December 21, 2012

Cora the FLR Ambassador

First Cora and I wish all of you the happiest of Holidays.  Today is the Winter Solstice otherwise know as Yule and we are looking forward to seeing the return of the Sun.  No doubt (since Cora is a huge Beatles's fan) we will be listening to George Harrison's, 'Here Comes the Sun' and celebrating the day.

This is the season for many people to gather together to celebrate various Holiday related things.  So it was no surprise that we were invited to a gathering of friends a couple of nights ago.  This gathering had noting to do with Female Led Relationships (FLR) but was a group of technically related people. 

Many of the men in the group gravitated together to 'talk tech' leaving some of the women to gather in a corner of the room on a rather comfortable looking couch.  Cora later related that the conversation drifted towards speaking of the men in their life.
Cora the 'FLR Ambassador'

As happens at many of these 'parties', alcohol is served.  This gathering was no exception and while I kept my consumption at a minimum as I was the 'designated driver', the Ladies apparently were indulging.  So I am guessing they had less inhibitions than normal.

Somehow the subject of one of the husband's misbehavior came up.  Naturally, Cora mentioned that she had the solution: her 'WAD's'.  "Uh, what's a WAD?", asked one of the women.  "Why, that's my 'Weapon of Ass Destruction", she replied.  "You actually use those?", another one asked.  "Of course, and the results are magnificent", she replied.
Cora and one of Her WAD's

As our involvement in this group involved previous activities that were hosted at our home, some of the women involved in the discussion had actually seen 'Cora's Rack'.  Mostly they ignored it probably not wanting to really know about it at those times.  However, with an all female group plus a little loosening up from the beverages, the discussion got a little deeper.  Questions were asked and Cora was able to respond, with 'first hand' experiences. 

Later, Cora shared with me that all the women were fascinated by the concept and none found it offensive.  I think many of them saw the benefits.
Cora Showing Her WAD Style

So we will probably never know how many of these women take up the spanking of their husbands but at least they were given the opportunity of thinking about it.  I know that many couples keep their FLR a deeply guarded secret but we tend to wear our FLR proudly 'on our sleeves'.  Why not bring it out into the open and share our lifestyles with those that might be interested?

For me, I wouldn't change a thing and my love of Cora keeps increasing every day, especially when she performs as an Ambassador for our FLR 'cause'. 

December 17, 2012

The Physics of Paddling

Saturday night I thought I'd dig into our 'achives' and pull our some of my old VHS tapes.  Over the years I have acquired a collection of Female-Spanks-Male video tapes.  They are stored deeply buried in a closet and it takes no small bit of effort to retrieve them.  But I felt curious about a couple of the tapes I have and so dug them out. 

We don't use our VHS player much at all and it is always a re-invention of how I have it set up.  Sometimes I have to look at the back of our receiver to figure out what goes where and what button to push.  But I finally was able to get things to display and the sound to come out where its supposed to.

Cora entered the room and was pleased to see that I had things set up.  She does enjoy watching my F/M spanking related videos and it often results in great discussion and sometimes inspiring her to duplicate the 'action'.
I have quite a few of the Nu-West/Leda tapes. In that era, especially they were the best and we still enjoy them. One of these tapes, "The Ohio Wife" (FD-250) featured a woman who paddled her 'naughty' husband rather intensely. This tape was not one of the usual Nu-West/Leda features that were taped in their studios but instead appeared to be an 'amateur' tape that was submitted and subsequently distributed by Nu-West/Leda. Keeping in mind that technology has made major impacts over the 12 years or so since this tape was made, the picture and sound quality was actually pretty good.

It was obvious that they had acquired quite a number of the implements sold by Nu-West/Leda in those years including the small Spencer Paddle, the full-sized Spencer Paddle,  another paddle the same sized as the larger Spencer but without the holes. 

There were a number of scenes including an Over-the-Knee where she used her small Spencer and thoroughly spanked him.  I must say that she paddles rather hard and, now that I have re-produced the small Spencer, know how he must have been feeling that paddling.  Other scenes showed her using a number of other paddles including the larger Spencer and its hole-less twin.  Again, I know what if feels like to be on the receiving end of the Spencer and could sympathize with him as she turned his bottom a bright shade of red.

Cora and I both notice that she was paddling him a little high up on his bottom.  She would have him bend forward a little more with the result that the paddle then connected with the lower part of the buttocks better - you know, the 'Sweet Spot'.  However, as she was paddling rather intensely, he kept moving up with the paddle hitting higher again.  Ouch!

Our last post referred to the 'Library of Spanking Fiction' and I have been reading lots of the stories there.  In one of those stories it was mentioned that one of the ladies would flick her wrist toward the end of her stroke to produce an 'upswing' motion.  The result was that the trajectory of her paddle would be upwards and strike on the full part of the bottom.  I must say that that description got my attention and even made me a little 'excited'.

So, I came up with the idea of standing on a small step stool during a paddling from Cora.  We have one of those little folding stools in our kitchen.  Its only 11 inches wide, 9 inched deep and 9 inches high.  I grabbed it, set it up in front of our table (where Cora administers most of her paddlings) and asked Cora to try out her Spencer Paddle with me in this position. 
Wow, what a difference.  I could definitely feel that her paddle was landing in a much better way and was feeling the full effect on that sweet spot.  Now don't get me wrong, I knew that I had just received a hard swat from Cora's paddle.  Cora also mention how much more comfortable this was for her.  She didn't need to crouch down to get the paddle to land where she wanted it to land.  I can only imagine how much better it will be for her when she spanks me wearing heels.  It looks like I have a new project for my shop.

