August 6, 2011


Today as I was reading e-Mail from the Yahoo Groups I subscribe to, a question was raised regarding what rules are in use by couples who have adopted a Female Led Relation lifestyle.  I replied that in our relationship, we apply the Two Rule system:

Rule Number One:
     Cora is always right.

Rule Number Two:
     When in doubt, refer to Rule Number One.

We do have a Contract but its probably a bit outdated and we haven't referred to it in months (perhaps over a year).  So mostly we go by the Two Rule system. 

Mostly we don't get into a situation where I have done things to really upset Cora (but we do have resolution when that does happen!), so mostly we just try to have 'fun' with our relationship.  Yes, I love it when Cora spanks me under these circumstances, but I hate it when she spanks me when I have done something to upset her.  Its probably more painful to me that I have done something to upset her that the actual spanking.  Although she can deliver a blistering spanking under those circumstances, if she really wants to.

So, here is what happens when I break Rule Number One.  Whether its for 'fun' or something 'real':


Anonymous said...

My wife has the same set of rules: she is always right.

Respecting Mistress said...

He Ken and Cora:

We tried a bunch of rules and drew up contracts but the bottom line is there are two main rules in our house.

1. Mistress is always right.

2. Never say no to Mistress.

We also recently adopted a maintenance punishment regime. So there is, I guess, a rule number three: 'You will be recieve 36 strokes of the cane every Thrusday evening at 8.00pm!'

I know what you mean about you feeling it you upset Cora. I feel the same about doing anything wrong to upset Mistress. But isn't it great to have that sanction available to correct any wrongdoing and clear the air?

Njspank said...

Wonderful rules Ken, so easy to remember and easier to break when one needs a nice brushing like the lovely Cora delivers. Great post.

Thanks and be well


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken: Cora is a GEM! You are a lucky man. With my sometimes immature behavior, I would certainly welcome someone like her to keep me on the "straight and narrow". I would no doubt spend (and benefit from) a good deal of time over her knee. Does she have any sisters who are available and share her views on how to keep a man "happy"? Regards, Jonathan PS: As a "baby boomer", I must add that Cora looks absolutely gorgeous in her girdles.