September 29, 2010

Louie, Louie - Me Gotta Go Now

I just got spanked.  OK, I just got spanked again.  It was for an inappropriate comment last night.  Seems like it happens too often.

Cora really likes to have music playing while she is spanking as she loves to use the rhythm in the song to time her swats.  (I have a pretty good idea what the cover on a snare drum feels like.)

This time, the spanking took place in our kitchen (next to her 'Rack').  She asked me to turn on the FM radio.  'Louie, Louie' (Kingsmen's version) was starting to play on the classic rock station we often listen to.  Now, if you know the song, the rhythm goes something like dum-dum-dum, dum-dum and so on.  So I was getting five swats for every two bars.  She started out with one of her leather paddles but quickly found it to be too flexible to keep up with the drummer.  So she eventually found that the Spencer paddle worked quite well.

Well, its lucky that songs from that era are a little shorter.  In this case, the song is 2 minutes and 44 seconds.  However, as Cora found her 'groove' there were plenty of swats applied and I am still feeling the 'glow' from her paddle.

By the way, the Kingsmen's version of this song was recorded in a small recording studio in April, 1963.  The boys only had enough funds to pay for an hour of studio time and had recorded another song first.  There was only a few minutes of their time left and they cut 'Louie, Louie' in one take.  Little did they know what was to come.  The rather crude recording made the charts more than once, was banned in Boston, banned by the Governor of the state of Indiana and led to a controversy over the alleged 'obscenity' of the lyrics. This led to an investigation by the FBI and even J. Edgar became involved.

Its a very interesting story and I was fortunate to have seen this band play 'in person' several times and even purchased the original vinyl album (which is proudly still in my collection).  I also sang and played this song with some of the bands I was with.  And as far as the lyrics, well, growing up in Western Washington, we all heard the previous version by the Fabulous Wailers where the lyrics were perfectly intelligible (as were the Kingsmens', in my opinion) and certainly not obscene.

Another Milestone

Just a few minutes ago, the counter that tracks the page loads or 'hits' just turned over 250,000!  This blog started in February and the counter on April 14 and it took less than 6 months to register a quarter of a million hits.  And 67 of you are 'followers'.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who take the time to read our little stories.
Ken and Cora

September 28, 2010

Beginnings - Revisited

I correspond with several others who are also involved in Female Led Relationships.  One of them recently asked two questions and I'd thought I would share my responses with the group.  The questions were:
1).  What was your first spanking like, by the way?
2).  How did Cora get into this?

The first question sparked memories that have been laying dormant for many years.  However I know how much I enjoy hearing from others about their own 'first experiments' with spanking that I thought I would share my answer:

My first spanking. Well, other that playing with a few cousins at age 10, give or take a couple of years, probably my first 'real' spanking occurred in about 1965 or so. I would have been about 17. A cousin (another one) who was a year older than me was dating a girl who was my age. I would sometimes visit her and we did spend some time just the two of us. She was learning to drive and since I drove a stick shift, she asked me to assist her.

She was having a bit of trouble applying enough throttle so I reached down and pushed her leg onto the accelerator. I have to admit that she was wearing a skirt and in those days girls wore real stockings, not pantyhose. Well, I certainly ended up with a handful of stocking, garters and her skirt hiked up revealing the tight panty girdle she was wearing.

I later admitted to her that my action was not totally 'accidental' and that I deserved to be spanked. She agreed and we set a later date for it to happen. Looking back I think she was as curious about spanking as I was.

I even made a make-shift paddle for her to use. It was a very crude paddle that I made from a piece of wood that I found in our home (I was living with my parents, at the time). I cut it with a hand held jig saw and it was neither smooth nor square (LOL). I am guessing it was about 16 inches long, 3 inches wide and about 3/4 thick. Its nothing of the quality of the paddles I make today. After our 'encounter' I left it with her and, per the tradition at the time, carved my initials into it.
Keeping in mind this was 1965, both of us remained fully clothed. I simply bent over and grasped my ankles and she applied several swats with the paddle, in much the tradition of the way paddlings were administered in schools at the time. It ended when we heard her parents driving up. She hid the paddle and we were able to act as if nothing had happened.

