August 11, 2010

Ron's Story - A Follow Up

First, an announcement.  Most of you know that I like to illustrate our blog posts with our own photographs.  I have been blessed with the OK from the good people at Nu-West/Leda in recent posts to use their photographs, but this is an exception.  Now, I can announce that I have access to a very talented artist who will be providing illustrations to go along with posts for which I don't have access to photographs.

Oh, by the way, this newly found talent just happens to be Cora!  She has not done drawing for several years, but finally became inspired.  Her first work in included in Ron's story.  (Thanks, Ron for helping to inspire her!)

In July, I posted a two part post about Ron (July 9 and July 11, 2010).  Ron's story was particularly interesting as it described a man who had been trying to get his wife to adopt the Female Led Relationship lifestyle, including spankings as consequences for mis-behavior.  Ron seemed to be similar to so many men who have tried to get their wives to spank them, but with unsuccessful results.  Usually this leaves a very frustrated man.  However, in Ron's case he kept trying, inspired in part by the descriptions of Cora and I in this blog.

Ron provided a follow up in an e-Mail he sent on July 18, where he described a rather severe spanking that his wife administered to him the day before.  Ron was ecstatic with the joy of his wife 'taking charge' and spanking him hard.  Ron had expressed concern that she would hesitate to administer a 'good, hard' spanking.  However, it did not take long for his wife to quickly adopt the role of a strict wife.

To set up what happened, Ron had received some initial spankings from his wife, as described in the previous posts.  Ron and his wife attended a concert and (like most of us men) was having fun checking out the other women in attendance, and for Ron, checking out glimpses of their panties.

Ron travels for his job and he and his wife exchange text messages.  Ron shared the following exchange (as before, I will show Ron's words in bold italics):

Just got in from a long evening with my client but received a text from my wife: " you better be on best behaviour, but either way you will get your first FLR punishment spanking very soon" She finished with " thank you for loving me so much to allow me to spank you". I responded that she always turns me on! Her response, " I will be turning you over my knee real soon, sleep well knowing soon you will be spanked again"

A later exchange went as follows:

Had fun on our date at the concert. She sent me two text messages with threats of a spanking if I did not stop checking out the ladies panties and butts!!!

Finally on July 18, 2010 I received the following e-Mail from Ron.  Note that Ron and his wife have enhanced the 'Notice of Discipline' - Ron's wife fills it out in red ink when he is to be truly punished:

Well we went to the beach and had a nice day.  After returning home we found ourselves alone as our children had left to hang out with friends. I showered, came out in my usual summer white underpants and t shirt. There was a Notice of Discipline laid on my shorts, simple and in red. "Report to the basement now, no shorts, lock the door and if the color is not green, just simply blink the lights". Well my heart was beating and I could not breathe. The Notice ended with in caps, NOW. The reason, my continued panty peek episodes at the concert.

Well I practically ran down the stairs, gave the pup a treat and then slowly walked down the basement stairs. My wife, in the half slip and a bra, was sitting in the chair, in the middle of the room with the fanny paddle. She told me to come over here and I did. She scolded me severely for the panty peeking, did not yell, was awesome.

She whisked down my white underpants and practically tossed me over her lap, and I was in heaven. She moved me around and lowered my head to the ground more so my bottom was up on her lap. She slowly lifted the tail of my shirt off my bottom. No warm up, nothing, she started to spank fast and I mean fast and very hard with the fanny paddle. I was yelping by the third spank, she spanked non stop for I have no idea how long, I was lost over her lap draped in the slip she was wearing. I was moving and legs kicking; she really spanked me.

I was in the total zone when it suddenly stopped and she rubbed my bottom while still scolding me about the panty peaks. I was so lost. Well not sure what she said but she moved my higher on her lap, I had a hold of her ankle the entire time, she loves that by the way, and she then proceed to spank me with her hand, sit spot, thighs and bottom until I almost cried, it was really hard. Seemed from my pain, that it was hours but she admitted that it was 2 minutes of non stop, full swing OTK hand spanking.

When she was done, no rubbing, I was sent to the corner and she left. I touched my bottom and swear it was swollen, it stung, hurt and was on fire. Was terrific. After about 5 minutes she told me to come up, I did and at the top of the stairs, she was now dressed, we hugged, and I was sent up to our room to clean up and get ready for dinner.

I can't sit today, it was an incredibly hard spanking, loved it.

My thanks to Ron and his wife for sharing this wonderful story.  And, as it turns out, Ron appears to be in trouble again and it looks like he is in for another session over his wife's lap for another very hard spanking.  It seems as though Ron's wife has caught him once again peeking at other Ladies panties. (But then I have to admit that I look, too).

Here is a message I received on Friday:

Want to share text messages from my wife today.

First one, tells me at 9am tomorrow, Saturday, I am to go take my morning shower. When done I am to put on white underpants and a particular golf shirt. I am to wait until I hear a knock on the bathroom door. I am to wait no more than 2 minutes and then go immediately down to the basement and stand in the corner and wait for her.

Second note said kids are both working tomorrow till noon or so and there will be some instructions for me to follow in the basement

Third note said there will be a surprise waiting.

Next note said, " tomorrow you will receive the hardest punishment spanking on your bare bottom that you have ever had for your panty peeking.

Oh my, I am wondering what I have gotten myself into tomorrow but this is so exciting and yes scary. She is awesome and I love it.

Ron has shared what happened and I will share it in a later post.


Serving B said...

Thank you for sharing more of Ron's story. You have been a very good friend to Ron by supporting him in the process of obtaining what he thought he might always enjoy. You are a good man!

spankedbywife said...

Serving B-
Wow, thanks for the very kind words.

I think the thing that makes Ron's story so special is the way he never gave up and was finally able to get his wife to realize the benefits of a FLR from a loving relationship point of view. This is the reason I have shared so much of Ron's story. Ron has written some very excellant descriptions and I believe is an inspiration to many couples who have yet to dip their toes into the sea of FLR.

And, I say to those couples, "Come on in and join us; the water's fine"!

Weave said...

New reader... but hoping to be spanked more by my Wife for my misdeeds.
And yep, panty peeking is definitely one of my problems!
This is great! More research to do.. my, I'm tenting my Wife's panties now... if only I could get her to spank me more... looks like I may have found a new way, lol! :)

Ron said...

Serving B, yes you are right, Ken is a good man and a true friend. He and Cora have helped me through all of this process and for it all, we have a better, or should I say wonderful marriage now, Ken took my through a path that he knew. He took my love for my wife and well just held my hand. He is a terrific person and Cora, well she is amazing, all along she was there helping and making suggestions! What a couple these two are.

Cora, amazing drawings, I love them, thank you and I will be sharing them with my wife. You are the best.

Weave, all I can tell you is go slowly and don't press the issue, my wife resisted for over 30 years and now she can't wait to redden my bottom. Be kind and considerate and if she is willing, just go slow. It can work and when it does, wow!!

Thanks to Ken and Cora for the inspiration and love.