March 19, 2011

Cora's Personality

I recently received an e-Mail from our good friends at the 'Our Bottoms Burn' blog.  Bogey (the male half of the couple) remarked that many of the pix of Cora depict her scolding and couldn't we post some pix of her smiling.  If you read their blog you know that they aren't exactly in a FLR but the certainly enjoy the spanking scene.

Its interesting that I had thought of the same thing before receiving his e-Mail.  Now in our defense, there is something rather titillating about being scolded during a spanking and Cora has a knack displaying her scolding persona during a photo shoot.  I know that many of you who follow this blog know what I mean.  Its amazing to watch her acting abilities in action.

However, 99.9% of the time, Cora is a happy and satisfied Lady and portrays a disarming smile.  So here are a few photos of Cora's smiling side, the one I usually see.  But she can still get my attention with that Hairbrush she is holding!

But all things considered, I know I am a very lucky man to have this lovely Lady in my life.  Lucky, indeed!  And my thanks to Bogey for pointing out something that I will pay attention to in the future.


Anonymous said...

You have to admit Cora has a devilish smile!!! Good Pictures Ken, they do Cora well.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Her smile. :D
Of course, I love to see Her frown JUST as MUCH!!

Dana said...

Ken, you are a lucky man! I had no doubt that Cora is a great person. Usually there is serious discussion before a spanking so scolding is not unheard of. Cora does have a great smile and my beautiful lady thinks I spent too much time looking at one of the pictures. I will let you guess which one I got a slap on the bottom for that. Best to you both

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Thanks for the pictures of a smiling Cora. Just my personal choice to see my spanker smiling, enjoying herself.

Njspank said...

Heartwarming post, we are all lucky to have you share the lovely Cora with us.

Thanks so much, wonderful post and love story with you two. A true inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Great pix
fantastic to see a smiling
lady Top.

Anonymous said...

Yoir a very lucly man cora is a beautiful women. She seems to keep you in line.