Overall, the spanking from her was rather disappointing. Probably a function of the inexperience of the two of us. But it provided plenty of fantasies for the future. I am sure that I asked the girls I later dated to spank me but was unsuccessful until I started dating my first wife. I don't remember very many details of the spankings in that relationship, but spankings were definitely a part of that relationship.

I will address the second question in a later post.

September 27, 2010

A visit from Queen Bee

If you look on the right side of this blog and look below the references to the other wonderful blogs, you will come to a category, 'FLR Related Resources'.  Included in this list is the 'She Makes The Rules' forum.  Cora and I both members, have met and consider ourselves friends with both the ladies that have created this great resource.  Last night, we received a phone call from Queen Bee, who had just dropped one of her friends at the Sea-Tac airport.  Having some time on her hands, she called us.

Now, the She Makes The Rules (SMTR) forum has been around for just over 2 years and is a fantastic place for women new to the Female Led Relationship (FLR) lifestyle to explore, yet also to have a totally safe and comfortable place.  Queen Bee and the other moderators go way out of their way to make sure that those who identify themselves as 'women' really are female.  I would suggest than any women reading this blog or any men who have reluctant or hesitant partners to check out their forum.  It is truly one of the best.

Queen Bee made arrangements to drop by and we had a fantastic evening.  We shared stories, caught up with each other and had a fantastic meal courtesy of that famous chef, Lady Cora!   In addition, Queen Bee was treated to two of my Galaxy famous White Chocolate Latte's. 

After the initial greetings, Queen Bee noticed 'Cora's Rack'.  She immediately focused in on the 'PurpleHeart' paddle.  It didn't take much encouragement for me to volunteer to be stunt bottom for Queen Bee to check it out.  Fortunately, there was one of the PurpleHeart paddles available and when Queen Bee left, she took one of my PurpleHeart paddles home with her.  Definitely an honor for me.

All in all it was an incredible evening that just happened.  Queen Bee, thank you for thinking of us when you were in town.

September 25, 2010


Much has been written about how the bottom of a naughty husband should be bared prior to being spanked by his wife.  A while back, we found a copy of "Tales Of The Unbreeched".  This book was published by AKS (Alice Kerr Sutherland, I believe) and was authored by Ms. Jacqueline Ophir.  The subtitle of this book reads, "A dissertation on the Delectable Art of Preparing a Culprit for Chastisement, with Particular Reference to the Adjustment of the Lower Clothing and Related Matters."  The subject matter is primarily Female Disciplinarians and male 'culprits'.  And the term 'unbreeching' has to do with the removal of breeches or pants, prior to administering punishment.

I believe this book is out of print, however we were able to locate and purchase a used copy.  This book provides some very detailed insight on just how a Lady should prepare their 'Culprit' for a spanking.  It includes the techniques of Unbreeching from the Front, Rear, Across the Knees, Under the Arm, etc.  It even offers answers to the question as to 'Why Unbreech'.  A sidebar is even included asking, "Thinking of Panty Punishing Your Husband?"

When we photographed our May 25 Photo Story, Cora included her own 'un-breeching' of me.  I think the pictures speak for themselves and indicate the expertise with which she bared my bottom. 

As you can see, she employed both the 'Front Unbreeching' position and the 'Unbreeching Across the Knees' position.

September 22, 2010

Cora, the Lingerie Model

Most of the readers of this blog know that I have a fascination with women wearing girdles. Fortunately for me, Cora actually loves wearing her girdles and feels very empowered when wearing them. Many of the pictures of Cora displayed on our blog show her wearing a girdle, such as the opening picture.  If she is wearing other types of clothing, its likely that she has a girdle on, underneath.

Yesterday, I shot photographs of her modeling a girdle for one of the Yahoo Groups that specialize in women wearing girdles.  Cora has a following and gets plenty of feedback.  Of course, I am her biggest fan and get all the advantages of her modeling skills (in addition to her skills at spanking naughty men). 

One of the pictures I took yesterday show Cora modeling her open bottom girdle, pointing at the photographer with one of those 'looks' she gets when spanking is on her mind. Its not hard to imagine her saying, "You need a spanking, and I am just the one to give it to you!  Now get over my lap, NOW!"

And here is a picture for those of us naughty men who can't help ourselves but look at a well rounded feminine Derriere.  And while we appreciate the curves of our Ladies bottoms, just think of how they admire ours.  Especially when they have just lit them on fire with the appropriate shade of red.   

