August 17, 2010

In Trouble - Again!

One of the blogs I am honored to share with the followers of our blog is 'Underling's Humblings'.  You will find it listed along the right side of our blog.  The latest post (as of August 17, 2010) features his latest drawing.  For the past few weeks he has solicited input from the followers of his blog and planned to compose a drawing from the results.  And the result is very, very good.  I had the pleasure of making a few suggestions and in his post, he said that some of the 'glamorous lingerie' was in honor of Cora.  If you haven't seen this wonderful work of art, I would suggest making a visit to his blog and check it out.

Well, in my enthusiam to share his post with Cora, I disconnected our laptop from the power and set the computer on our kitchen counter.  Big mistake!

Cora was preparing to return some merchandise (she loves to shop both 'on-line' and through the many, many catalogs she receives in the mail).  She had two packages spread over the counter with the return labels, invoices and a whole bunch of other papers layed out.  I am sure that she had things organized just the way she wanted.  However, I was not aware of her sorting system.  I didn't realize it, but I set the computer on one of the return labels.

Shortly after I set the computer on the counter, Cora discovered that she was missing the return label.  She began to engage in an all out search which rivaled an FBI dragnet.  I joined her in her search and began to extend the dragnet to the upstairs area.  Finally, I heard her call, 'Ken, come here.  NOW"!

The look on her face told me I was in trouble.  In her own search of the counter, she lifted the laptop and promptly found the missing document.  Then she proceeded to issue a document of her own: one of those little 'Notices of Disipline' slips.  Here she is filling it out.

I compose this post convicted of 'Lack of Responsibility' and the sentence is to be carried out tomorrow evening.  I am to receive a 'moderate' spanking for my crime. 

Of course, she is right and I gladly respect her decision and will happily report for my spanking tomorrow evening.  What is special about this process is that the mistake has been identified, appropriate action has been set in motion and most of all, she feels vindicated and forgiveness is already happening.  Oh how I LOVE this woman!

Note: Yes, the pictures of Cora are of her wearing a panty girdle and yes, I love it when she does.  She was preparing for me to take her to lunch when the above incident occurred and was not finished dressing.  (Did I mention how much I LOVE this woman?)


Ron said...

Ken and Cora,

Well my friend, am surprised it is only a mild spanking but one well deserved and earned, enjoy the spanking from your beautiful lap and lady.

You two are the best, thanks and Cora, spank him well for us.

Love you two


Anonymous said...

Ooh... I know that "look"!!
Love Her showing you your Notice... and how sexy She looks! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a few days and you re doing a great job. I loved the photo story. My wife and I are similar in age to you and Cora and we have similar interests.

I also remember some of the early spanking publcations you mention such as Maam. I still see some pictures from Maam on the web occasionally.

Thanks. hub01

Underling said...

Ken, what a lovely post - this made me laugh so much.

I love the 're-enactment' pictures, especially the one of Cora holding the offending document with all her 'toys' in the background. She really is the picture of a gorgeous, stern disciplinarian.
You're very lucky to have her, and it's clear from your posts that you appreciate that.

Best wishes to both of you.