December 20, 2010

Spanking as Stress Relief

If you have noticed that we haven't posted much lately, its because we have had some of those 'distractions'.  Last week resulted in the conclusion of several of these events.  This included appointments with physicians, Cora studying for an examination and my own participation in a jury trial.  Even though I have been 'retired' for over a year, I was still dragged into court to explain some of my actions in defense of my former employer.  The result was victory for my employer and the outcome was a proper judgement.  'Nuff said.

However, these events left both Cora and I emotionally exhausted.  We both had invested lots of our time resources into our efforts.  Whew!

All this was concluded a week ago Friday.  Then on the following Sunday while I was dressing for the day, Cora summoned me to her and took me over her knee and proceeded to unload her bedroom 'Rack' on my bare bottom.
She used all her implements and soon my bottom was nice and red.  Of course, I was burning up but the sensation was most welcome.  And spontaneous spankings are probably the best.

Afterwards we discussed what happened.  Cora's reaction was of much relief and release.  She said she felt like a burden had been lifted from her.  She also came to the realization, perhaps for the first time, that administering a spanking is great stress relief for her. And it goes without saying that it is a fabulous release for my own stress.  There is something about that 'afterglow' feeling. 


Anonymous said...

For me, the very best stress relief is found in receiving a well administered spanking. Happy holidays to you both.

Dana said...

I think we have all been a bit quiet lately, it seems to be busy with the Holidays, work etc, etc. I know that I am always happier when I get a good bottom warming and what a relief.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That last picture is the best!!! :D :D