March 21, 2011

Nu-West/Leda: Hairbrushes and an Announcement

Can a Disciplinarian Woman have Too Many Hairbrushes??

In our post of March 15 we spoke of the limited availability of the classic Nu-West/Leda hairbrush and also that we were going to order two of them.  Well, they arrived in Saturday's mail.  And wow, these are serious hairbrushes, indeed!  Cora decided to take one for a 'test drive' and they deliver quite an impact.
These two Hairbrushes are slightly different from our original one.  They are slightly longer and over 1/2 oz. heavier.  And that extra weight and length really account for one heck of a stinging smack.  Ouch!  I wonder what a serious spanking will be like from one.  And even though I still have that fantasy of a double lap spanking, it will certainly be a sizzling experience.

The pictures show Cora proudly showing you her new found 'tools'.  I think she let out a bit of a 'yelp' in the process of testing it on her own palm.  She really likes the balance and overall feel.  Of course the feel from my point of view is considerably different!  Oh, and upon my last check, it appears these Hairbrushes are still available.
Nu-West/Leda News

I sent Ed Lee a note upon receiving the Hairbrushes thanking him for making them available.  In one of his replies he provided a couple pieces of information.  Next month he will be releasing a Rework of an Original Female/Male Spanking Comic first produced by Nu-West/Leda in the 1980's:

'A Visit to Aunt Rita’s'.
If you remember some of the 'Spanking Comics' from the 1980's you will remember some nicely done stories that were not only well done but rather hot, too.  My collection includes one or two of these publications from this era and will be looking forward to adding the new ones.  They will feature fantasy artwork by a new artist.  And Ed indicates in addition to being available direct from Nu-West/Leda, they can also be obtained from Barnes and Nobel or Amazon.  I guess we have really become mainstream!  And it sounds like the coffee table book on Leda Ladies will become available soon, too.

And finally, he also provided a pic of one of my favorite Leda Ladies, Vanna.  Here she is ready to take a naughty boy over her lap, having pulled up her skirt to reveal those oh, so sexy, nylon clad legs.


Njspank said...

First off it has always been a dream of mine to be spanked with one of those classic NuWest brushes, oh man. Would love it.

Seeing it in the lovely hands of Cora, well makes it all that much better and hot!

Vanna, well like Cora the picture tells a thousand stories, man, what a beautiful lap Vanna is as well as Cora!!!

Imagine getting spanked by the two of them!!!

Awesome stuff, thanks and be well.


Anonymous said...

Oh Vanna, That's one sexy lap. Almost as sext as Cora in her girdle.

David said...

I would really love to buy one for my wife!!! Do you have the address where I could get one?