September 21, 2010

Just a Reminder

Cora and I both love to cook.  Usually she does most of the planning and cooking.  She is very good at it and enjoys working in 'Her' territory (kitchen).  Sometimes I will assist or even take charge of some of the things I like to cook.  For example, the mornings are my time for creating some of the coffee compositions that Cora enjoys and the espresso machine is my 'territory'.

Last night, Cora cooked up a chicken breast.  As it is getting a little cooler here, she decided to cook it indoors instead of having me grill it on the barbeque.  I would be in charge of mashing the potatoes.

Sometimes, Cora and I have a difference of opinion about the timing of things.  I like everything to be finished cooking simultaneously and she likes to complete one dish, then go on to the next, letting the previous ones set.  So last night, I kept asking her when the potatoes should be started.  Her response was, "When I tell you to start them".  This was followed with, "Do you need a reminder of who is in charge?"

I quickly found myself bent over the kitchen table (much as the previous evening).  Cora 'warmed' me up with her leather paddle, then instructed me to drop my pants.  This was followed by her leather strap, then several paddles.

All the while she was applying the leather or wood to my backside, she kept giving me little corrections as to position, making sure my bottom was presented for her discipline in the proper way.  In addition, she was scolding me for questioning her cooking process.

All in all, Cora was very much in charge.  This was a more serious spanking for questioning her authority.  She was administering discipline for my behavior and I was very much aware of how she was asserting herself as the head of this household.  Just what I asked for!

Reflecting back, its been fascinating to watch her become more and more comfortable with her role as the Female in Charge.  And while we really share fairly equally in our day to day lives, she is beginning to not let me get away with unacceptable behavior and she no longer hesitates to hold me accountable when I try.

Later in the evening while enjoying a wonderful dinner, the glow in my bottom was only exceeded by the glow in my heart. 


Ron said...

Nice post my friend, awesome and love your lovely lap, she is awesome with that brush in her hand.

Just came home from vacation and my wife's new paddle game, will share more later once I settle back.

You two are the best and have changed our life, made it so much better. Thanks.

Glad Cora is back and spanking you as you need.

Best wishes and please buy a cell phone!!!



Anonymous said...

Great pics, and so glad all is well (except your backside!!)