August 31, 2011

How Do You Like Them Tomatoes?

OK, its off topic but then its been a while since we have posted something.  Guess we have gotten carried away with all the summertime activities and our 'Spanking Activities' have taken sort of a back seat (pun intended).

One of our rather major projects involved clearing four flower beds and planting new things.  The pic above shows the 'fruits' of that labor, some beautiful tomatoes.  And they taste as good as they look!

I won't bore you with all the details of what else we have been doing.  However, there is a backlog of 'Discipline' slips piling up on our refrigerator and Cora will have quite a job getting through the backlog.  And if she were to check, she would find a few pairs of her panties missing, too!

So when we get back into the 'swing' of things, we will post some of the details.  Until then, here is one from our archives.

Hmmm, do you think Cora will try to match the color of my bottom with our tomatoes?

Ken and Cora

August 6, 2011


Today as I was reading e-Mail from the Yahoo Groups I subscribe to, a question was raised regarding what rules are in use by couples who have adopted a Female Led Relation lifestyle.  I replied that in our relationship, we apply the Two Rule system:

Rule Number One:
     Cora is always right.

Rule Number Two:
     When in doubt, refer to Rule Number One.

We do have a Contract but its probably a bit outdated and we haven't referred to it in months (perhaps over a year).  So mostly we go by the Two Rule system. 

Mostly we don't get into a situation where I have done things to really upset Cora (but we do have resolution when that does happen!), so mostly we just try to have 'fun' with our relationship.  Yes, I love it when Cora spanks me under these circumstances, but I hate it when she spanks me when I have done something to upset her.  Its probably more painful to me that I have done something to upset her that the actual spanking.  Although she can deliver a blistering spanking under those circumstances, if she really wants to.

So, here is what happens when I break Rule Number One.  Whether its for 'fun' or something 'real':