September 15, 2010

Wonder Woman

The past few days have been full of more excitement that we really expected.  Last weekend, Cora, the pups and I ventured out with our small travel trailer to a campground about 40 miles east of Seattle, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range.  We were attending a seminar relating to another one of my 'hobbies'.  This was actually the 'maiden voyage' of our little RV, travel trailer.

The seminar was very informative and I learned much.  There was also good get-togethers with both old and new friends.  In addition, I learned how to work all the systems on our little travel trailer (hot water, electricity, water, toilets, etc., etc.).  For the most part we were just having a great time and fun with the participants in the event.

Then Sunday morning, at about 5AM, Cora woke me up.  "Call 9-1-1", she said.  She was having trouble breathing.  She has asthma and its normally well under control.  Not this time.

Now, Cora and I don't really have much of a reason to have a cell phone.  We spend most of our time together, so we don't need to use a cell phone to keep in contact with one-another.  And for the most part we spend most of our time at home, where we have the 'land line'.  So here we are at a camp sight fairly isolated from civilization with no direct contact with anyone.  Fortunately, most of the others in attendance did have cell phones.  So one of our friends got rousted out of bed at about 5:15AM and assisted in getting a call into 9-1-1.  Fifteen minutes later, the Medics arrived and Cora was soon out of danger.

They did decide that she needed to be taken to the nearest Emergency Room, so off she went.  I buttoned up things at the camp and with the three pups, proceeded to follow the Medics to the Emergency Room.  She was given some meds, given an X-Ray and blood was drawn.  Fortunately, all was in order and I had her back home and in bed by 9AM, a mere four hours after this incident began.

It is interesting looking back on the events of Sunday morning and reflecting that there was never any consideration that I was going to loose Cora.  It was just a matter of following a logical set of steps to get help to her.  I knew that it just wasn't 'Her Time'.  But, what was brought out is how strong she really is.  Sure, she took longer to ask for help than she should have but she did. 

So, it was an example of the powerful woman that Cora is.  She is my 'Wonder Woman' and just keeps getting stronger.  In fact, as a result of this incident, we have discovered that she has been masking some respiratory problems for several months.  Now I know why sometimes she had postponed a scheduled discipline session.  She was just fatigued from her issues.

She really had only a minor risk of death, but it did bring home the fact that life is precious and we should make the most of every single moment of it.  And I love my Wonder Woman.  Very, very much.

P.S.  We will be getting a cell phone, if only for emergencies.


Serving B said...

And you were her "Superman", Ken. You were there for her when she needed you and took great care with her. B and I are glad to hear that all turned out well. Your story with Cora is such an inspirational one. I hope you will enjoy many a trip with that travel trailer. Do the wheels roll east? If so, think about a long trip out this way next year. You are always welcome here! :)

Underling said...

Eek! Very glad things worked out ok. I've had friends with asthma, and it's awful watching someone suffering an attack and being powerless to help them.

Cora certainly looks fit and feisty in that picture though. That's what we like to see!

Weave said...

Wow... Glad Cora is okay! And that you could help her... way to go!! Thanks.

wdspoone said...

Thank goodness Cora is ok! Asthma is no joke...for many years, every fall we spent weeks in the ICU with my son as he struggled for every breath. You guys are very lucky to have found each other and I am very happy for you both! With the technology available today and the low costs of such things as cell phones it almost seems a necessity to have one. It can come in handy in many instances but none as obvious as those situations when we find ourselves stranded somewhere. In fact, the costs are so low it is the only phone I own these days as I get good reception in my home there is no need for the added expense of a land line. I end up saving about $300 a year! :)

Milliscent said...

I am sorry to read that your maiden voyage in the trailer was marred by illness, but am pleased that everything was OK for Cora in the end.

I too bought a trailer, mine three years ago now. It's opened up a wonderful new world, there are so many amazing places to go, right here around Seattle. I hope that you have many delightful times in yours. Decorating is even fun, for example, I found a delightful short flogger (the right length for RV use) that perfectly matched the color scheme of our 'land yacht.'