August 10, 2010

Out of the Workshop

It seems like I just can't make enough paddles and straps.  My most recent projects are three paddles.  I decided to use three 'exotic' woods: Cocobolo, Bocote and Purpleheart (yes another Purpleheart paddle).  I decided to make them in an assembly line process which saved some time in the set-up part of the process.  I also have obtained a narrower blade for my band saw (1/4 inch instead of 1/2 inch) which allowed me to make much more accurate and smoother cuts.

The above picture shows all three.  I used the same pattern for each, so they have an almost identical profile.  From top to bottom the first one is the Purpleheart, the second is the Cocobolo and the bottom is the Bocote paddle. They weigh 8.88 oz., 9.14 oz, and 10.44 oz. respectively.  It appears the Bocote paddle will have a considerable impact.  By the way, it was the purchase of the stock to make these paddles that Cora had some fun with the Woodworking store staff ("Impact Therapy Tools").

The last picture is a 'family portrait'.  I made all ten of the items in this picture.  From left to right they are:  Heavy Wooden Handled Strap, Wooden Handled Tawse, Medium Wooden Handled Strap, Leather Strap, Cocobolo Paddle, Bocote Paddle, Latest Purpleheart paddle, Cora's daughter's Purpleheart paddle and finally the very first paddle I made, also out of Purpleheart.  Sitting above the rack is Cora's Purpleheart Purse Paddle.


Anonymous said...


Your talents and your passion are amazing! What beautiful work! I love the exotic woods. I'll take wood burn to carpet burn any day! :)

Anonymous said...


You are a true artist! Bet these paddles will not sting half, but as ist's your bottom on the line I do not worry to much, lol. I really appreciate your blog, it's one of the few I check every morning.


Mitch said...

Great work! I'm sure your lady is quite pleased with the variety of implement she can use, and has no problem finding something appropriate for every occasion.

I have felt a solid cocobola paddle, and it is quite impressive. I can just imagine what a somewhat heavier/denser wood will yield.

Ron said...

That is great work Ken, wow and nice to know Cora is there to try them all out.

Love the portrait.



Maria said...

How hard was it to make those wooden handled straps? I have seen them on e-bay sold as Canadian prison straps. I read somewhere that they are really awful and men will cry in a minute from having that forceapplied to their tender buttocks. is that true? Should I buy one to keep Evan in line.... he should have something pretty evil to get him back on track with hs diet!

spankedbywife said...

There is some additional information about the strap in a post I made on March 4. It will also refer you to another forum and I have details as to its construction on that site. Its one of the FLR references at the right side of this blog.

You are correct in that I made this strap similar to some of the straps you have found on e-Bay, and some of them are referred to as 'Canadian Prison Straps'. You could have Evan make one for you as it is not difficult but you will need a source for the leather, which is almost 1/4 thick on the large strap. The smaller strap and the tawse/strap are thinner and only 2 inches wide. You may be able to find an old belt that could fill the bill.

Otherwise, I would recommend purchasing one from one of the on-line sources (or e-Bay). If you want further information, feel free to e-Mail me (the address is on my profile).

Good luck and I am sure Evan will be 'on track' soon and probably with a glowing bottom, too. Yes, applied with vigor the straps (or paddles for that matter), will reduce any of us naughty boys to tears, quickly.