August 7, 2010

Nu-West/Leda - Part Two - Leda Ladies

It appears there is a large amount of interest in Nu-West/Leda.  When Part One was posted we received several comments and e-Mails and we also had the highest volume of page load activity (hits) which exceeded 3,000. 

Before getting into the subject of 'Leda Ladies', I have some information to share.  Ed at Nu-West/Leda has invited me to announce that he will be publishing a series of 'Coffee Table Books' featuring their photographs.  He is not sure of the exact publication dates but expects that they will be available through bookstores both here and in Europe.  They should also be available on Amazon.

It appears that the first edition will address our favorite subject: "Leda Ladies - Women Who Spank and Discipline Their Men". The picture above features Leda Lady, Jodi Cline.  Thanks to Ed for allowing me to be the first to share this information.

Leda Ladies

As mentioned in the previous post, the reference to "Leda" first occurred when they announced their video, "Beatings '86".  Later the term "Leda Lady" was coined as a term to refer to the beautiful women depicted as disciplinarians of men.  The first reference to the term "Leda Ladies" I could find in my archives occurred in the September, 1994 issue of "The LedaGram".  In "Ma'am" number 7, published in October, 1994 opened with the following amazing description of a Leda Lady:

"Watch it America, a new breed of woman has arrived at your doorstep.  She's confident, capable, strong, healthy and in shape, and she's growing in numbers every day.

She knows your weaknesses and most important, she knows the power she has over you.  It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, big or small, a cop, college professor, plumber or four star Admiral.  If you're a submissive male, she knows how to get to your tail.

She's a Leda Lady"

"Ma'am" number 7 went on to describe a number of "Leda Ladies" who have been part of the Nu-West/Leda elite.  This included some of the Disciplinarian Goddesses such as Tessara, Brenda, Jennifer, Tanya, Kelli-Raye, Louise, Jeanette, Junie, Eve, Chelsea, Julia, Joanne, Karen, Vanna, Katie and Christine.  In "Ma'am" issue number 8 were added, Bonita, Debra, Mallory, Jamie, and even more.  I think you get the idea; these are awesome and beautiful women who would not hesitate in spanking your ass.  Hard!

The above picture depicts three beautiful and strict Leda Ladies, Debra, Julia and Vanna.  These are three of my favorites and Cora has found that watching videos of these ladies have assisted her in developing her own 'style'.  This picture (published with permission) is from the Nu-West/Leda video, "Girdle Spanking Mamas".  This DVD is included in our library and its one of our favorites.  The (lucky) guy gets spanked over the knees of all three of these Goddesses with hand, paddle and hairbrush.

In any event, a new 'standard' had been established and is reflected in the changes where more and more women were (and are) spanking their men.  In "Ma'am" number 8 (published in November, 1999), an article titled, "Husband Spanking - More and More Wives Are Doing It" was published. I have described my reasons for believing that today, the trend of  women spanking their men, is still on the rise.

Cora, Honorary 'Leda Lady'

I am not going to even hint that my own Lady, Cora would be able to stand up with the above list of Leda Ladies.  Or would she?  I had the pleasure of an exchange of e-Mails with Leon at Nu-West/Leda that began with sharing a picture of Cora on June 5, 2010.  It was one of the pictures from our May 25, 2010 'picture story'.  It portrayed Cora with her hairbrush held high ready to apply a firm swat to my bottom which was placed over her lap (its the picture shown above this paragraph).  The response I received was:

 The gal fits the description of Leda Lady to a "T"!

So while I wouldn't attach a label of an 'Official' Leda Lady to Cora, I think the term 'Honorary' Leda Lady does apply.


wdspoone said...

Hi Ken and Cora - Absolutely wonderful posts on Leda. Very interesting and informative. You put a lot of work into this and it is greatly appreciated. Cora is definitely a "Leda" lady as she looks the part (as you say) to a "T"

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Paddles and girdles go together. Neither are exclusive for either gender as far as we are concerned.

Underling said...

Oh my. As a HUGE Leda fan, this has me pretty excited, although I think in my house these would have to be bottom drawer rather than coffee table books - too many shockable friends and family members passing through! Thanks for the info - do let us know if the publishing dates get firmed up.

mysster said...

i give thanks to Cora each day.

Supreme Woman.

spankedbywife said...

Its good to see there are plenty of other fans of Nu-West/Leda. It was an honor to be granted permission to use their photographs and to make the announcement of their upcoming books.

I will pass on any further information I receive regarding their publication.

And as always, thanks for the kind words from all of you.

Ron said...

Great post and let's face it, Cora is right there as one of the sexiest laps around and we are all thankful for that, love the girdle and the brush! Ouch!!



Anonymous said...


I also received notice of his forthcoming book - told to keep an eye on Barnes and Noble. I first got wind of Leda when I found the Kinematics store in New York in the late 80's. I once met Stephanie Locke in person there. Ever since, I gathered a huge collection of his mags (Maam, Ledagram, Discipline Review, etc) along with many videos. I can hardly wait for the book to come out. Oh the stories to be told. I often wished I had been a video, especially with Julia or Debra. Keep up the good work.

Ron said...

Hey folks,

How sexy is Cora in that outfit holding that brush!! Amazing.