September 17, 2013

Its Been a While! - Revisited

OK, I know that its been about a month and a half since our last post.  The expectation of a discipline session as indicated in our last post, just 'fizzled'.

Thanks to those who checked in wondering if we were OK.  What has been happening is that our life has taken more of a 'mundane' direction.   Nothing bad, just working on building new fences, removing shrubs (including digging out stumps), being involved with a very non-FLR organization and also getting prepared for our holiday light display, something taking lots and lots of time resources.  Oh, and I have been working on keeping up with the production of the paddles for Ms. Dana Specht, but that will be the subject of another post which will be published later.

So, I didn't figure those who read our blog looking for FLR information would be much interested in what we have been up to.  Our energies have diverged from the kinds of FLR activities we have been describing here for several years.

At least until two days ago.

Often Cora and I take a nap in the early afternoon.  Sunday was no exception.  I had planned to make my famous Chile which takes at least 3 hours and figured if I got started at about 4PM, I would be on schedule for it to be finished around 7PM or so.  We rose from our nap about 3PM, so I figured we had at least an hour. 

James, over at his 'Spanked Male' blog seems to have been also posting infrequently.  But I have also not been keeping up with my favorite blogs of which 'Spanked Male' is one.  So I found that he had posted something on July 12 (Reminiscing) that really caught my attention.  It described a past visit to a lady ('S') where he got spanked and pegged.  I read this post just a few days ago and it, well stuck in my mind.
So getting up from our nap, I suggested to Cora that she dig out her harness and 'tools'.
Its something that we had done in the past but I can't even remember when.  We did a little fun photography during the holiday season in 2011 but that'sthe last time she has worn her 'equipment' and it was just for the photos.
Lately Cora has not been very active in going into her Dominant Female role, probably for the same reasons I have been neglecting posting here.  Just too many distractions.
So it came as a major surprise when she said, "OK". 
Wow!  So off she went and dug our her harness and associated 'equipment'.  She first took me over her lap and spanked me with one of her hairbrushes and small paddle that hang from her bedroom rack. 
Then I heard, "Bend Over!" 
She then proceeded to 'take me' and it went on until she was physically exhausted. 

I know there is lots of controversy about being pegged but for me its one of those 'erotic acts of my submission' to Cora and I know that she finds it erotic, too but in the sense of her domination of me.  Overall its a fulfillment of an erotic fantasy for both of us.  And if your are familiar with our Notice of Discipline, 'Pegging' is one of the check boxes under the 'Discipline Recommendation' area.

After we came back down to earth I proceeded with my Chile ritual (its really more of a ritual than a cooking process).  Since the first part mostly involves cooking down the beans that had been soaking since the previous day, I though I'd dig out our video, 'Bend Over Boyfriend'.  This gem describes the pegging process in very objective terms, gives examples and does so with a great deal of humor.  If this subject is of interest, I would highly recommend the video even though its now 15 years old.

During part of the video, Carol Queen describes some of the harnesses and 'tools'.  One of them was called the 'Treasure Chest' and featured a built in vibrator which was connected to a separate battery pack, probably a pair of AA batteries.  Cora immediately said, "I want one of those!" 

Well, when Cora expresses a desire for something, I usually jump in with both feet to find it.  Its a good way for me to rack up 'points'.  Well, sadly I don't think the 'Treasure Chest' is made any more.  Probably a function of an upgrade in technology where small vibrators with built-in battery packs have replaced the old ones.   However, there are alternatives.

One of the benefits of living in Seattle is having one of the 'Toys in Babeland' stores.  The Seattle store was the original and they now have stores in several other cities.  As it turns out they are celebrating their 20th anniversary just this week.  Cora bought her harness at that store several years ago and the staff was Very helpful in getting the 'Perfect Harness' selected.  She still finds it comfortable, easy to put on and, well, fun to use.

So today, off we went to 'Babeland' to check out there selection of 'Power Tools'.  That trip was indeed quite an adventure and rather than make this post longer, I'll post a part II in a day or two.  Let me just say that the folks at Babeland are still awesome, helpful and friendly and the provide a very comfortable environment, especially for women.  We highly recommend them, either in person or on line.
More to come.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are posting and everything is fine in your world.
I always enjoy your blog.

Njspank said...

Good lord, you two continue to amaze, Cora is so beautiful and with her toy and levels, thank you for of the sexiest posts ever.