March 17, 2011

Defending our FLR

One of the blogs I follow is, "Husband in Check" in which Dana describes his own Female Led Relationship with his Lady.  Dana is one of the fellow bloggers I correspond with on occasion.  A couple of days ago, he published a particularly interesting post.  He described a scenario where his Lady and the wife of another couple had set up a proposed shopping trip to an Antique Mall.  It turned out that the wife was 'required' to 'ask permission' before she could go.  Of course, Dana's wife didn't need to ask permission but the husband questioned Dana as to whether his Wife needed to request permission, too.

Rather than completely repeat Dana's well written post, I would suggest you check out his blog.  There is a direct link under the 'Blogs I Follow' area.  But the bottom line is that Dana did not back down when confronted by the husband regarding Dana's Lady being 'in charge' and not having to ask permission for anything.  Later, in an exchange of comments, Dana stated that this turned out to be a 'WOW' moment and his Lady "told me that she couldn't love me anymore than she did at that moment".  Dana further explained that it took him a second or two to respond but that he would have been very disappointed in himself if he had not done so.  I applaud Dana in his being true to himself!

So, Dana, Well Done!  And its nice to know that there are so many other couples like us (and quite a few men who would like to be in our position).  And while some couples keep their relationship style a deep secret, its good to see some of us become comfortable enough to 'come out of the closet'.

Female Led Relationships may be unusual but we are certainly not abnormal.  And the kind comments from our previous post demonstrate how we all benefit by sharing with each other.

I hope Dana's Wife rewarded his actions with a 'good boy' spanking.  I so love it when Cora does rewards me.  And I am proud to say I got one just yesterday and there is still a bit of a tingle remaining.


Respecting Mistress said...

Ken, I too read Dan's post and was impressed by his openness. As I said on his blog, I tend to make a joke about it if the situation ever arises. I'll say something like, 'yeah, she's in charge all right,' and laugh. That way people can never be quite sure if it's a joke or serious. If someone asked me outright, I'd probably admit to Mistress being in charge - I'm not ashamed of it, but very proud to be with such a lovely lady - but I'd stop short at admitting to being beaten if I break our rules. I'm not ashamed of that either but I just don't think people understand the dynamics of an flr.

Dana said...

Ken, thanks for the words of support. It comes down to not being ashamed of who we are. Society standards are hard to overcome. I am inspired by my blog friends and their honestly and their happiness. So to us in FLR lets march on.

Njspank said...


Sorry have been out of touch but what a great post, thank you and we all appreciate what a FLR means to us. As still in our start up mode, it has made our life fun but now full of some much energy.

Thanks and be well