April 7, 2011

A Meeting With A Special Couple

Well, its been quite a week.  Its taken some time to 'come down' from some of the events.  So now its time for a post about it.

Over the months this blog has been in operation, we have met with many people and couples who we consider close friends and kindred spirits in the FLR world.  However, most are long, long distances away and its not likely that we will have the honor of meeting in person. 

However, recently we met up with another couple who are close by.  After several exchanges of e-Mail, we decided to meet for dinner a while ago and found that we really 'clicked' with this couple, which we will refer to as 'Rose' and her husband.  So, last Saturday evening we invited them to our home. 

That evening was full of Magick of all kinds.  We started with sharing a glass of wine and Cora had prepared one of her famous Hors D'oeuvres spread.  A little later we adjourned to our theater room and enjoyed part of the latest Blu-Ray of the concert from the band Heart (just happens to be from Seattle!).

Of course the evening was filled with discussion of FLR related items too.  Its hard to ignore 'Cora's Rack' with all the wonderful tools on display.  And that night, Cora placed our newly acquired pair of Nu-West/Leda Hairbrushes on her 'Rack' in addition to all Her other Tools.

So it was no surprise that Rose and Cora conspired to administer a 'double lap' Hairbrush spanking to both me and Rose's husband.  Two chairs were strategically set up and soon my bottom was bared and over I went.  Both Ladies were wearing 'real' nylon stockings.  You know, the ones held up by garters.  And both were wearing high heels.  Going over those four nylon clad thighs was ... well, you know!  And once I was over the two laps, I had a view of four high heels that was spectacular.

Soon, I felt the impact of both Hairbrushes on my unprotected bottom.  Wow, it was intense.  The spanks from two Hairbrushes rained down and lit up my bottom.  Both of these Ladies were applying strokes of about equal intensity and I soon lost track of who was on the right and who was on the left side.

Soon, Rose's husband took my place.  I was amazed as I watch him take his turn over these two laps and I got to see his bottom change from pale white to bright red.  It was amazing to watch these two Ladies apply their discipline to him as this is a point of view I am not usually able to watch.  Wow.

Later, Cora demonstrated to Rose her techniques with the Spencer Paddle.  I was bent over the back of a chair and Cora started her demonstration.  Needless to say, getting a paddling with a Spencer Paddle is quite an experience.  Plus, I am sure that Cora probably wanted to 'show off' her technique and was applying strokes somewhat harder that she sometimes does when we are by ourselves.  In no time I found myself in that wonderful place we call 'the zone'.  Soon Rose had her turn with the paddle and not only did I get my fantasy of getting a 'double lap' spanking but was paddled by two beautiful Ladies.

I wish I had some pictures from the events of Saturday night but I think picture taking would have been a distraction.  So, I have used some of our 'stock' pictures of my wonderful Lady, Cora.  And I love her so much for feeling comfortable enough to participate with another couple.


Anonymous said...

Great post Ken, I could almost feel your pain, or pleasure, of which I'm sure you felt both.
It's a great thing to be over two laps, having both cheeks spanked at the same time. And I'm sure you noticed how hard it would be to try and raise yourself up. It's almost impossible to escape that type of spanking.
I'm glad you finally got to expeirence it for yourself.

Again great post

Anonymous said...

One of the unique advantages of our lifestyle is just as you've described. If another couple knows who we are, and is also FLR, the male personnel have the incredible honor of submitting to another like-minded Lady

Respecting Mistress said...

Ken, thanks for sharing this with us. Wow, it must be great to meet up with other couples living an flr lifestyle - to share experiences. But I'm not sure how I'd feel being punished alongside someone else, let alone going over two laps and being punished by both ladies. It sounds fantastic but I wonder what your inner feelings were, stood in front of both ladies and next to another sub male. Were you just focussed on what was coming, were you at all embarassed or feeling humiliated? And how did you feel when he was getting paddled? Sorry for him or wanting the ladies to make him suffer. Is that bad of me to have these questions? I'm just wondering how I'd feel. I think I'd be really worried about not taking my punihsment well in front of others.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am not female led, but I have been paddled by two women at the same time. It was fun for all of us. Glad to hear it worked out for you.

spankedbywife said...

LOL, the last thing on my mind while over these two beautiful laps was trying to 'escape'.

Indeed it was an honor to submit to both Ladies.

Indeed, it was fun to be paddled by these two Ladies. I feel like I have joined a very select group of guys.
Respecting Mistress-
There was no embarrassement or humiliation involved. Instead I was totally focused 'in the moment'. At the time I was over their laps, it was just me and the two Ladies. But when Rose's husband was over their laps I mostly thought, 'so thats what I looked like'. And while I understand that not all of us wish to engage with other couples, if you were ever presented witht he opportunity, I am sure you would handle it just fine and probably just enjoy it!

Thanks for all your comments.
Ken & Cora

Dana said...

Wow Ken. What a night! I would have loved to have been there and a participant. Loved the post and my best to you both. Wow, the stockings too!

OnHerKnee said...

Ken, you are a very lucky man and and I must say I envy your experience, it must have been grand.

I've considered a meeting like yours and at one point... We considered it a couple of years ago but we never went through with it deciding if we ever do any meeting of other couples to do it at one of the play parties that happen a few times a year. Time and finances haven't permitted that yet but certainly on our 'bucket-list'.

Njspank said...

Ken and Cora,

Well must say I was waiting for this post and sorry did not see it earlier. First off thanks for the "stock" pictures, they are so hot, love laps like that.

Now my friend, for all you have done for us it is awesome to read you finally got your dream of two wonderful laps applying a nice brush to your bottom. Wow, that is some amazing story and thanks for sharing. You continue to amaze and be an inspiration to us all. Oh what a night!!

Great spanking and so happy for you.

Again, thank you for sharing an amazing evening!!

best regards