February 1, 2011

Spanking and Pain

I went to the dentist yesterday.  It was necessary to replace a crown and the appointment was for the preparation.  Sitting in the chair, I found it more pleasant if I let my mind wander to thoughts of my Lady and her spanking me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the strides of modern dentistry.  And I finally figured out that its much less painful if the dentist if female.  Being hovered over by two delightful women (the dental assistant is also female), isn't all that bad.  Then there is the aspect of being 'under their power'.  Its not exactly a 'sexual' thing but I think you know what I mean.  Oh, and by the way, my dentist is a really nice woman and is one of the more gentler dentists I have had experience with.

However, much of what happens during one of these processes hurts.  I especially hate the 'needle' when being given anaesthetic.  And after a while, holding ones mouth open can get painful, too.  And when the anaesthetic wears off....  Well, its nice that there are pain meds.  (BTW, I am composing this prior to taking some as I remember the disaster that occurred with one of my September posts that was made while under the influence of the pain meds).
So why is it that the pain is different when I am spanked?  I can't answer that, other than there is sexual energy flowing like crazy.  And I know that many of the men who either blog or keep in touch through e-Mail, have different aspects about being spanked by their ladies.  Many speak of the 'excitement' both before and after a spanking, but hate the actual spanking, itself.  On the other hand, I rather enjoy the process of submitting to my Lady, presenting my bottom for chastisement and letting her wail away at me.  I find that if I concentrate on my breathing, things can actually be pleasant (unless, of course, I am being spanked as a result of displeasing Cora).  Especially when I reach that 'plateau' when the endorphins kick in.

(Hmmm, now just where did I put those 'Request For Discipline' forms?)


Njspank said...

Ken and Cora,

God just love those pictures of you over Cora's lovely lap and her with that brush,wow.

Nice post and I love your thoughts. I agree 100% but I must say I am most times very nervous about the spanking but yes, love that zone and the feelings inside me and on my bottom. Love being spanked and love spanking but wow, great thoughts.

FYI, I did get my final Request for Discipline from the holidays, wow and she made it count. Long otk hand and hairbrush, half hour corner and then another finishing with her hand. She made use of our free time and well yes, nice session followed, made the Super Bowl and our party a lot more fun.

Thanks as always, best site going and a very hot lap you are married to!!!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Oh, geez... what a lovely red butt.. love Cora's face and attitude.
Ah, the "afterglow" as you call it! :)

spankedbywife said...

Always good to hear from you and happy to hear you got through your 'backlog'.

Cora is such a dream to photograph. Her inner actress comes out so well, as you and others have kindly pointed out.

And yes, I am sporting a red bottom similar to the one shown in this post. And yes, the 'afterglow is awesome'.

Thanks to all for the kind words.
Ken and Cora