September 27, 2010

A visit from Queen Bee

If you look on the right side of this blog and look below the references to the other wonderful blogs, you will come to a category, 'FLR Related Resources'.  Included in this list is the 'She Makes The Rules' forum.  Cora and I both members, have met and consider ourselves friends with both the ladies that have created this great resource.  Last night, we received a phone call from Queen Bee, who had just dropped one of her friends at the Sea-Tac airport.  Having some time on her hands, she called us.

Now, the She Makes The Rules (SMTR) forum has been around for just over 2 years and is a fantastic place for women new to the Female Led Relationship (FLR) lifestyle to explore, yet also to have a totally safe and comfortable place.  Queen Bee and the other moderators go way out of their way to make sure that those who identify themselves as 'women' really are female.  I would suggest than any women reading this blog or any men who have reluctant or hesitant partners to check out their forum.  It is truly one of the best.

Queen Bee made arrangements to drop by and we had a fantastic evening.  We shared stories, caught up with each other and had a fantastic meal courtesy of that famous chef, Lady Cora!   In addition, Queen Bee was treated to two of my Galaxy famous White Chocolate Latte's. 

After the initial greetings, Queen Bee noticed 'Cora's Rack'.  She immediately focused in on the 'PurpleHeart' paddle.  It didn't take much encouragement for me to volunteer to be stunt bottom for Queen Bee to check it out.  Fortunately, there was one of the PurpleHeart paddles available and when Queen Bee left, she took one of my PurpleHeart paddles home with her.  Definitely an honor for me.

All in all it was an incredible evening that just happened.  Queen Bee, thank you for thinking of us when you were in town.


Ron said...

Not sure what to say but wow, nice blog and so glad you enjoyed the visit, that is awesome Ken and happy for you both.

By the way, how did the paddle feel in your guest's hands??

Great story and thanks for sharing.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron and Cora,

The Queen Bee is a wonderful lady. Just so you know, she likes wood and glass. Best wishes and kudos on the blog.

B Still

spankedbywife said...

I can assure you that Queen Bee loved the way the paddle (now Her paddle) felt in her hands.

B Still-
Yes we knew that Queen Bee did admit that she loved wood. Her interest in glass is a new revelation.

At least we could help satisfy one of her 'loves'.

Again, it was a wonderful, special, Magickal evening.

Ken and Cora

QueenBee Debbie said...

Wow! I'm published on your blog! Woohoo!

B Still, my dear friend, how good to see you here! As he's been in my home during several SheMakesTheRules functions, he does know a lot of what I like. For my 50th birthday he brought me a beautiful old serving set made of green glass and with a wood stand. Thanks B, I still love them!

If any of you reading this blog get the opportunity to be invited to Ken & Cora's home, I would jump at the chance. Ken makes the BEST custom espresso drinks EVER, and as I had a long drive back to Portland, I was happy to suffer through a couple of them! And the darling Cora really is a darling and can that girl cook! Between the two of them they are a good time happening. I love hanging out with them.

Ken gave me the lovely purple heart wood paddle and boy, did it ever feel good in my hands! It's silky smooth and that is one of my favorite things ever. Ken was so cute when he happily bent over to willingly offer himself up to my testing of the paddles. Unfortunately, due to a recent surgery, I wasn't able to use him for as much target practice as I would have wished. I've given him an IOU for when they come down to Portland to attend a party and visit with me.

And yes Ken, I have a thing for glass too - I collect Mt St Helens glass and other original glass that has been signed by the artist. Unfortunately, I also need to figure a way to display them, so now my collecting is at a standstill. But I have room for paddles! And willing behinds to use them upon...

Life is good indeed!

Thanks Ken and Cora for making me so welcome in your home. I enjoy you two so very much.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ron and Cora,

I am so glad I commented. I have not written anything to like minded people in quite a bit. It was nice to see the QueenBee's response. You must be very nice people indeed. She is good about reading people.

Now I know what kind of glass my sweet QueenBee likes. Haha. I was going to give her a piece of another type and still may. "Be well", he wrote while disappearing back into the mist.

B Still