October 6, 2013

Sunny In Seattle

Note: The third part of the 'Cora in BabeLand' is being delayed.  We need to do more 'field testing' but will post the final part after we conclude our research.

Sunny In Seattle

Yesterday was one of those very unusual sunny October days here in Seattle.  So Cora offered to dress up in her girdle, stockings and heels if I'd take her for a 'joyride'.  Now that's an offer I couldn't refuse.  So I pulled the cover off our 'toy' car and made sure the battery hadn't discharged to the point it wouldn't start.  However the new battery performed just fine and she fired right up.

Meanwhile Cora was getting ready and chose a pair of very tight jeans to go over her girdle.  I come from a point of prejudice but I think she look hot.  Especially when she enhances those tight jeans by wearing a girdle underneath. 

So off we went, picked up a few items we needed from the local stores and then ventured out to Alki Point for a cruise along Puget Sound.  Needless to say it was crowded.  Everyone and their dog (yes, its a great place to walk your pups) was there.  We saw a number of classic cars including a '64 Corvette, a '56 Oldsmobile and a gorgeous '55 Chevrolet.  It was great fun.
Cora at Salty's
We have blogged about our favorite restaurant, Salty's in previous posts.  Our route took us right by Salty's so we decided to stop and indulge in a cocktail (I actually had a beer).  So Cora and I had an opportunity to drink in the panorama and discuss all kinds of things (yes, including our spanking relationship).  It was almost a spiritual experience.
The View at Salty's
Two hours passed really quickly and we finally decided to head home.  Upon arrival I put the car away and Cora stripped down to her black PantyGirdle.  Needless to say I couldn't take my eyes off her.  To say that I was becoming aroused would be an understatement.

So, I decided to tempt fate (and Cora, too) and bared my bottom and bent over our kitchen table.  Cora took the bait and soon was applying paddles from her rack to my bottom.  She went through about a half dozen of her 'tools' including her leather paddle, a strap, the PurpleHeart paddle, the Spencer paddle and even the very large paddle (it looks like a small oar).

I must say that while she was making me feel the impact of her paddles, I was still rather enjoying getting paddled by her.  I couldn't help but turn my head to look at her while she applied her paddles.  The view of her hips in motion while in her PantyGirdle just added to the experience.

What Getting Paddled by Cora Looks Like
She finally beckoned me to get up.  I can't remember exactly what happened in the next few minutes but Cora adjourned herself to the couch in our front room.  Still feeling aroused, I joined her but instead of just sitting down, placed myself over her lap.  Again, Cora took my lead and quickly put her OTK Spanking Paddle and Hairbrush to work. 
Now its not often that I experience an erection during a spanking but I was sure experiencing one this time.  Afterwards, Cora indicated that she felt me between her thighs.

And while getting paddled earlier was rather intense, Cora really was getting into spanking me over her lap.  The OTK paddle can really produce a loud crack (along with a sharp sting) and I could even hear the wind whistling through its holes, something usually only the larger Spencer paddle can produce. 

And then she switched to the hairbrush.  It, too was making a loud crack as she spanked me with it. 
The result was that I ended up with a well spanked and well reddened bottom. 
Yesterday After Getting Spanked by Cora
 Perhaps reminiscent of that morning's sunrise.