September 28, 2016

The 'Famous' OTK Spanking Paddle

The above photo of the lovely Ms. Dana Specht appeared on Tumblr recently.  It inspired me to compose a short post as the paddle is a copy of the Nu-West OTK Spanking Paddle.  Oh, and I'm sure some of you know that the 'Signature' paddle was a product of my very own wood shop.  They have been out of production for a while but I'm very proud to provide Ms. Specht a supply which she sold from her website.  Perhaps some of you have gotten your own bottoms warmed by one of them.

The OTK Spanking Paddle is also one of Cora's favorites, too.  She has no less than three of them ready to put into action at a moment's notice.

Indeed, I do have first 'hand' experience with how these little paddles can produce a very intense sting. 

Its been several months since our last post.  We have received a few notes wondering what has happened to us.  For the most part things here, are fine and Cora and I are healthy and doing well.  And just like all of us we've had our ups and downs, ebbs and flows as part of everyday life.  We did loose one of our precious pups just a month ago.  She was just shy of her fourteenth birthday but she gave us ten years of joy.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Pleased to hear you are both well. I am sure you are now busy with Christmas lights.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ken and Lady Cora: A paddle is dandy, but a ladies hairbrush is always handy. And in my opinion, she can never have too many. I have been fascinated by the thought of being pulled over an angry ladies lap ever since I saw Lady Cora's fantastic initial hairbrush video. Afterall, she promised to be "gentle".Therefore, I would welcome the opportunity to perform a quantitative analysis of Lady Cora's hairbrush arsenal. Regards, Jonathan

Anonymous said...

You seem like a good guy Ken...but I think Cora should light up your fanny FAR more frequently.

Martin said...

Hope you stay on line Ken. Cora's girdles and your spankings are delighful!

Njspank said...

You have the lovely Cora but I would just cherish a trip over the lap of Ms Specht she is classic.