August 20, 2010

Delays and Distractions

Well, I thought I would be reporting on the state of my behind as a result of the spanking from Cora that was scheduled a couple of days ago.  Instead, its been delayed.  On the evening of the scheduled spanking, we got caught up in the live coverage of the last combat troops leaving Iraq.  This history making event was just too interesting to pull away from.

Then last night, our friend Michelle had planned to visit us.  Shortly after her arrival, she and Cora decided to adjourn to Cora's closet so that Cora could share some of her wardrobe ideas with Michelle.  Well, after about 45 minutes of showing and telling, these two Ladies came down the stairs.  Wow!  I was in the presence of two absolutely beautiful Ladies. 

Its a good thing I wasn't spanked then and there, by both of them.  Or was it???


Ron said...


Wow, not sure what to answer, sitting here in NJ, man they are both beautiful and why would one not want to be over their laps? Not sure our bottoms will agree but I would be over their laps in an instance.

Thanks you both ladies, very hot.

Be well


Jayne said...


Well for me, its a wasted opportunity, I would have loved to take it in turns spanking you.

Take care.


Rachel said...

You missed out on the most exhilerating type of spanking: two beautiful women lovingly warming up your bottom. Using their hands and then an instrument what a variation you would have felt. I have had the privilege of this.

Anonymous said...

Being spanked by two women at the same time is a good way to be spanked. I think you missed a wonderful opportunity, but I'm sure you won't let that happen again.
I do know come October, I'll have the opportunity to try it again, as my wife and I are visiting friends in Mich, and I've already been forewarned.
Although my wife does a very fine job all by herself. But she enjoys the added help every so often. lol.


Anonymous said...


I think if you had time to take some photos, you probably had time to bend over and count to twenty...or

I wouldn't let an opportunity like that pass you by again. Not with such lovely ladies dressed like that!

spankedbywife said...

Its been fun to see the comments come so quickly and plentiful on this post. But to all my friends, let me assure you that had the opportunity presented itself, I would not have passed up being spanked by these two gorgeous Ladies. But after all, it is Cora's call. However, I am quite certain that I will have one of my all time fantisies fulfilled and experience a 'double lap' spanking from them.

And Jayne, even though I believe you are a long way from us, you would be invited any time to have a turn spanking me!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pic, regardless of what didn't happen! :)