September 14, 2010

To Masterbate or Not to Masterbate?

"A guy walks into a bar and says, 'Set me up with two shots of whiskey'.  The bartender pours out two shots.  The guy drinks one down and pours the other on his right hand.  The guy then states, 'Two more, please!'  The bartender compies and pours out two more shots.  The guy downs one and pours the  other on his right hand.  He than says, 'Two more please!'  The bartender then wonders, 'Hey, buddy, you are wasting my best Whiskey.  What gives?'  They guy responds, 'I'm trying to get my date drunk!'

I have undergone Prostate Cancer.  The choice of physician (and procedure) was dictated by the attitude of the physician I chose.  One of my fears was whether I would lose my ability to ... well... cum.  One of his bits of wisdom was the fact that the 'Use it or lose it' is no myth.

Seven years later, I am still cancer free and I can still 'function'.   My 'volume' is much diminished but the pleasure is still there.  And I still masterbate, as I have for almost 55 years. 

OK, I admit I got a bit carried away last night with my post about Christine O'Donnell's Senatorial run and her stand on masterbation.  I was going to delete this post entirely but the comments were so encouraging that I decided to leave them.  I thank all who did comment.

To pharaprase Lesie Gore:  "Its my Party and I'll Masterbate If I Want To!


wdspoone said...

LOL! You go boiy!!!!!! Something tells me you take your masturbation seriously? :D Anyway, I bet she has a big 'ol vibrator under her mattress! The best way to tell if a politician is lying is to see if their lips are moving.

spankedbywife said...

Not only does Cora has a vibrator under her bed but I bought it for her. She loves to play with herself and I so appreciate that she does too.

Thanks for the support at a time I feel especially vulnerable.

Scally said...

Better a wanker than a whiner - hehe.

I love american politicians - so good for a laugh. Ours (here in the UK) are so much more boring. Too scared to have an opinion - out loud.

Alan said...

Nice one Ken, totally agree, politicians are all a bunch of self serving wankers anyway!!!

Serving B said...

You should always feel free to post your opinion on your blog. It's your blog! :) I agree with what wdspoone said - if their lips are moving...

Your blog is here to stay, my friend!

Rachel said...

We agree totally with you. We do not care about the religious aspect: however, what you do in the privacy of your home or together is YOUR BUSINESS. Unfortunately wether you are a "Liberal" or a "Conservative" government believes they have to dumb you down through school and spy on you in your home or interaction with others. To help them they have the snitches that report on us. We have all kinds of toys and both of us use them on ourselves and each other.
Rachel & aj Widget

spankedbywife said...

OK, I obviously got a little carried away with this post and I apologize if I have offended anyone. Probably a little too much vicadin following a root canal yesterday. Oh and there was the incident Sunday where we had to get the Medics for Cora (more later).

However, there were so many good comments that I decided to leave it up. It will remind me what happens when my anger overcomes other sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased by your attitude and want to encourage everyone to think for themselves when it comes to sex. Keep up the good work and I enjoy lurking about your blog.


TH said...

Her comments about masturbation are 14 years old, and her objections were along a moral line and at no time did she say it should be made illegal.

You can disagree with her politics all you want, but to bring up an appearance from the mid-90's on MTV where she made a flippant comment is just a smoke screen. Do you honestly believe she will promote policy to outlaw masturbation? Can you point to a series of legislation she has introduced in her early career that would support your claim?

Ron said...

She is whacked, I still masturbate and spanking is the prime motive.

Right on, Ken, no one offended and keep writing lines like this, we are all "behind" you.



Anonymous said...

I am pleased to hear that after prostate surgery-you can still enjoy sex--I am 64 and while I show no signs of prostate trouble--it still worries me--If you do not have ejaculate how can a guy get the pleasure of orgasm? It when the stuff comes out that the pleasure is there? I am sorry to sound so dumb--but I do not understand it--Any advice?

spankedbywife said...

I am amazed that comments are still being left on this post. It started as a rant and I was going to delete it but the comments were to good to delete it. And now you come up with some very important questions? I can only hope you check back as there is no other way to communicate.

First, if you have not issues with your Prostate, don't waste time worrying about it. Some men will have issues and some will not.

Second, I can't really explain why I can still enjoy an orgasm with only limited production of the seminal fluid, but I can. I do produce very small amounts but the orgasms seem every bit as intense as they used to be. Of course, it helps to have a very sexy partner who loves to engage in sexual activities of all kinds. Helps alot.

And if you ever do develop some kind of problem with your Prostate know that there are many options available and that the survival rate for early detection is very high. Keep getting those PSA readings.

Finally, when I was diagnosed, I made sure I shopped around. I did not go with the first advice given me. Eventually I decided to go with a physician who seemed to be aware of my need to keep sexually active and provided much hope that his recommended procedure would result in my ability to enjoy sexual activity. Included in this discussion was information that I needed to 'get back into the saddle' soon after the proceedure. He indicated that many men had disappointing results shortly after their procedures and waited several months until trying again. He indicated that the 'Use it or loose it' is no myth. That is one of the reasons I continue to 'exercize' almost every day and also why I get concerned about men who get themselves put into chastity devices and go months between orgasms.

Hope that helps but if you want more information based on my experience, I would suggest e-Mailing me direct.