September 28, 2010

Beginnings - Revisited

I correspond with several others who are also involved in Female Led Relationships.  One of them recently asked two questions and I'd thought I would share my responses with the group.  The questions were:
1).  What was your first spanking like, by the way?
2).  How did Cora get into this?

The first question sparked memories that have been laying dormant for many years.  However I know how much I enjoy hearing from others about their own 'first experiments' with spanking that I thought I would share my answer:

My first spanking. Well, other that playing with a few cousins at age 10, give or take a couple of years, probably my first 'real' spanking occurred in about 1965 or so. I would have been about 17. A cousin (another one) who was a year older than me was dating a girl who was my age. I would sometimes visit her and we did spend some time just the two of us. She was learning to drive and since I drove a stick shift, she asked me to assist her.

She was having a bit of trouble applying enough throttle so I reached down and pushed her leg onto the accelerator. I have to admit that she was wearing a skirt and in those days girls wore real stockings, not pantyhose. Well, I certainly ended up with a handful of stocking, garters and her skirt hiked up revealing the tight panty girdle she was wearing.

I later admitted to her that my action was not totally 'accidental' and that I deserved to be spanked. She agreed and we set a later date for it to happen. Looking back I think she was as curious about spanking as I was.

I even made a make-shift paddle for her to use. It was a very crude paddle that I made from a piece of wood that I found in our home (I was living with my parents, at the time). I cut it with a hand held jig saw and it was neither smooth nor square (LOL). I am guessing it was about 16 inches long, 3 inches wide and about 3/4 thick. Its nothing of the quality of the paddles I make today. After our 'encounter' I left it with her and, per the tradition at the time, carved my initials into it.
Keeping in mind this was 1965, both of us remained fully clothed. I simply bent over and grasped my ankles and she applied several swats with the paddle, in much the tradition of the way paddlings were administered in schools at the time. It ended when we heard her parents driving up. She hid the paddle and we were able to act as if nothing had happened.

Overall, the spanking from her was rather disappointing. Probably a function of the inexperience of the two of us. But it provided plenty of fantasies for the future. I am sure that I asked the girls I later dated to spank me but was unsuccessful until I started dating my first wife. I don't remember very many details of the spankings in that relationship, but spankings were definitely a part of that relationship.

I will address the second question in a later post.

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