September 8, 2010

Spontaneously Spanked

I got spanked last night.  It was a spontaneous, hand spanking and compared to some of the paddlings Cora has delivered recently, it was relatively mild.  But it left me with a nice glow and the intimate contact being over her lap feeling the slaps from her cupped hand was very erotic.

We had been hosting Cora's daughter's kids over the past weekend and while Cora thoroughly enjoys seeing the kids, she is left drained of energy when they leave.  This visit was no exception.

Yesterday, she was finally getting her energy back and I think she has missed spanking me for a while.  So she picked on one of my rather 'cheeky' comments and decided that she would call me on my smart remark.  I think her 'reason to spank' was mostly contrived and she just wanted to give me a spanking.  I love that!

"Get over my lap", she commanded.  Of course I complied.  Quickly, she had my bottom bared and began to spank me with just her hand.  It never ceases to amaze me how she has learned the technique of spanking over the past months.  She knows to cup her hand slightly and the impact of her spanks was warming me up quite nicely.  And there is just something special laying over the lap of the one you love getting the undivided attention of her hand on your bottom.

Yes, it stung, however the glow from her spanking left me feeling really good.  Really, Really Good!

I have described many spankings I have gotten from Cora where we used our 'Notice of Discipline' form and it has turned out to be a real good system.  However, there is something special about being spanked spontaneously, right now, on the spot.  I hope she will do it again.


Anonymous said...

Just..lovely!! :)

Ron said...

Awesome, that is a great story and one nice spanking, nothing and I mean nothing better than an otk hand spanking!!


Best regards

Ron said...

Ken and Cora

As a WTC survivor, let's all please take a moment to remember all those who perished on 9/11/01 and for all our troops protecting our freedom.

Sad day!

Thanks and regards


Anonymous said...

Another superb addition to your great blog.

Could you add some pictures of your good lady giving you a hand spanking at some point please?


spankedbywife said...

Weave, Ron, as always thanks for the comments. Ron, it must have been an incredible experience to have been there.

Your wish is our command. Actually we do plan on taking more pictures of the two of us, with me getting spanked and paddled by Cora. I have recently obtained some equipment which should facilitate this process. However, as indicated in recent posts, there have been a few too many distractions in our life. Hopefully, that will soon change and we will get back to our happy, spanking, 'normal' selves.