March 6, 2011

The Ubiquitous Hairbrush - Revisited (and our first Video!)

Our previous post about hairbrush resulted in lots of comments.  Its obvious that this particular 'tool' is VERY popular.  For both the Ladies who spank and the men who receive the spankings.

So it should be no surprise that when Cora and I recently visited a local 'Antique Mall', we kept our eye out for traditional hairbrushes; you know, the ones that can be used by our Ladies for purposes other than brushing their hair.

Well, we found the really cool hairbrush.  It looks like its made out of some kind of plastic.  We have no idea how old it is but probably from the 1950's.  Its smaller in size and weight from our favorite Nu-West/Leda hairbrush, however a 'test drive' showed it to be quite effective in disciplining a naughty bottom.

Naturally, we purchased it.  During the check out I remarked to the saleslady, "Every Woman should have a hairbrush, don't you think?".  I don't know if she got the connection, but she did reply with approval.

So now Cora has added another hairbrush to her growing collection.  And here is our first video of Cora showing off her newly found treasure:

And our Thanks to B and Serving B, who inspired us to do our own video after seeing theirs.

Nu-West/Leda Hairbrushes

Funny thing.  I visited the Nu-West/Leda site on Friday.  There was an amazing announcement:  They have found several boxes of their hairbrushes.  Apparently they were hidden away somewhere in their warehouse and only recently found.

So, here is your chance.  Our opinion is that they are absolutely the best hairbrush we have ever seen (or in my case, felt). They are small enough to be perfect for those over-the-knee discipline sessions but heavy enough to blister a naughty boy's bottom. If you visit the Nu-West/Leda site you should have no problem finding how to get one. Tell 'em Ken and Cora sent you.

And while Cora is having fun with her new hairbrush, her Nu-West/Leda hairbrush will be her Number 1.  After all, its the hairbrush Cora is holding in our opening picture.


HERsubmissivehusband said...

Thanks for the post and photos...sounds like a great for antique brushes...and all the the back of your mind...knowing whats coming when you do find Wife really wore my bottom out earlier in the week with Her hairbrush...this afternoon though...i got the strap...i'll be blogging about that soon...thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

You do realize that all male personnel who read your blog, even though of us married to true Ladies, have fallen love with your Cora.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken and Cora,

I'm glad to see you finally took the plunge and made a video. But you left out the most important part. That would be the one where Cora would be actually using her new hairbrush on you. LOL!

We also found a similar one at a reuzit shop for just a couple of bucks. It's probably cream colored plastic but simulates ivory from the 1950's. It is pretty effective for sure.

Best regards,


spankedbywife said...

Wow! Such great comments, already.

Hersubmissive husband-
Looking forward to a complete description of your blogging post!

Oh, yes, I totally know that Cora has captivated a large group of you. However when I read your comment to Cora, she just about melted in gratitude. You certainly made her day (and night).
And I am sure your Lady has nothing to worry about.

Its funny you should mention a video featuring Cora actually using her hairbrush (or more likely her hairbrushes). Its coming!

The video we posted was just our first attempt and its full of technical problems (some were fixed with the post-production software). But you can look forward to more. Cora really loved the way the video turned out and I was not about to pass on the opportunity of posting the video, technical difficulties and all. Cora becomes this Magickal person everytime she gets in front of a camera. Her response was totally unrehearsed and spontaneous.

So I am looking forward to sharing much more and seeing what kinds of things Cora pulls out of her hat during future productions. She is truly an awesome actress.

Again, Thanks for the comments.


Anonymous said...

Ken and Cora:

What a delightfully teasing video! The way Cora smacks her hair brushes on her thigh and against her hands is ominously seductive! It's no wonder you always seem to look forward to the next trip over her lap! And my oh my what a lovely lap and gorgeous set of legs (if I may be so bold).

B and I look forward to the next installment (and we're glad to be members of the mutual admiration society! lol).

best to you both,

Dana said...

Great educational video Ken and Cora. Looks like those great hairbrushes will soon have an intimate session with our friend Ken. My beautiful wife loves antique shops and is always looking to add to her implement collection to keep me on my toes, or it is over her lap. It would be something if she and Cora went antique shopping together, I can only imagine.

mysster said...

Wonderful video! Cora's voice and humor add even more to Her normal allure. Great going!

Njspank said...

Hi folks,

And just when I thought Cora could not be sexier, wow, what a video, thanks for sharing and what a lovely laps and legs, holy!

Amazing video and yes sir we all love the hairbrush, might say we dont but is there an implement beside the hand that brings thoughts of a sound domestic OTK spanking!!

Completely hot,thanks.

Much love,

Njspank said...

What a great voice!!


Njspank said...

OK, one last thing, yes I love Cora's NuWest brush as well, a classic.

Be well


Anonymous said...

Cora looks the video...thanks for all!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I felt my knees tremble. Great work!

Charlie Castle said...

Cora looks just fantastic - what a privilege it must be to go over those pantygirdled thighs. Were that me, I'm sure I'd be having a little 'accident' very quickly - sensing her girdle/nylons suddenly, inappropriately, damp, would Cora then deem the cane necessary?