June 26, 2013

Big Brother and Recognition of a True Heroine

As a blogger that portrays 'Adult Content' we are subject to certain terms and conditions from those who host our blog.  Now I am not going to bite the hand that feeds us and certainly appreciate being able to post our ideas and statements without a fee.

That said, the following was just received in my e-Mail from the Blogger Team:

"You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.
Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.
If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.
The Blogger Team"

I do not know if this applies to simple links.  I have sent an inquiry to the Blogger team asking for a clarification.  In the meantime, I will be removing some of the links to 'commercial' sites, including those to Dana Specht's and Caniac's sites.  I also believe this may even apply to the Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC). 
Cora Welcoming a Representative of the Blogger Team

It saddens me to do this but with only 3 day's notice, I feel I need to take action now.  I experienced a shut down of a Flickr site with very little notice and no response on a clarification (I still don't understand what I did to violate their terms and conditions to warrant being deleted).

Stay tuned for further information.

Also, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments on previous posts.  We thrive on the comments and we haven't been posting much lately (just not much happening that we feel is very interesting to our readers).

And finally, while we don't usually get political, I can't help but point out one of the most heroic things I have seen in a good long time.  Texas Senator Wendy Davis filibustered the Texas Senate for over 11 hours yesterday in an attempt to block a bill that would obliterate women's rights in her state.  Those in control of the Texas Senate had to result to lies and subterfuge to shut her up, claiming she drifted 'off topic', which violates the Texas filibuster rules.  However, as time was running out, the gallery erupted and those in 'control' were unable to get the bill passed and signed by the deadline of the special session.

This was a tremendous victory for those of us who support women's rights.  You may have your own political opinions and I would be the last one to step on them but serious practitioners of Female Led Relationships, we support all the efforts to support women's rights and try to do our part in the 'War on Women'.  I have to admit I got caught up in the drama of the Texas Senate session and watched the last two hours intently.  It was amazing to watch and to find the outcome this morning.  Last night, it appeared the bill had passed, but it missed being signed my midnight.  And while the Right-Wing governor of Texas appears to be calling the legislature back for yet another special session (just to pass this anti-woman bill), the victory, although temporary is still just as sweet and sends a message to those who would continue their agenda to suppress women. 

I ho

June 2, 2013

Announcing: Dana Specht Signature Paddles!!

The Very Beautiful Dana Spect showing off her new paddles.
(Posted with permission)
Cora and I have enjoyed meeting many people who share our passion in the Female Led Relationship Lifestyle.  Many are you, our treasured readers.  But occasionally we have been honored by getting to know some of the superstar celebrities associated with 'That Thing We Do'.

Recently we have had the honor to get to know Ms. Dana Specht.  I'm aware that most of you know her by her videos, pictures and her website.  Its almost impossible to browse some of the Female Spanks Male sites without seeing her beautiful face, sometimes dishing out some firm discipline to a naughty boy or girl.  She is truly an icon.

Well, not only is she beautiful and one of the most famous Female Disciplinarians on the planet, but she is also a very generous and gracious Lady.

Cora and I posted a story behind my reproduction of one of the 'OTK Spanking Paddles' that Nu-West/Leda made available during the mid 1990's in a post on January 5 of this year.  The original has shown up in many of the pictures of Ms. Specht and in some ways she is now associated with that paddle.  In that post we shared the story of e-Mailing Ms. Specht and asking her for the basic dimensions from which I thought I could reproduce it.  Instead of just replying with the width and length, she traced her original and went to the trouble of mailing it to us.

So tracing in hand, I went to work making some reproductions.  They are made out of 3/8 inch 7-ply birch plywood.  The stock I purchased at my local woodworking store allowed for me to lay out 7 of these paddles.  We kept 3, and shared a pair with James and his wife of the 'Spanked Male' blog.  The other pair went to Ms. Specht.  It was something that I felt I wanted to do to show our gratitude.  Happily when she received them she replied back that they were 'exact replicas' of the originals.  I had been able to reproduce one of her favorite paddles, which until now had been unavailable.

At the same time she graciously complemented me on my ability to reproduce the original paddles, she also asked me if I would be willing to make a batch of them for her to sell through her website.  At first I thought, "... it wouldn't be worth my time".  Making these (and other) paddles takes quite a bit of time as I tend to want them all to turn out 'perfect'.

I delayed my answer to Ms. Specht's request and thought about it.  Ms. Specht shared that she knew that many of her fans and clients would love to own one.  So after thinking about it, I decided to reply that I would consider making a batch and see what might happen.  Consider it my contribution to our passion for the Female Led Relationship lifestyle, since most of Ms. Specht's fans and clients are more into the F/M thing.  Its a comforting thought that some of the implements I made might be responsible for a woman to roast the backside of her naughty husband or boyfriend (or even girlfriend).

So now I am pleased to announce that Ms. Specht is now in possession of the first 'batch'.  And these paddles have her signature proudly displayed on the handle.  Indeed, these are a unique tribute to Ms. Specht, herself and now you can have one.  They will be offered though her website and I have added it to our list of 'FLR and Other Related Resources' which is located on the right side of our blog.
Well, at least until supplies run out.  Note that these are not mass produced but are hand made.  Its a process that involves no small amount of time and effort.  I won't go into the details of their production but just know that there is a very limited supply of them.

Before the first run was shipped to Ms. Specht, I was able to snap a few photos of Cora posing with them and just today, Ms. Specht provided a few pictures too.  So here are some pictures of Ms. Cora and Ms. Specht showing off the new paddles.  Indeed, its an honor to post pictures of these two beautiful women with the fruits of my labor.  I am sure that there are going to be some very sore bottoms out there as a result.

Cora and Dana Showing off the new OTK Spanking Paddle
Can you imagine a double lap OTK session with these two Ladies?

Cora and Dana showing the famous Spencer Paddle
Would you be able bend over and take a paddling from Cora and Dana each armed with one of these serious 'Weapons of Ass Destruction'?