September 25, 2010


Much has been written about how the bottom of a naughty husband should be bared prior to being spanked by his wife.  A while back, we found a copy of "Tales Of The Unbreeched".  This book was published by AKS (Alice Kerr Sutherland, I believe) and was authored by Ms. Jacqueline Ophir.  The subtitle of this book reads, "A dissertation on the Delectable Art of Preparing a Culprit for Chastisement, with Particular Reference to the Adjustment of the Lower Clothing and Related Matters."  The subject matter is primarily Female Disciplinarians and male 'culprits'.  And the term 'unbreeching' has to do with the removal of breeches or pants, prior to administering punishment.

I believe this book is out of print, however we were able to locate and purchase a used copy.  This book provides some very detailed insight on just how a Lady should prepare their 'Culprit' for a spanking.  It includes the techniques of Unbreeching from the Front, Rear, Across the Knees, Under the Arm, etc.  It even offers answers to the question as to 'Why Unbreech'.  A sidebar is even included asking, "Thinking of Panty Punishing Your Husband?"

When we photographed our May 25 Photo Story, Cora included her own 'un-breeching' of me.  I think the pictures speak for themselves and indicate the expertise with which she bared my bottom. 

As you can see, she employed both the 'Front Unbreeching' position and the 'Unbreeching Across the Knees' position.

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Ron said...

You guys never cease to amaze me, awesome story and very hot pictures, loved it, thanks.

My new spanker here at home usually bare with me standing in fornt of her, she likes to see the reaction.

Great stuff.