September 29, 2010

Louie, Louie - Me Gotta Go Now

I just got spanked.  OK, I just got spanked again.  It was for an inappropriate comment last night.  Seems like it happens too often.

Cora really likes to have music playing while she is spanking as she loves to use the rhythm in the song to time her swats.  (I have a pretty good idea what the cover on a snare drum feels like.)

This time, the spanking took place in our kitchen (next to her 'Rack').  She asked me to turn on the FM radio.  'Louie, Louie' (Kingsmen's version) was starting to play on the classic rock station we often listen to.  Now, if you know the song, the rhythm goes something like dum-dum-dum, dum-dum and so on.  So I was getting five swats for every two bars.  She started out with one of her leather paddles but quickly found it to be too flexible to keep up with the drummer.  So she eventually found that the Spencer paddle worked quite well.

Well, its lucky that songs from that era are a little shorter.  In this case, the song is 2 minutes and 44 seconds.  However, as Cora found her 'groove' there were plenty of swats applied and I am still feeling the 'glow' from her paddle.

By the way, the Kingsmen's version of this song was recorded in a small recording studio in April, 1963.  The boys only had enough funds to pay for an hour of studio time and had recorded another song first.  There was only a few minutes of their time left and they cut 'Louie, Louie' in one take.  Little did they know what was to come.  The rather crude recording made the charts more than once, was banned in Boston, banned by the Governor of the state of Indiana and led to a controversy over the alleged 'obscenity' of the lyrics. This led to an investigation by the FBI and even J. Edgar became involved.

Its a very interesting story and I was fortunate to have seen this band play 'in person' several times and even purchased the original vinyl album (which is proudly still in my collection).  I also sang and played this song with some of the bands I was with.  And as far as the lyrics, well, growing up in Western Washington, we all heard the previous version by the Fabulous Wailers where the lyrics were perfectly intelligible (as were the Kingsmens', in my opinion) and certainly not obscene.


Anonymous said...

I love hearing stories about 60s garage bands like Lynn Easton and the Kingsmen--and I bet that vinyl record of yours is on Wand Records.
No, they weren't obscene and no, the drummer didn't shout the "F" word after one stanza!

Now, if I could only be feeling that same warm glow emanating from my naughty behind, it would indeed be a perfect day!

Ron said...

Nice story and nice spanking to a great song. Cora continues to amaze.

Nothing obscene about the song and while I never saw the band, know the song well. Love it, never thought about getting my bottom spanked to it, but nice idea!

Thanks, love music.


spankedbywife said...

Growing up in the 1960's in the Pacific Northwest was truly a 'Golden Time'. It seems as though we were 'color blind' and the music was truly Magickal. I was blessed with gathering with several bands during that time and had the pleasure of being part of them. I bought a bass guitar in 1966, joined a band and played. Later that year I purchased a 'real' bass, a 2 year old Fender Jazz Bass. I still have that guitar and it sounds better than anything else I have played.

Then there were the incredible Sunn amps. Now, refer to the post I just made about the Kingsmen. Turns out that the bass player was Norm Sunholm. He and his brother founded the Sunn Musical Amplification company. I now have about 6 examples of the Sunn company. They were truly ahead of their times. Oh, and then there is the REAL Hammond C-3 sitting in my studio, along with the model 142 Leslie.

Bottom line is that it was Magickal growing up during that time and the legacy is, well amazing. The Wailers and Ventures performed in a joint concert just last year. Nookie Edwards must be over 70 but watching him perform (and listening) revealed that he could play the 'old stuff' note for note. And, as it was listenting to the Ventures, Wailers, and The Kingsmen that taught me how to play, I know that music note for note. All I can say is that watching Nookie play was like taking a trip back in time.

I agree with most of what you say but Lynn Easton (who played drums on the recording while Jack Ely sang) definitely said something. It is said he dropped his drumstick. The recording definitely shows that something is there.

And Ron-
What can I say about your kind words about us. Of course the spanking from Cora was the icing on the cake!

For anyone else who read this: ROCK ON! It was truly a Golded Time!

Rachel said...

This is part of what you deserved. Growing up on the east coast everyone thought Louie Louie was obscene so we did not get a chance to enjoy the song. For aj it was worse as he lived in new england. Can you believe they had a Commission To Encourage Morality in Youth? The best was they were all arrested holding a meeting in a Boston Strip Club of dubious reputation.

For what you did; I hope Cora put you in nice ruffled panties. She should keep you in panties as a reminder that she is to be obeyed and your purpose is to keep her happy. She is one terrifically amazing woman.


Ron said...

Wgreat follow up Ken, nice story, yeah rock on!

Rachel, funny I grew up in NJ, I am 55 and I don't remember this song being a banned song. I do remember the group you mentioned but really don't remember the banning of Louie. I remember some of the trauma around the bubble gum music and of course the Beatles and Stones.

Wow, nice panty idea.

Thanks and regards


Anonymous said...

LOL. There is actually a FBI file on Louie, Louie. They were trying to figure out the words the song to see if they were obscene. In reality, it is a sailing song.

B Still

Anonymous said...

I have several songs by the Sonics and the raiders on my MP3 player and also songs by the rascals and the Hassles(featuring Billy Joel) wit B3s and Leslie speakers. You are right it was a great era.


Dane said...

Ken, Great story about the song and beat. I thought I was the only guy getting an old fashioned spanking from the wife. After reading your blog I have a feeling that some of my future spankings are going to be a little more musical. I stepped out of line yesterday and I am very uncomfortable sitting down today. I guess you can relate.


Lady Koregan said...

I like spanking to music as well. Irish tunes tend to be my favorite because of the rapid beat.

The music history was very interesting, thank you for adding it.

~Lady Koregan