August 29, 2010

Ebb and Flow

Yes, its been over a week since we last posted something.  It seems like my Muse sometimes overflows with ideas and sometimes goes through a 'dry spell'.  Well, today the Muse came up with an inspiration.   And I got spanked!

As indicated by the last two posts, I did earn a spanking for a previous event and it was finally delivered, although several days late.  Shortly after receiving a rather 'moderate' spanking about a week ago, I found myself needing something more.  This sometimes happens and I have written about this previously.

If you are familiar with our Notice of Discipline form, you may have noticed there is a box for 'maintenance'.  The form can be initiated by either Cora or myself for this specific issue.  Well a few days ago, I handed Cora a form with the box for maintenance, checked.  The discipline was scheduled for that afternoon.  However, I guess it did not register with Cora, as the time came and went and .... no spanking.

So, today while I was picking up the clutter generated over the weekend, I encountered this form.  It was next to the form which Cora had issued which was described in the August 17 post.  So, I placed the August 17 form on her desk, and thinking she had forgotten about the other form, placed it in our shredder.

So later, while I was doing a chore, Cora asked me, "What happened to the other form?"  I replied that I had shredded it. 

OK, I thought that was that.  However, a few minutes later, I was handed another form stating that I was to be spanked for shredding the previous form.  I guess I can't win!  (LOL). 

Now, often Cora will schedule a discipline session for the next day or so.  Not this time.  In the box for the scheduled time, she had entered, "NOW".  She then proceeded to march me over to our kitchen area table and instructed, "Drop your pants and bend over!"  Naturally I complied.  Once she had me right where she wanted me, she stepped over to her 'Rack' to select her first implement.

She then proceeded to use each and every one of the implements on her 'Rack';  all ten of them.  And this included her new Cocobolo and Bocote paddles.  For the first time.  Indeed, these are two very serious paddles, especially the Bocote paddle.  I described them in a post on August 10, and you may note that these two paddles are significantly heavier.  While she was taking the wood to me, I was wondering, "What was I thinking when I decided to make them?"  They are rather pretty ....  but pretty effective.

So I sit here (finally) writing this post with a very well paddled bottom.  I think I will be feeling it for some time to come!


Serving B said...

There's nothing quite so endearing and memory-generating than being given a very warm bottom by a lovely lady! I guess you had it coming Ken! Loved your post!

Weave said...

What a great picture... and use of ALL Her instruments! :)

Underling said...

Ken, it's been a good fortnight since I posted anything, so I'm making you look prolific by comparison. My excuse is that I'm working on something quite big, but still I feel bad.

Regarding the spanking you were waiting for, I hope you don't complain when they're 'late'. That way lies trouble. Regarding the spanking you GOT, ouchie!

Ron said...

Another nice apsnking from Cora, awesome.

Hey let's face it the wait is sometimes worse than the spanking....well maybe not worse but fun.

Be well