March 27, 2011

Inside the Mind of Cora

Besides having fun spanking me, Cora does have other interests. One of those interests is collecting dolls. She has a nice collection and I have made a display case that nicely shows them off with glass shelves, glass doors and lights installed that showcases them quite nicely (even if I say so, myself).

Yesterday, while we were out and about, Cora asked if we could visit the local antique mall. And besides finding collectible hairbrushes, we often find dolls for Cora to add to her collection. Often we find ones in 'mint' condition and at reasonable prices.

Well, yesterday was no exception. Cora spotted a Snow White doll from the Madame Alexander collection. She was thinking to herself how a set of the Seven Dwarfs would enhance it. Then, upon checking another shelf, there they were! In this case the Seven Dwarfs were paired with another Snow White from the Barbie collection. Oh and Ken (no relation) was portrayed in the role of 'Prince Charming'. (Like I said, no relation).

When we got home, Cora immediately set up a display of the Seven Dwarfs with the Madame Alexander Snow White. What to do with the Barbie and Ken pair. Well, Cora (on her own ... really!) set them up as shown in the picture shown above.

I love the way her mind works. But now I wish that the 'Prince Charming' Ken wasn't the only 'Ken' being spanked!


Dana said...

Cora, we love your display. A good reminder to another Ken (no relation of course)

senorrose4 said...

What a cute, "intimidating" display of "Cora" White the Seven "Submissive" Dwarfs!!LOL I'll never be able to think of this fairy tale in quite the same way again!! LOL

Thanks for your blog. I LOVE the intimate, fun, mutually satisfying relationship that you have!!!


Njspank said...

Awesome as always, Cora amazing.

Never said it this way before but you two are totally hot, love it and thanks for the inspiration.


Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken and Cora. Totally agree with Njspank, so hot and so inspiring. I love your blog.

I love the way you can put an flr spin on a simple thing like a child's fairy tale. Do you do this with other everday situations? I know we do!

spankedbywife said...

This was a fun post to put together and we are glad to see the responses.

Yes, a reminder, indeed!

'Cora' White ... she loved that.
And we are glad the 'fun' part of our relationship seems to come out.

Its awesome to be called 'hot' at our age.

Respecting Mistress-
LOL. Yes it seems like Cora and I both put a FLR spin on lots of 'everyday' things. Its one of the reasons I titled this post, 'Inside the Mind of Cora'. She really thinks this way. And I really love her that way.