Handing Lady Cora those books was certainly an act of topping from the bottom but the results speak for themselves as I've described in quite a few previous posts.

I think the important thing is to identify what works for a specific relationship.  The two women who commented on FetLife certainly are 'Take Charge' women and need no permission to discipline the naughty men in their life.  Indeed those naughty men are fortunate to know these two women and I'm guessing he is one happy guy.

But I am one happy guy too.  Even if it means I need to 'inspire' Cora to get things started.  Oh and below are the results of the spanking I got from her as a result of wearing her panties over a month ago.  The spanking took place the day after and I must say she really can redden my bottom now.  Compared to previous spankings, I think you will find me with a much deeper shade of red.
Spanked by Lady Cora!

July 20, 2014

Parade Day - and a RFD

Yesterday was our local summer festival parade.  Cora and I belong to a club (not related to the FLR thing we do) and we represent the club in the parade.  We have a 21 year old Corvette and we place banners for the club on the doors and Cora rides in the back dancing to summertime music we blast from the sound system mounted on the luggage rack.  This year we had a full marching band behind us but based on comments from those in the audience there was no trouble for them hearing our music.  All in all its one of the highlights for us in the summer and its great fun.
Cora in last year's parade Rockin' out to the music
I think I have mentioned my fascination with women's panties, and Cora's in particular.  Its something that many of us naughty males seem to have in common.  Well, yesterday I thought I'd have a little fun with Cora and wore a pair of her panties while in the parade.
Prior to leaving the house I filled out a 'Request for Discipline' form.  I think its self-explanatory. Once we reached the staging area for the parade and I did one last round of polishing the car, the chaos finally subsided. I then reached into the glove box and pulled out the notice I had earlier filled out and handed it to Cora.

So far I haven't been held accountable as Cora is still recovering from her dancing marathon.  But I'm guessing she will be beckoning me to her lap, soon.  Oh, and its also my day for a maintenance spanking.  I'll let you know.

July 11, 2014

A Magickal Afternoon at Salty's

Cora and I represent a local club (not related to our FLR thing) in our local summer festival parade.  This year the parade will occur on July 19 and we have been getting preparations in order for a week now.  For example I took our car into the shop for annual service to make sure its running fine.

And yesterday Cora wanted to make a trial run of what she plans to wear.  Just to make sure everything fits and to make whatever adjustments are necessary.  For this year's parade she purchased a dress that nicely matches the color of our car.  Color coordinated she will be including her 4 inch high heels that match the car.

Cora Showing Off a Little Cheek
The Duck at Salty's

So we decided to make a 'trial run' to our favorite local restaurant for lunch.  Cora got all dressed up in everything she plans to wear during the parade and I would be able to make sure our 'Fuel Injected Stingray' would be ready to perform.
Cora On Her Way Up the Stairs
I Couldn't Resist the 'Photo Op'
Me Getting Caught Taking Advantage of the 'Photo Op'
Wonder if She'll Pull Out One of Her Notices?

Cora and I have been visiting Salty's for many years including the evening of our wedding, and have never had a bad experience.  Indeed the staff are very friendly and the interaction is great fun.
Seattle's Best View
Yesterday was no exception.  Our server was a woman who attended to our initial needs in the usual efficient and professional manner and soon Cora had her Gin and 7-UP.  We then dived into their summer menu (Salmon was featured!) to make our lunch selection.  As the afternoon progressed, we got to know our server a bit better and shared our story of why we were having lunch as a way to test out Cora's outfit and to make sure the car was running fine.  The conversations progressed and we discussed our holiday light display.  She seemed quite engaged and more that what you might expect from someone attending to us.  There obviously was something that just seemed to click between us.
Cora Getting Ready to Order Lunch
I think it may have been when we talked about having dinner at Salty's after our wedding that we began to share how we have adopted a Female Led Relationship lifestyle.  Both Cora and I could tell that she was more than just interested.  All the while maintaining her professional demeanor, she began asking questions and we finally shared the full story of our wedding including the ceremonial pass of the hairbrush (the symbol of a woman's power, as we explained) from the minister to Cora followed by my first spanking as her husband.  One thing she confessed was that this approach might be a way to 'spice up' the relationship with her husband.
Cora's 'Business' Card
We ended up giving her one of Cora's business cards.  These depict a picture of Cora beckoning me to her side in preparation for the first spanking of our marriage.  The URL of this blog appears on the card and we thought these cards would be great to pass out to people that we felt might be interested in what we do.  So far we haven't passed out very many but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to share one with our hostess.  And to top things off, Cora pulled out of of her (famous) Notice of Discipline forms and gave it to her, too.  Smiling, she indicated that upon return to her home she would be opening up her computer to check out our blog.  And the last conversation we had with her was that we felt a story had developed that we would like to share on our blog.  She consented to sharing our story without hesitation.

One thing that Cora and I have attempted to do is to share what we believe are the benefits of a Female Led Relationship.  We have no intent to 'force' it on anyone and we totally understand that its not for everyone.  So we have opened up our blog and have met many of you in the 'virtual' world of the Internet but have sadly not met many people face to face.  But today was a time that it just seemed right to share and who knows, perhaps a relationship might just develop.  I can just see Cora 'training' her in the implementation of a Female Led Relationship which could introduce some very interesting energy into their relationship.