February 26, 2011

Cora Got 'Serious' Last Night

I got paddled last night.  It was a 'serious' paddling and even thought it was relatively short, Cora layed on the paddle with more intensity than ever before.  I am still feeling the sting.

We have a cat (or is it that the cat has us).  Its a pretty, black breed known as a 'Bombay'.  Well, sometimes I 'play' with her.  Unfortunately, she is really Cora's Cat and doesn't really take to me very much.  So, my intentions of 'playing' with the cat don't get received well and Cora accused me of 'teasing' the cat.

In fact, Cora got rather incensed at what was going on. She had warned me in the past about my attentions with her cat.  And the following happened so fast that it caught me totally by surprise.

First, I found myself spun around and bent over our kitchen table.  Then Cora reached for her 'Spencer' paddle.  After baring my bottom, she layed on some really hard swats.  Perhaps harder than she has ever delivered.  Oh, and no warm up.  Just swat after swat.

I cried out in pain.  Sometimes Cora will 'let up' a bit when this happens.  Not this time.  She just kept delivering intense swat after intense swat.  I was concerned that she might break the paddle, but it retained its reputation as 'indestructable'.  Indeed the result was that I was a well spanked man.

Finally, she let me up.  And it was over and forgiven.  I love that part the best.  And while my bottom was on fire, I knew I had it coming.  But the aftercare is awesome.  I soooooo love this Lady!

On a Side Note:
Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of this blog.  I really had no idea what it would be like a year after starting it, but here we are.  And its been lots and lots of fun.  We have made many, many friends through the blogosphere and found that there is quite a few 'kindred spirits' out there who also enjoy a Female Led Relationship. 

So we wish to say Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read our blog, and especially to those who have been generous enough to leave comments.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 1 year of blogging.
Don't you just hate when you know Cora is really upset, and nothing you do will stop the inevitable. I have a similar problem here, with the wife's parrot. That bird will try and nip me every chance she gets, (you notice I said "SHE") So I've been in your situation a few times for teasing the bird. LOL
Hope your Blog lasts many more years. I know I enjoy it!!!

Njspank said...

Hi Folks,

Congratulations on your anniversary, you both have been a great inspiration and guide for me and my spouse, if not for you two not sure where we would be but thank you. Happy 1st year,

Ouch, Ms. Cora delivered a good sound one to you my friend and well deserved.

I am proud to tell you at 10:15 am nj time I am not able to sit too well. My wife has not been feeling well, weather has been horrible and work is a stressful mess. Well this morning, she took matters into her own "hands" after I snapped at her and while she has spanked me harder, she turned me over her knee and spanked me long and hard with her hand. Was amazing, she really delivered a good one. I am left here, sore bottom to help clean the house and maybe a reward if I do while she is out.

Thanks to you and Cora as always, you two are just wonderful.

Have a great day and much love


Anonymous said...

Great story! Cora seems to have taught you a very important lesson!

Happy anniversary to you on your blog. It's one of the best!


Dana said...

Congrats on your anniversary. I am continually impressed by your blog. I consider you a mentor. Interesting you quickly things can proceed, I know. One minute a normal evening and the next a red sore bottom. and by the way, the wife says that us boys richly deserve it.

Respecting Mistress said...

Ken and Cora, congratualtions on your anniversary.

Ken, As SB said Cora taught you a lesson and as you say, you knew you had it coming anyway. But isn't it great how having a really effective domestic discipline lifestyle in place, situations like that can be dealt with immediately and the slate is clean? Okay it hurts like and hell and we might want not to bent there taking it, but imagine the alternative. I know from past experience situations like that drag on and on for ages and you end up with two thoroughly miserable people. you got what you deserved and then made up. Great for both of you. Good work Cora.

spankedbywife said...

James, Ron, ServingB, Dana and Respecting Mistress-

Thanks for the kind words. I have shared all of them with Cora and she has to agree. Our lifestyle is awesome and really works. And we have lots of fun with it, too.

And for now, I will be content to play with our three Springer Spaniels who seem to appreciate the attention.

Ken (and Cora, too)