August 2, 2010

Cora's Back

Its been a long summer already.  With Cora nursing a sore shoulder, the energy level has been a bit off of the usual high passion level.  I have to admit that my own energy has been affected and that may explain the lack of posts to our blog.

However, today, Cora felt good enough to put on her new girdle (its been waiting for her to try it on for about three weeks), stockings and heels.  Over this foundation, she put on a pair of tight, light blue jeans.  I may be prejudiced, but she looked as hot as ever.  To quote ZZ Top, "I am a fool for her stockings, I believe".  And her nicely packed girdle, too.

I rather enjoyed following her in the store while shopping and I had to be careful to not run into other shoppers or the bins.  But I did enjoy her southward view of her northward motion.

Upon arriving back at home, we unpacked groceries, let the dogs out and opened the bar for our evening cocktails.  I began tucking in my shirt and had unzipped my pants in order to accomplish this task.

It was at this time that Cora directed me, "Don't pull those pants up!"  Instead, she led me (pants at half-mast) over to table.  "Bend Over!", she further directed.  This was followed by a number of swats with three of her paddles.

It was obvious that her shoulder was working just fine.  However, not being spanked for several weeks had left my ability to take my usual paddling was definetely dimished.  Wow, did those strokes of her paddle sting!  But getting a paddling from this Girdled Goddess was,  ....  well,   .... like coming home!  I don't think I will ever tire of being spanked by her.

I do wish to thank all of you who have left comments or sent e-Mails of encouragement for Cora's recovery (they all helped).  And another milestone for the group: 50 Followers!  Thanks to all who have signed up.  Its very encouraging and I hope to follow up this post with several more (I even have one in draft form).

And finally, we have almost hit 150,000 hits (149,022 at last count).  Again, thanks to all of you who have kept up, even though I have not kept up.  With some encouragement from Cora's paddles, perhaps we will be turning that trend around.


Alan said...

Nice to see Cora back in action Ken,Welcome back to you both


Anonymous said...


It may be a coincidence, but my wife is also back to action since yesterday. There was nothing wrong with her shoulder though, but the weather here was simply too hot for any (spanking) activities (she likes - or rather I like her - to dress in leather and boots when spanking me.

So my last spanking took place in mid June. I must have forgotten what spankings are like, but she had me soon squirming and - well not howling - but yelping.

I received a total of 175 swats and she used a riding crop, a cane, the bath brush, a leather strap and both our sjamboks. She really put a lot of muscle into her swats and she promised more of the same next Saturday.

So there's at least two happy spanked hubbies around now!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to you both, Ken! And congratulations on the success of your blog. Much deserved! It's as real and pleasant a read as anyone will find!
Be well,

mysster said...

my thoughts and good wishes for Cora's return have never left. very glad to see her back forceful, muscular, girdled.

marvelous Woman!

Ron said...

Welcome back to the most sex and wonderful lap, nice to Cora back in the game and that your bottom is paying for it.

You two have inspired us and nice to see and read Cora is back.



colwj33 said...

I am a 54 year old male Cora has got to be the best lady in the world your a lucky man as you have stated
Ron looks like he got him self a real nice wife all his work paid off way to go Ron
keep it going your great

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to have Cora punish ME for my panty stealing...! :)