March 15, 2011

The FLR Community

One of the unexpected benefits of opening this blog over a year ago was connecting with so many others who practice a Female Led Relationship and all that goes with it.  I have been blessed with comments from so many of you and have even struck up friendships as a result.

One of those friendships has been with Serving B and his Magnificent Lady, B.  I am sure most of you are familiar with their blog.  We have communicated back and forth and we have even had a phone call or two.  Well, like so many of you, they have had fun with some of our 'Discipline Forms', both the Notice and Request.

Well, it seems that the clever Mistress B utilized the form to inform Serving B of her intentions to record one of their sessions 'For My Boys Out There'.  She went on to say that she wanted us to see that 'I mean Business When We Have a Session'. B and Serving B graciously shared a copy of the form which is shown above. The result was those wonderful videos that they posted on their blog.  If you haven't already seen them I would suggest you check out their blog.  The videos are wonderful!  You have to scroll back to their post of February 17 and the series continues through February 22.  And of note is that these videos were taken under candle light!  Their videos were an inspiration and our first one was included in our previous post.

And recently we had contact with another FLR couple.  However, in this case they live very close to us.  So last Sunday we met for dinner.  The conversation was wonderful and it was obvious that we experienced an immediate connection.  So we invited them over after dinner.  Of course, we had fun sharing 'Cora's Rack'.  We also shared a 'sneak preview' of a video we had just made a couple of days ago.  I am sure we will be spending time with this couple and who knows, I may get my wish of a 'Double Lap' spanking.  After all the two (hopefully matching) NuWest/Leda hairbrushes are probably only a few days from arriving.

I have attached a few 'Video Snapshots' of the video we took a couple of days ago.  I am not sure if we will post the actual video, (we both think that we can produce something better) but thought we'd share some of the pix from the shoot.  I think you will agree that Cora's 'Starlet Personna' really comes through.

So here she is scolding me.

A hand spanking.

And here she is with her 'famous' hairbrush.


Dana said...

Ken, you and Cora rock! Looks like Cora got your attention and your bottom was reddened nicely. Yes, I am familiar with the feeling. I have said this before and I say it again, we are so lucky. Keep us posted about the double hair brush action. That will make you take notice. The best to you and your beautiful wife.

Anonymous said...

The FLR community is growing and becoming more clearly explained. Take a look at They define 5 "food groups" (areas of control) and 4 levels of FLR control. They also have a number of other things going on.

With time, I expect them to become more mainstream. Eventually FLR will be more openly discussed by advice columnists, sex researchers, and lifestyle articles in the press.

Anonymous said...

Great Pics and a great post, I always enjoy reading what goes on with you and Cora. FLR is a great concept that I think most men would enjoy, like Dana I think Cora does a good job of turning your bottom a nice rosy red.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for this and ALL your fantastic posts.


Newports.sub said...

Ken - you are right about connecting with others in the lifestyle. My wife and I have met a number of people through email and been fortunate enough to meet with B and SB several times in person. Being able to follow blogs like yours and SB's and hearing your success stories are inspirational and validate the lifestyle we have chosen. Thanks for putting a fascinating portion of your life out here.