September 21, 2010

Just a Reminder

Cora and I both love to cook.  Usually she does most of the planning and cooking.  She is very good at it and enjoys working in 'Her' territory (kitchen).  Sometimes I will assist or even take charge of some of the things I like to cook.  For example, the mornings are my time for creating some of the coffee compositions that Cora enjoys and the espresso machine is my 'territory'.

Last night, Cora cooked up a chicken breast.  As it is getting a little cooler here, she decided to cook it indoors instead of having me grill it on the barbeque.  I would be in charge of mashing the potatoes.

Sometimes, Cora and I have a difference of opinion about the timing of things.  I like everything to be finished cooking simultaneously and she likes to complete one dish, then go on to the next, letting the previous ones set.  So last night, I kept asking her when the potatoes should be started.  Her response was, "When I tell you to start them".  This was followed with, "Do you need a reminder of who is in charge?"

I quickly found myself bent over the kitchen table (much as the previous evening).  Cora 'warmed' me up with her leather paddle, then instructed me to drop my pants.  This was followed by her leather strap, then several paddles.

All the while she was applying the leather or wood to my backside, she kept giving me little corrections as to position, making sure my bottom was presented for her discipline in the proper way.  In addition, she was scolding me for questioning her cooking process.

All in all, Cora was very much in charge.  This was a more serious spanking for questioning her authority.  She was administering discipline for my behavior and I was very much aware of how she was asserting herself as the head of this household.  Just what I asked for!

Reflecting back, its been fascinating to watch her become more and more comfortable with her role as the Female in Charge.  And while we really share fairly equally in our day to day lives, she is beginning to not let me get away with unacceptable behavior and she no longer hesitates to hold me accountable when I try.

Later in the evening while enjoying a wonderful dinner, the glow in my bottom was only exceeded by the glow in my heart. 

September 19, 2010

Impromptu Paddling

Its been just a week since Cora had her 'episode' and ended up in the emergency room.  We want to thank all of you who posted comments and sent e-Mails wishing her well.  All these things work.  She has recovered quite well.

Quite well, indeed.  This morning, I was bent over loading something into the dishwasher.  All of a sudden I heard, "I like that view.  I want to give you a spanking!"  Well, of course, this got my attention.  First, its been a while since I have been spanked and with all that happened in the past week, it was something I actually welcomed.  And it was especially gratifying to hear that Cora felt good enough to spank me.

And spank me, she did.  Well, actually she paddled me.  Cora directed me to our kitchen table and issued those famous instructions, "Bend over, you bad boy!"

Cora's Rack is located strategically close to the kitchen table and when I am in 'spanking position', Cora has close access to her arsenal of 'weapons of ass destruction'.  In turn, she pulled about 4 or 5 of her tools and applied them to my waiting bottom in turn.  Its been about 4 hours since she applied her heat to my seat and it still has a rather intense burn.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.  Indeed, the expressions show how much fun Cora is having and you wouldn't know it that she was just a week ago in the emergency room!  You will note her use of the PurpleHeart paddle in the attached photos.  You may also note that she either decided to administer her paddle on my fully clothed bottom, or perhaps was in such a hurry to spank me that she forgot.  Either way, I can assure you that her paddlings are very effective either clothed or bare.

By the way, its absolutely great to get back to the basics of spanking.

September 15, 2010

Wonder Woman

The past few days have been full of more excitement that we really expected.  Last weekend, Cora, the pups and I ventured out with our small travel trailer to a campground about 40 miles east of Seattle, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range.  We were attending a seminar relating to another one of my 'hobbies'.  This was actually the 'maiden voyage' of our little RV, travel trailer.

The seminar was very informative and I learned much.  There was also good get-togethers with both old and new friends.  In addition, I learned how to work all the systems on our little travel trailer (hot water, electricity, water, toilets, etc., etc.).  For the most part we were just having a great time and fun with the participants in the event.

Then Sunday morning, at about 5AM, Cora woke me up.  "Call 9-1-1", she said.  She was having trouble breathing.  She has asthma and its normally well under control.  Not this time.

