April 26, 2013

She Spanked Me ...

... Finally!  It has been a long time since she gave me a 'good' spanking but it ended what was quite a dry spell.

Its been two months (almost exactly) since our last post but we have been diverted by the mundane things of everyday living.  Like taxes, re-financing, and the many, many details related to the change in our marital status.  Boring stuff, so there hasn't been anything to write about.

Then yesterday, things began to pick up.  First, I had set myself up to be 'caught' first thing in the morning.  She did catch me but nothing happened.  However, in my early morning Internet searching I found some activity on 'FetLife' regarding some people who were attempting to organize a gathering (or munch) of some like minded people in our area.  What caught my attention was the fact that many of the people in the conversation were into the F/M side of things and two were women who identified themselves as women who liked to spank naughty men.

So I checked into their profiles and found that both had encouraged contact.  Since both Cora and I are interested in meeting others who are into the Female Led Relation lifestyle, I sent each one a message.  One of the ladies didn't reply until yesterday afternoon but I was able to exchange a couple of messages with her as she was on-line at the same time I was.

Not wanting to keep anything from Cora, I left my computer and went to where she was watching TV.  I explained that I have been corresponding with a couple of women who identified themselves as 'Spankers'. 

At first, she smiled but then scooted herself from her usual position on the far end of the couch to the center.  She then told me to grab her hairbrush and small OTK paddle from their pegs on the table next to the couch.  I guess she didn't wanted to be left out of the 'Women Who Spank Men club'.

I was then instructed to 'assume the position', which I did.  However, being in a slightly playful mood, I left the shorts I was wearing in their upright position.  Cora expressed her displeasure at the fact that I hadn't bared my bottom for her and I replied, "You do it".  After all, its something that I find rather erotic- to have your bottom bared by a lovely lady like Cora.

So, I raised up and she solved the un-bare bottom problem quickly.  She then delivered a few spanks with her hand. 

Of course those felt rather nice but it didn't take long for her to switch to her small OTK paddle.  And not to be outdone by women who we haven't even met yet, began to administer a paddling with no lack of enthusiasm.  After a sufficient number, she switched to her hairbrush.  She then went to work on my defenseless bottom.

Not having been spanked for a couple of months, my bottom was quite sensitive and I was Oooo-ing and Ouch-ing quite a bit.  However we both were laughing, too as this was definitely a spanking for 'fun'.  But don't get me wrong, Cora did deliver a very effecting spanking.  This morning I am still feeling the aftermath of her hairbrush and paddle and there is still a redness and a couple of marks.

Later yesterday evening, I returned to my computer and sent another message.  I included information that Cora decided to assert her authority and spanked me as a result of my 'flirting' with other women.  She replied that she was amused that I had written my last message with a sore bottom.  Of course I shared the entire dialog with Cora.  At this time we are working on setting up a time when we can all get together.  I am sure there will be more to follow.