August 5, 2010

Caught - And Spanked!

On August 3, 2010 I described being issued a Notice of Discipline by Cora for 'panty stealing'.  As I have indicated in the past, this is a 'game' we play and a way to 'ask' for a spanking without actually asking.  I was to be 'severely' spanked this afternoon.

After a day of enjoying some of Cora's culinary arts (an amazing omelet) then some movies (did you know there is spanking in the Disney movie, "Dumbo"?), I reported to Cora in our bedroom at about 3PM.  I presented the Notice of Discipline to Cora and announced that I was ready to be disciplined.  Cora then set up her OTK implements (small paddle, Purpleheart purse paddle, SMTR paddle, Ferule and her hairbrush) on the bed for easy access.  She then called me to the foot of the bed as she positioned herself.

Over her lap I went.  However, Cora asked me to put the DWC video on the TV as she wanted to review how Dana Specht positioned her naughty boy in the video (See post of July 2, 2010).  Yes, its been over a month since I was last over Cora's lap.

Cora requested I turn off the sound to the video and turn on one of the local 'Classic Rock' stations (she likes to spank to music). Once Cora had reviewed the position she likes best (see attached picture), she proceeded to spank.

Now, the Notice of Discipline indicated that I was to receive 100 swats total (25 per panty stolen).  However, any consideration of counting was soon out the window as Cora began to time the strokes of her implements with the beat of the music (beat to the beat!). 

The songs that came up were, "Do Wa Diddy", "Under My Thumb", "Jet", "Dreams" and finally "Jive Talkin'".  If you look up the time of each song you will find that the total time of the five songs is 17 minutes, 57 seconds.  And I am sure that if you add up the downbeats of each song (or in the case of the last song, all the beats), the count will probably result in the hundreds.

Cora was really getting into the music and would change out her implements in order to change the cadence and generate different impact sounds.  Now, Cora is a very artistic Lady and her art was becoming very apparent on her 'canvass' (my bottom!).  During the last song ("Jive Talkin") Cora decided to exclusively use her small paddle (its the one she is holding in the adjacent picrure).  Now, its probably the lightest paddle in her bedroom arsenal, but 4 spanks to the bar can really add up.  And she was really enjoying the smacking sound and was applying the paddle with a great amount of enthusiasm.  (I am still looking forward to the day I can make some videos and will be able to share the sounds I hear when being paddled by Cora).

Finally, Cora stopped.  We were both exhausted.  Cora felt fantastic and shared that 1). Her shoulder was fine and 2). She really missed spanking me.  As was the specification on the Notice of Discipline, I did receive a 'Severe' spanking.  Our definition of a 'Severe' spanking is one that results in her blistering my bottom.  I can share with you that there was a definite observation of  'Leather Butt' along with some 'weeping' from the blisters. And today, (the day after I was spanked), I am sporting some serious bruises and other evidence that she really 'blistered' me.  Its the most severe spanking that she has ever given and shows that she is no longer reluctant to spank me hard.  And the look on Cora's face in the last picture clearly shows a happy and satisfied Lady.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a thrill to read!! And what good news to hear that Cora is back at the top of her game, much to the demise of your behind, my friend! Thank you for sharing the good news. Much happiness to the both of you!

Ah...purpleheart = purplebottom!

Be well my friend.

Rachel said...

I have to find a better reason for spanking my husband, as I keep in panties at all times. I spank him because it makes him more romantic.

Ron said...


Great write up and story, awesome and I bet you felt like a million dollars over her lap. Excellent, nice seeing you back where you belong.

Cora, wonderful spanking and to music, very hot. Happy return of a beautiful and loving lap. Nice spanking.

Not nit picking here but Ken I thought I read spankings were going to be on the panties you stole! LOL.

You two are wonderful and thanks for the inspiration. I am getting spanked tomorrow morning for peaking at some ladies panties at a John Mayer concert this week!

Love you two


spankedbywife said...

As you all know, we celebrate all the comments we get on our posts. The outpouring of concern for Cora while she was recovering from her shoulder issue was touching. Thanks.

Serving B, let me assue you that not only is Cora on top of her game, she actually pushed it a bit. Quite a bit, actually!

Rachel, I know you are a very creative woman and I have no doubt that you can easily find reasons to spank AJ. Even if its 'just because you want to'! And I think it would be great if Cora kept me in panties too. But its just not her 'thing'.

Ron, I will refer you to the above response regarding the mis-understanding of whether or not Cora was going to have me wear her panties.

Also, we will be most interested in the results of your promised spanking. I still plan to post a description of your last serious spanking. Your description is too good to no share. It should be coming sometime next week.


mysster said...

i absolutely adore Cora's vigor and enthusiasm. She's taken the Lead.

(who takes the photos of you both?)

Anonymous said...

Older women (over 30) are the best at spanking men because they have a lot of experience at it. My wife has me over her knee when ever she wants.


Ron said...


Well let's put it this way, I was spanked four minutes with the fanny paddle, four with the bath brush and two with her hand. Still four days later am sore and trouble sitting.

Thanks to you and Cora.