Now, Cora and I don't really have much of a reason to have a cell phone.  We spend most of our time together, so we don't need to use a cell phone to keep in contact with one-another.  And for the most part we spend most of our time at home, where we have the 'land line'.  So here we are at a camp sight fairly isolated from civilization with no direct contact with anyone.  Fortunately, most of the others in attendance did have cell phones.  So one of our friends got rousted out of bed at about 5:15AM and assisted in getting a call into 9-1-1.  Fifteen minutes later, the Medics arrived and Cora was soon out of danger.

They did decide that she needed to be taken to the nearest Emergency Room, so off she went.  I buttoned up things at the camp and with the three pups, proceeded to follow the Medics to the Emergency Room.  She was given some meds, given an X-Ray and blood was drawn.  Fortunately, all was in order and I had her back home and in bed by 9AM, a mere four hours after this incident began.

It is interesting looking back on the events of Sunday morning and reflecting that there was never any consideration that I was going to loose Cora.  It was just a matter of following a logical set of steps to get help to her.  I knew that it just wasn't 'Her Time'.  But, what was brought out is how strong she really is.  Sure, she took longer to ask for help than she should have but she did. 

So, it was an example of the powerful woman that Cora is.  She is my 'Wonder Woman' and just keeps getting stronger.  In fact, as a result of this incident, we have discovered that she has been masking some respiratory problems for several months.  Now I know why sometimes she had postponed a scheduled discipline session.  She was just fatigued from her issues.

She really had only a minor risk of death, but it did bring home the fact that life is precious and we should make the most of every single moment of it.  And I love my Wonder Woman.  Very, very much.

P.S.  We will be getting a cell phone, if only for emergencies.

September 14, 2010

To Masterbate or Not to Masterbate?

"A guy walks into a bar and says, 'Set me up with two shots of whiskey'.  The bartender pours out two shots.  The guy drinks one down and pours the other on his right hand.  The guy then states, 'Two more, please!'  The bartender compies and pours out two more shots.  The guy downs one and pours the  other on his right hand.  He than says, 'Two more please!'  The bartender then wonders, 'Hey, buddy, you are wasting my best Whiskey.  What gives?'  They guy responds, 'I'm trying to get my date drunk!'

I have undergone Prostate Cancer.  The choice of physician (and procedure) was dictated by the attitude of the physician I chose.  One of my fears was whether I would lose my ability to ... well... cum.  One of his bits of wisdom was the fact that the 'Use it or lose it' is no myth.

Seven years later, I am still cancer free and I can still 'function'.   My 'volume' is much diminished but the pleasure is still there.  And I still masterbate, as I have for almost 55 years. 

OK, I admit I got a bit carried away last night with my post about Christine O'Donnell's Senatorial run and her stand on masterbation.  I was going to delete this post entirely but the comments were so encouraging that I decided to leave them.  I thank all who did comment.

To pharaprase Lesie Gore:  "Its my Party and I'll Masterbate If I Want To!

September 8, 2010

Spontaneously Spanked

I got spanked last night.  It was a spontaneous, hand spanking and compared to some of the paddlings Cora has delivered recently, it was relatively mild.  But it left me with a nice glow and the intimate contact being over her lap feeling the slaps from her cupped hand was very erotic.

We had been hosting Cora's daughter's kids over the past weekend and while Cora thoroughly enjoys seeing the kids, she is left drained of energy when they leave.  This visit was no exception.

Yesterday, she was finally getting her energy back and I think she has missed spanking me for a while.  So she picked on one of my rather 'cheeky' comments and decided that she would call me on my smart remark.  I think her 'reason to spank' was mostly contrived and she just wanted to give me a spanking.  I love that!

"Get over my lap", she commanded.  Of course I complied.  Quickly, she had my bottom bared and began to spank me with just her hand.  It never ceases to amaze me how she has learned the technique of spanking over the past months.  She knows to cup her hand slightly and the impact of her spanks was warming me up quite nicely.  And there is just something special laying over the lap of the one you love getting the undivided attention of her hand on your bottom.

Yes, it stung, however the glow from her spanking left me feeling really good.  Really, Really Good!

I have described many spankings I have gotten from Cora where we used our 'Notice of Discipline' form and it has turned out to be a real good system.  However, there is something special about being spanked spontaneously, right now, on the spot.  I hope she will do it again.