October 28, 2012

Ed Lee of Nu-West/Leda Announces Retirement

One of the turning points in my interests in Dominant Women and my interests in being spanked by them was when I discovered Nu-West.  Originally, I found them in an advertisement in some magazine I had purchased but that advertisement really caught my attention.
So, I sent my $5.00 for their catalog.  When it came in the mail I knew that I have found something great.  Really great!  The catalog (I still have it) featured Photo Sets, Audio Cassettes, Super-8 Film, Hairbrushes, Canes, some Publications and Video Tape.  There isn't a date in the first catalog I have (#4) but the subsequent catalog shows a copyright date of 1983, so I am guessing my first catalog came out in about 1982. 

The material featured mostly women getting spanked by either men or women but there were a few items that featured men getting spanked by women.  I felt like I found the 'Mother Lode' (and this Mother spanked men, too)!

I can't understate my opinion of the revolution that Nu-West represented.  This was the first 'serious' production of material that featured 'real' people.  Prior to that what was available seemed to be more directed toward the 'Leather Crowd' or whip wielding Dungeon Queens.  Now, I have nothing against that kind of material (I have purchased my share over the years, especially in the 70's) but now there was something that really resonated with my own interests.

Some of the first things I purchased were a Super-8 film titled, 'Spanked Males', and copies of  'The Complete Guide To Home Discipline and Petticoat Punishment' and 'Issue No. One - Unpublished Photos of Nu-West'.  I still have all of these items and keep them stored safe in a trunk.

In 1986, a flyer was received announcing a brand new video tape, 'Beatings '86'.  This tape featured seven lovely ladies spanking men.  The back of the flyer indicated that 'Leda Productions' had produced it.  The back page featured a lady seated wearing a panty girdle, heels and holding a hairbrush (similar to the picture of Cora, here).

Naturally I purchased the tape.  It was awesome!  Guys getting spanked by women that looked like they could be your next door neighbor.  It ran an hour and I watched it many times.

The next year saw the first publication of 'Ma'am', a non-periodical magazine that featured high quality pictures and articles featuring women spanking men.  Again, the women depicted were 'real' women who happened to like spanking naughty men.  This was to be followed by seven more issues over the years.  My collection includes all except issue number 6.  (Anyone have a copy they would be willing to part with?)

Then in 1990, the first copy of the 'LedaGram' was published.  This was a monthly publication of the wonderful women from Leda (later know as 'Leda Ladies), along with articles and announcements of more videos.  There were some letters featured and much to my surprise, one of mine appeared.

In March of last year, Ed Lee, the creator of Nu-West/Leda allowed us to announce his latest publication, 'Leda Ladies, Book One'.  This was followed up by a post after receiving our copy in June.  I must say that it was truly an honor to be the first to announce this publication.  We experienced our all time record number of hits on the blog for those two posts.  By the way, its still available on Amazon.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have been able to purchase many of the items produced by Nu-West/Leda and will continue to treasure them all.  Cora will be continuing to set my bottom on fire by some of the Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes we have in our collection and our 'Spencer Paddle' is a favorite of both Cora and myself.  Oh to hear its whistle just before it impacts. 

So it came as a surprise to see Ed Lee announcing that he was going to retire effective November 1, 2012.  You can find more details at the Nu-West/Leda website.  Part of me feels saddened as a result of Ed's retirement and I know that many of our readers will also feel the same, but I know what my own retirement means to Cora and I.  So, Ed, if you are reading this, Cora and I wish you all the best in a long and satisfying retirement.  You earned it! 


Anonymous said...

Ken, Thanks for all your posts....they're great!

I can help you out with issue 6.



Njspank said...

I always felt he and Eve Howard of Shadow Lane, made our scene will amazing. Big loss but happy for Ed that he is retiring.

By the by, as we face the wrath of Sandy, I handed in a "report" about some of my misdoings and with some luck by light or candle light I may be spanked!

Kindest regards and thanks

Anonymous said...


Thank you for reminding me of "the good old days." It does seem like only yesterday that I saw "Beatings 86," read my first issue of The Ledagram, and so on.

Good luck to Ed Lee in his retirement.


Njspank said...

Ken and Cora,

And now Audrey Knight is retiring, thank goodness for lovely ladies like Dana Kane to move into their places; hope you are well.


Vanessa Chaland said...

Interesting thing.....I came across his productions many years ago through an odd circumstance which I will not bore you with. My point is it was an eye opening revelation....I never knew people had the thoughts, ideas and lifestyles that his company displayed. Anyhow, I have a bunch of his mags and videos that I haven't even thought of for maybe 10 years or so, guess I might dig them out someday.
He truly was one of the main trendsetters.