Holes vs No Holes
Often you see someone discuss the difference between a paddle with holes and a paddle with no holes.  The 'theory' is that the holes let the air pass allowing the paddle to land with an increase in velocity.  I personally think this is mostly a myth.  However, there is something about a paddle with holes that increases the intimidation factor.  If nothing else, the intent is to produce a paddle that will leave a much greater impact.  So when I see Cora holding her Spencer Paddle, I see a woman who is intending to give me a good, hard paddling and I react accordingly.

Back to the video, 'The Ohio Wife'.  Later scenes show her using various paddles.  The first of these is the Spencer without the holes.  Subsequent scenes depict her with the traditional Spencer with the holes.  Cora and I both noticed the difference in sound before we were able to determine that she was using a different paddle.  The video quality sort of hid the fact that there were holes in that paddle until a few minutes into the scene.  But we both noticed it.

One of the things about the Spencer Paddle is the sound it produces.  When delivered with enough force the holes in the Spencer Paddle produce a 'whooshing' sound.  Its almost a whistle.  Being on the receiving end of one of these paddlings is interest in that you hear the paddle heading for your bottom then feel its impact.  We don't have a Spencer paddle without holes so it was very interesting to hear the difference in the two paddles in the video.
Energy Equals Mass Times Velocity Squared

Going back to the 'theory' that a paddle with holes produces a harder paddling than one without holes brings up another story from the Library of Spanking Fiction.  One of the stories depicts a young female Physics teacher who finds the need to paddle one of her students.  She decides to demonstrate the difference in energy from a paddle that lands on the naughty backside at a higher speed as a result of less wind resistance due to the holes.  She puts the energy formula on her blackboard and notes that for a doubling of the mass (weight of the paddle), the energy would double.  However, if the velocity is doubled, the energy of the impact increases four times.  In the story, the pretty physics teacher demonstrates by using the 'standard' paddle issued by her school against her own personal paddle with holes.  Looking back, I sure wished that my physics teacher had been a young, pretty female and I would have loved to have been part of the 'experiment'. 
Anyone for a 'school room' paddling scenario to prove or disprove the theory?

December 8, 2012

Lady Cora's Lessons

I spend lots of time on the Internet.  Probably too much time.  Like most of you.  One of my favorite things to do is read the stories that appear on several sites which cater to those of us who have an interest in spanking.

One of the best story sites is 'The Library of Spanking Fiction'.  This site contains over 20,000 stories and over 11,000 members.  The stories are well written and easy to read and new stories appear every day.  The site is set up so that navigation to the types of stories that interest you, is very easy.  We have added the link to the Library of Spanking Fiction to our list of 'FLR and Other Related Resources'.  You must scroll down below the list of 'Blogs we Follow', but if you haven't seen this site, and like to read quality stories, we think you be delighted at the results.  Oh, and its Free!

There is also a 'Chat' function.  Now I have explored chat rooms on other sites but have found them rather boring and mostly oriented M/F.  However, last Saturday, I ventured into the chat room of the Library of Spanking Fiction.  Several of the authors of stories were on line and the conversation was delightful, intelligent, witty and just plain fun.  It seemed as if time was in suspension.

All kinds of subjects came up and one of the participants even asked me for the URL of our blog.  To make a long story short, another one of the participants asked me about our 'Notice of Discipline' form and I sent him a copy.  Turns out he was Thomas Bruns, one of the authors who has contributed about 40 items to the library.  Tom had checked out our blog and the very next morning had sent us a copy of a story that featured Cora and I.  Needless to say, Cora and I were very flattered.  Very!  Tom asked permission to use our real names which of course, was granted.  He also granted us permission to refer to him and his story.

Yesterday, Tom's story appeared on the Library site.  I won't repeat the story here but I am sure you will enjoy his fictional adventure with 'Lady Cora'.  The story is cleverly written and very plausible and features our 'Notice of Discipline' form (and our offer still applies; if you would like a copy, just send an e-Mail request to us).  Sadly, the library is unable to include pictures and graphics.  So here are a few pictures that go along with the story.  Perhaps you could have both our blog and his story opened in separate windows and read along with the pictures.

So here are a few pictures that go along with Tom's story.  The first picture picks up at about the seventh paragraph:
"I Assume You Have a Slip of Mine"
 "She Glanced Over It"

"I've Marked Just About Every Reason for Discipline on Here"
"She Walked Over to a Straight Backed Red Chair"
"Her Skirt Stretched Tight" 

"She Smoothed Her Skirt Back Over Her Legs"

"She Looked Me Directly in the Eyes"

"I Am Going to Hurt You"
"Why? Because I Can"

And, like those of us who write blogs, the authors on the library thrive on comments, too.

December 5, 2012

Cora's Rack

Yesterday, Red who hosts the 'Consensual Spanking' blog submitted a post titled, "RACKS!!!!!".  Naturally seeing this title under his blog entry in the list of blogs we follow caught my attention.  So I clicked on this entry and low and behold, the second and third pictures were of Cora's Racks.  The second picture depicted the rack in our bedroom and the third picture showed what our kitchen rack looks like.  However, these were old.  Quite old, like April of 2010 (it took me a while to locate the original pictures).

Now, Cora is quite proud of her Rack.  And she doesn't take offence when someone refers to her Rack.  Anyone who has kept up with us for a while knows that her main Rack is proudly hung in our kitchen and anyone who visits can't miss it.

So, here are some updated pictures of Cora's Rack I took only a few minutes ago.
And here is what hangs in the bedroom.

She also has a peg located close to where she sits in our living room.
And if that's not enough, here is a picture of her purse.  She never knows when she might need one of her WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction) when she is 'out and about'.

So if you ever had the misfortune of being sent to her, here is what you might see as she decides which one of her WAD's to use.
The Selection is Made!
Now Bend Over! This may sting a little!