December 23, 2016

Spanked (Finally)!

Well its only been two days since we broke our silence with a post and we've already had five comments to our most recent post.  Thanks to our readers for not giving up on us.

Now that our light show is up and running almost on auto-pilot we've got some time that we can dedicate for other things.  (Oh, and Ms. Vanessa- Yes we have a lot of lights but if you want to see some 'mega' light shows, check out 'The Great Christmas Light Fight' on ABC on Monday at 8:00PM. A recent display featured 1,000,000 lights!)

As mentioned in our previous post, one of our readers who hosts the blog 'Our Bottoms Burn' mentioned that he signals his wife his desire for a spanking by wearing red panties.  I'm not sure but it may work both ways for them and he left a comment that he would post about 'Red Panty Days soon'.  We will definitely be looking forward to that post and any details.

I'm still amazed at the volume of material I see on the internet regarding men who are spanked by their Ladies and the connection with panties.  Often the choice to be in panties is from the wives or girlfriends (actually it seems mostly not really a choice).  But many of us (myself included) have found that its just more fun to wear panties.  For those that wear them, you know what I mean; for those that don't, you don't know what you're missing.  Archedone's left a comment that he is often 'warmed up' while wearing panties, then they are peeled down for the finale.  He also said that "when that is all I have on R (his wife)  always has a big smile looking at me". 

Well, I think its been no secret that I have converted to wearing panties almost exclusively for almost two years now.  In fact I got inspired yesterday and ordered almost a dozen new ones from 'HerRoom' one of the many vendors of ladies underwear and one of our favorite places to make purchases. 

And speaking of inspiration, Cora mentioned that my posting two days ago may inspire her.  So, knowing her preferences, yesterday morning the panties I selected were in what I know to be her favorite color.  My early morning routine includes taking our dogs outside for their morning 'business'.  Of course that means wearing something over my panties so Cora did not know what was underneath.

After bringing our pups inside my next priority is to prepare Cora's morning espresso beverage.  While grinding the coffee beans and warming up the machine I mentioned the comment about the red panty signal. I then asked her what color panties she would prefer for me to wear as a signal to her that I would open to getting spanked.  She replied, "Blue".  I then removed my outer covering to reveal that I was wearing blue panties.

So, this morning I again chose blue panties hoping she'd pick up on the signal.  She did!

After preparing her second cup of her espresso beverage she told me to bend over the table and selected the leather paddle from her rack.  Yes, Cora's rack still graces our kitchen area although I think its collecting a fair amount of dust.

Cora Reaching for Her Favorite Leather Paddle
The leather paddle is one of her favorites and rather than just deliver a few 'token' swats she delivered a rather significant dose of 'Discipline - Cora style'. 

We haven't done much photography dealing with our FLR lifestyle but I did pull out the camera and Cora snapped a couple of shots, above showing my new blue panties (I think this is the first photo of my new panty collection) followed by the one below showing the results from Cora's paddling.

I mentioned above that I had made a purchase of additional panties and I'm sure you can guess which color I chose for many of them.  By the way, do you know how difficult it is to find blue panties?

And finally while Cora was photographing the above, her keen sense of humor emerged and she told me not to get up.  Soon I felt something on my back and she took another photo. 

So in the spirit of the season Olaf (from the movie Frozen) wishes everyone Happy Holidays as do Cora and I.


Anonymous said...

And a bleated Merry Christmas to sby and Lady Cora. I think more men are wearing panties than we know. Maybe they are too shy to say. Thank you for the mention and either Red or White panties tell R I need spanking.

Anonymous said...

I rarely comment on any blogs while reading quite a few ( I know I should be spanked) But the comment on panties motivates me to respond. I have been spanked by probably a dozen women over my life including my ex wife and her sister and am now in my 60's. One thing constant in all these relationships except for the very short ones was the lady in question always required me to wear a pair of panty's , sometimes before the spanking or sometimes after. But they all did so. The only exception were one or two women who only spanked me two or three times. From this I conclude women like men in panties at least men who they discipline My reaction to wearing them has varied some from woman to woman but basically they reinforce who is in charge and deepen the shaming effects of being spanked. One woman who I asked why she used them told me they just make men easier to manage.

Anonymous said...

Always nice to read a post from you guys, It seems that there has been a slip in the request forms , I would think that at least every 7 days there would be a request form submitted and if there were not, then that would indicate the need for a notice of action and if this situation repeated itself then perhaps further actions beyond that,
Have you ever tried shopping at Wal mart? you might be surprised!

Njspank said...

Again panties and spankings are the best. You two are amazing.