February 26, 2013

Spanked For Being 'Too Geeky'

There was a time when knowing about math, electronics and things to do with science was looked upon as being 'uncool'.  In fact there was a term used to describe those of us who could be described that way: 'Nerd'.

Fortunately today things have come around, especially with the way we use technology today in so many things we do every day.  So the so called 'geeky' people are quite a bit more in demand and some even find that quality endearing.  I think Cora would not disagree that she likes that part of me.

Well, over the weekend, I was in my 'geek' mode much more than usual.  I was involved in being one of the instructors for a class in technology and when I retured home, Cora said that her internet radio wasn't working.  That meant re-setting our wireless router and going through a rather time intensive process of going through all the menus to restore our in-house network.  Not difficult but time consuming.

With all the preparation for teaching the class and having to face the failure of some of our own technology, I was so deeply engaged in 'geek mode' that I may have come across with an attitude that caught Cora's attention.  And an attitude that she thought needed her attention.

I went to work and an hour or so later things were working fine.  However, as soon as I announced to Cora that they were working again, she grabbed me and led me to a stool in our kitchen.  "Bend over and put your palms on the seat of the chair", she instructed.  She then bared my bottom and stepped over to her 'Rack' and grabbed the leather paddle, which she likes to start out with.  Soon I was feeling the leather being applied to my backside and the first vestages of a fire being lit in that location. 

After getting me 'warmed up'  (well, maybe 'warm' doesn't quite go far enough), Cora then went for heavier artillery.  Her next choice was the Spencer paddle (yes, the one with the holes) and I soon heard its characteristic whistle just prior to feeling the affects of its impact. 

Yeow!  But that wasn't enough for Cora to drive home her dissatisfaction with my attitude.  Her final choice was the PurpleHeart paddle.

Now, Cora doesn't often go for the PurpleHeart paddle as its one of our more 'intense' WAD's (Weapons of Ass Destruction) but it is one of Cora's favorites mostly just because it looks so 'pretty'. 

Well after she applied a number of strokes from it, I was feeling pretty sore.  In fact I can still feel its affects as I am typing this post.  Happily feeling its affects. 

Of course I couldn't disagree with Cora's assessment of my behavior.  I am just glad (and very lucky) that my Wife loves me enough to step up and hold me accountable when I need it.

February 15, 2013

We Loose One of the Pioneers - Ed Lee

My E-Mail has been filled with the news that Ed Lee, Owner and Producer of Nu-West/Leda passed away on January 6, 2013.  Rather than repeat the details, I would suggest you take a look at their website, Nu-Westleda.com.

I never had the privilege to meet him but he was very helpful when I asked for permission to post some of his pix.  He even designated Cora as an honorary 'Leda Lady', a highlight of our three years of blogging.

Rest In Peace, Ed

February 9, 2013

The Threat of Discipline

First, thanks to all who left comments and wished us well on our marriage.  We want to especially thank Hermione who featured us a couple of weeks back.  That was real special.

The Threat of Discipline

We have a cat.  Well, actually the cat lets us live at her house.  The Cat's name is Sheba and she has been with Cora longer than any of the men in Cora's relationships.  I hope that will change but Sheba has a dozen year head start on me.

Like so many of our Feline Friends, Sheba is very much her own cat.  And she thinks she runs things and should be able to do anything she wants.  Including indulging in the pasta that Cora just cooked.

Besides having me figured out and often knowing what I will do before I actually do it, Cora knows her cat, too.  So after preparing a pot of pasta, Cora set on the counter to cool.  Knowing Sheba, Cora covered it so it would be safe from little kitty claws and went off to another room for a minute.

Wrong.  Cora heard the cover moving and immediately dropped what she was doing, ran to the kitchen only to find Sheba removing the cover.  Naturally this angered Cora. 

Of course, we don't use corporal punishment on our beloved pets but sometimes a little discipline (or threat of discipline is needed).  In the case of Sheba, a small spray bottle of water works wonders.  Usually all that's needed is just to bring it out of the cupboard and make it visible.  It always works. 

So after this little incident, Cora decided to see what would happen if she 'threatened' me.  Cora walked over to her 'Rack' and pulled down the largest paddle.  She then turned to me and asked, "What would you do if I threatened you with this?"

Feeling a bit 'playful' I merely dropped my pants and bent over in front of her.  There is something special about presenting ones bottom for a little discipline.  Naturally, Cora responded with a rather hard swat of that paddle.  Then she gave me another one.  Ouch!  That large paddle packs quite an impact due both to its weight and size.

Mostly that paddle stays on Cora's Rack, probably mostly for 'show'. She does use it but its a rare occurrence. But this time we both had some 'fun' with it although I ended up with quite a sore bottom even from only a couple of swats. But we both had a great laugh over it and quite frankly, I loved being 'threatened' with it. I'm sure Sheba may not have seen the humor in it, though.

One thing for sure:  I am sure enjoying being Married to Ms. Cora!!!