February 9, 2013

The Threat of Discipline

First, thanks to all who left comments and wished us well on our marriage.  We want to especially thank Hermione who featured us a couple of weeks back.  That was real special.

The Threat of Discipline

We have a cat.  Well, actually the cat lets us live at her house.  The Cat's name is Sheba and she has been with Cora longer than any of the men in Cora's relationships.  I hope that will change but Sheba has a dozen year head start on me.

Like so many of our Feline Friends, Sheba is very much her own cat.  And she thinks she runs things and should be able to do anything she wants.  Including indulging in the pasta that Cora just cooked.

Besides having me figured out and often knowing what I will do before I actually do it, Cora knows her cat, too.  So after preparing a pot of pasta, Cora set on the counter to cool.  Knowing Sheba, Cora covered it so it would be safe from little kitty claws and went off to another room for a minute.

Wrong.  Cora heard the cover moving and immediately dropped what she was doing, ran to the kitchen only to find Sheba removing the cover.  Naturally this angered Cora. 

Of course, we don't use corporal punishment on our beloved pets but sometimes a little discipline (or threat of discipline is needed).  In the case of Sheba, a small spray bottle of water works wonders.  Usually all that's needed is just to bring it out of the cupboard and make it visible.  It always works. 

So after this little incident, Cora decided to see what would happen if she 'threatened' me.  Cora walked over to her 'Rack' and pulled down the largest paddle.  She then turned to me and asked, "What would you do if I threatened you with this?"

Feeling a bit 'playful' I merely dropped my pants and bent over in front of her.  There is something special about presenting ones bottom for a little discipline.  Naturally, Cora responded with a rather hard swat of that paddle.  Then she gave me another one.  Ouch!  That large paddle packs quite an impact due both to its weight and size.

Mostly that paddle stays on Cora's Rack, probably mostly for 'show'. She does use it but its a rare occurrence. But this time we both had some 'fun' with it although I ended up with quite a sore bottom even from only a couple of swats. But we both had a great laugh over it and quite frankly, I loved being 'threatened' with it. I'm sure Sheba may not have seen the humor in it, though.

One thing for sure:  I am sure enjoying being Married to Ms. Cora!!!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

You should make another one of those paddles and use them as boat oars. woohoo, I have no doubt it would make anyone sore.

Anonymous said...

I once saw a wooden paddle that big in a friend's house. At first, I thought that the couple were spankos until I noticed the rubber raft next to it. Too big for me.

You are a lucky guy.


Njspank said...

We love you being married to the glorius and sexy Cora....that is some paddle, oh my.

Ronald Williams said...

How do get my lady friend to spank me

Anonymous said...

Wow what a paddle!!!
I can see where just a couple of swats would do the trick. She can probably cover most of your bottom with each swat.

Anonymous said...

Sigh :)
I've looked around the web a bunch... but Ms. Cora is just *special*...love her, and you and your posts.

James said...

My lady friend has a dog, and once she let the dog in the room while she was spanking me and the dog seemed very frightened. His eyes went ointo a strange expression of horror as if to say "Are you going to do that to me too?" Since then, he is sent to the back bedroom, and only allowed out once i have been fully tanned.