December 8, 2012

Lady Cora's Lessons

I spend lots of time on the Internet.  Probably too much time.  Like most of you.  One of my favorite things to do is read the stories that appear on several sites which cater to those of us who have an interest in spanking.

One of the best story sites is 'The Library of Spanking Fiction'.  This site contains over 20,000 stories and over 11,000 members.  The stories are well written and easy to read and new stories appear every day.  The site is set up so that navigation to the types of stories that interest you, is very easy.  We have added the link to the Library of Spanking Fiction to our list of 'FLR and Other Related Resources'.  You must scroll down below the list of 'Blogs we Follow', but if you haven't seen this site, and like to read quality stories, we think you be delighted at the results.  Oh, and its Free!

There is also a 'Chat' function.  Now I have explored chat rooms on other sites but have found them rather boring and mostly oriented M/F.  However, last Saturday, I ventured into the chat room of the Library of Spanking Fiction.  Several of the authors of stories were on line and the conversation was delightful, intelligent, witty and just plain fun.  It seemed as if time was in suspension.

All kinds of subjects came up and one of the participants even asked me for the URL of our blog.  To make a long story short, another one of the participants asked me about our 'Notice of Discipline' form and I sent him a copy.  Turns out he was Thomas Bruns, one of the authors who has contributed about 40 items to the library.  Tom had checked out our blog and the very next morning had sent us a copy of a story that featured Cora and I.  Needless to say, Cora and I were very flattered.  Very!  Tom asked permission to use our real names which of course, was granted.  He also granted us permission to refer to him and his story.

Yesterday, Tom's story appeared on the Library site.  I won't repeat the story here but I am sure you will enjoy his fictional adventure with 'Lady Cora'.  The story is cleverly written and very plausible and features our 'Notice of Discipline' form (and our offer still applies; if you would like a copy, just send an e-Mail request to us).  Sadly, the library is unable to include pictures and graphics.  So here are a few pictures that go along with the story.  Perhaps you could have both our blog and his story opened in separate windows and read along with the pictures.

So here are a few pictures that go along with Tom's story.  The first picture picks up at about the seventh paragraph:
"I Assume You Have a Slip of Mine"
 "She Glanced Over It"

"I've Marked Just About Every Reason for Discipline on Here"
"She Walked Over to a Straight Backed Red Chair"
"Her Skirt Stretched Tight" 

"She Smoothed Her Skirt Back Over Her Legs"

"She Looked Me Directly in the Eyes"

"I Am Going to Hurt You"
"Why? Because I Can"

And, like those of us who write blogs, the authors on the library thrive on comments, too.


Thomas L. Bruns said...

I do like the pictures that go along with my story. WIsh the site could include them. I wish even more that I had actually received that notice and was about to face the hardest bare-bottomed blistering of my life from Lady Cora. *SIGH* Maybe someday. Incidentally, I have actually done that when I've felt lazy and my mother was not in my truck. Just a little info for Lady Cora to judge.

Njspank said...

My god, Cora is amazing and her with a brush in her hand, ready for you on her lap is just wonderful, beautiful and dam hot.