October 8, 2010

Beyond the Screen Door

As Cora has been developing her own Female Led Relationship style, she keeps learning new things.  Just yesterday she learned yet another benefit.

Its been about 4-1/2 years since she moved in with me.  However, there is something that has been bothering her ever since she moved in: a screen door that has a rip in the screen.  This is one of those sliding screen doors that parallels a sliding glass door to our deck.

I am sure she has mentioned it before but its one of those things that I heard but didn't really listen.  And its one of those things that I just didn't see when I look at it. 

Well, yesterday, Cora decided to try something different.  She grabbed me, bent me over the kitchen table, bared my bottom and proceeded to spank me.  "Do you know why you are being spanked?", she asked.  "No, Ma'am", I replied.  "Well, this is a reminder that I want that screen fixed", was her response.  She continued to spank me, probably delivering about 30 rather intense swats.

I must say this caught me totally by surprise.  I had overlooked that item for several years and had no idea it was that important to her.  Wanting to gain some 'points' with her, I decided that I could make a temporary fix.  I removed the screen door from the deck and replaced it with a seldom used screen door from another part of the house.

This happened immediately after being spanked and the 'glow' was certainly a reminder of what I was doing. 

At first, Cora had been busy with something else and was not aware that I was making repairs. Then she noticed.  "If I had known that I could get you to replace that screen by just spanking you, I would have done that a long time ago", she remarked.  "I guess I know how to get things done around here, now", she further observed.

So now she knows how to 'motivate' me and get things done.  And in addition, a way to emphasize what she wants done.  All things considered, its a win-win.  She gets things done that are important to her and I know when she is serious about her requests.  After all, pleasing her is my top priority.


mysster said...

Cora demands well. She leads well.

Praise Her!


Anonymous said...

She is getting smarter all the time in how to handle you! :)

Underling said...

Hm, but is that the end of the matter? Does Cora know you swapped one screen for another, or does she think you did a more 'complete' job? I sense more trouble ahead :).

Good on you for making the effort, though. Some wives can spend their whole lives trying to get hubby to fix something. Of course they don't have C's technique!

I'm good at turning a blind eye to things that need doing too, by the way. If I got a spanking for every unfinished chore, I'd never be able to sit down! :)

Ron said...

Cora is amazing and that is a great, and hot, story, wow. You guys continue to be an inspiration and just great story. Love the pic as well, amazing.

Thanks and regards

hanks Sara said...

I must say I have to agree with Underling. Swapping one screen door for another is not fixing it. Were you my Hank I fear you would be in for a severe session.I refer to these sessions as " A Learning Experience"

spankedbywife said...

Thanks for all the comments. We really appreciate the feedback.

Underling and hanks Sara-
Not to worry, as Cora was very much aware that the swap was a 'temporary' fix. Just yesterday while we were out and about, we obtained the replacement screen and the tool that is needed to repair the old one. I did some research on the net and decided to replace the damage screen myself and Cora is very much OK with that decision. In fact she will be assisting.

Glad you liked the picture. It hasn't been used before even though its an older one. Perhaps we will post a few more from that photo session in the future.

Ken & Cora

Rachel said...

Now sneak that screen out and get it repaired promptly! If aj pulled that stunt he would get a spank for each square inch of screen for everyday until it took to get the screen replaced. Beside screening is inexpensive, and you will still get spanked for not doing it right. Also I would give you a lemon juice enema for being lazy and then a three instrument spanking. Good for Cora taking control of your shulmpiness.

spankedbywife said...

Thanks for the comment (I think)!

Cora reads everything on our blog (and sometimes contributes, too) and decided after reading your comment and reviewing the comment from hanks Sara, decided I did need another spanking. So, based upon an e-Mail received (also relating to this post), decided to use some kitchen implements. She bent me over the usual table and pulled out two spatulas and a wooden spoon.

All I can say is 'ouch'. So I did receive the 'three-implement' spanking as you suggested. As far as the lemon enema, Cora would like to know the proportions and what kind of 'lemon', as she hasn't used this kind of disciplinary technique in the past.

All I can say (as I am sitting, not so comfortably) is wow, you ladies are really strict!

Dana said...

Ken, I also get very motivated to proceed with needed household repairs after haveing my bottom warmed to good steady heat and if the quality is not up to her standard I get another reminder.Good thing you worked out about the other screen door.

Anonymous said...

Geez... looking for some of that motivation here today! :)

Ron said...


Great stuff and wow love Cora adding to the spanking, nice stuff.

As I shared off line, I got a wow spanking with the brush this Sunday. I was really cranky, not feeling well and smart mouthed my wife. I was marched to the basement, bottom bared and spanked soundly with her brush. She is getting the hang of this big time. Amazing and the day was quiet and productive!

Great stuff.

Best regards and wishes


OnHerKnee said...


Sounds like there could be a constant glow about your job-jar.

Susan said...

I love reading about your relationship. Thank you for sharing.