September 22, 2010

Cora, the Lingerie Model

Most of the readers of this blog know that I have a fascination with women wearing girdles. Fortunately for me, Cora actually loves wearing her girdles and feels very empowered when wearing them. Many of the pictures of Cora displayed on our blog show her wearing a girdle, such as the opening picture.  If she is wearing other types of clothing, its likely that she has a girdle on, underneath.

Yesterday, I shot photographs of her modeling a girdle for one of the Yahoo Groups that specialize in women wearing girdles.  Cora has a following and gets plenty of feedback.  Of course, I am her biggest fan and get all the advantages of her modeling skills (in addition to her skills at spanking naughty men). 

One of the pictures I took yesterday show Cora modeling her open bottom girdle, pointing at the photographer with one of those 'looks' she gets when spanking is on her mind. Its not hard to imagine her saying, "You need a spanking, and I am just the one to give it to you!  Now get over my lap, NOW!"

And here is a picture for those of us naughty men who can't help ourselves but look at a well rounded feminine Derriere.  And while we appreciate the curves of our Ladies bottoms, just think of how they admire ours.  Especially when they have just lit them on fire with the appropriate shade of red.   


Ron said...

Goodness, she is beautiful, hot and sexy, wow, this is a nice way to start my day, thanks. Cora, you are a true beauty and what a lap!!!

Thanks, very hot folks, wow.

Be well


Ron said...

Hope Cora is not offended, but her bottom is beautiful!!!

Be well


mysster said...

Cora is striking. She is powerful in her look.

spankedbywife said...

We always look forward to the comments of our friend. Your words are most complimentary. And yes, I am the biggest fan of Cora's Derriere!

Cora was indeed moved by your words. Its great to have others make observations on her power.