April 11, 2015

Spanking the Hairdresser

I'm sure many of you have been going through some of the same mundane things we have.  Like Taxes.  This year's tax preparation process handed us two rather unpleasant surprises.  Yesterday we finally disposed of the last of them.

Part of yesterday's process was to obtain a cashier's check from our bank and mail it along with some of our forms.  I informed Cora of my intent and she asked to tag along and have me drop her off at her hairdressers.  "Sure", I replied.

Off we went.  I pulled into the parking lot behind her hairdresser's place and told her I'd be back as soon as I made my trip to the bank and post office.  My intent was to let her know she might be done before I was.

Indeed, she was done before I got back.  In fact I was delayed much longer at the post office than I expected.  A long line and only one clerk kept me much longer that expected.  So when I got back to Cora's hairdresser's she was outside.  I could tell she was a bit unhappy.  "Great", I thought.  She's upset at me for taking so much time.  Like it was my fault.

We returned home and later she explained that the way her hairdresser dealt with her hair was not a good experience.  Cora instructed her hairdresser exactly how she wanted things to go.  Unfortunately her hairdresser (a man) didn't listen.  Great, another inappropriately behaving man in her life.  Yikes!

Later in the evening Cora placed the dogs in our kennel.  I knew what she was up to.  So I closed up my computer and stripped to just the panties I was wearing.  I was going to get a spanking as a substitute for her hairdresser.  OK, I can deal with that.

One of Cora's Favorite Ebony Hairbrushes
Cora arranged two of her Ebony Hairbrushes and her OTK Spanking Paddle in easy reach and instructed me, "Over my lap!"  Over I went and Cora began spanking her substitute hairdresser in earnest.

And Her OTK Spanking Paddle
The spanking didn't last too long but long enough to turn my bottom the color of a dark cherry.  Naturally it also left a bit of a sting.  Hey, spankings are supposed to hurt, aren't they?  Anyway, after getting up and checking myself out in our full length mirror, I returned to a much calmer Cora.  It seems that spanking me relieved Cora of her stress.  The rest of the evening progressed quite pleasantly:  Cora with her stress relieved and me with a rather pleasant burn in my bottom.