April 29, 2011

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward - Revisited

I got spanked last night.  Paddled actually.  "So what else is new", you're thinking.  Well, its been a while since I have been on the end of a real 'disciplinary' spanking.  But it happened last night.

Cora and I are sort of addicted to the news channels.  (No, not that one).  Well last night, one of our favorites was pre-empted for a special on the Royal Wedding.  (BTW, congratulations to our UK readers!)  This is also the time we usually adjourn to our kitchen where Cora prepares one of her Culinary Wonders of the World.  So, Cora tuned in another program on our little under-the-counter TV to watch while we prepared our evening meal.

The program was one of those 'interview' programs and usually is quite good.  However, last night one of the guests is someone who I consider to be mostly full of hot air.  Lots of hot air.  And while (it turns out) Cora is also not especially fond of this guest, she was more focused on preparing the perfect salmon.

To make a long story short, I decided to leave the kitchen and do something else.  Bad Idea!  I guess my body language was more 'storming out of the kitchen' in nature.  Of course, Cora noticed.  And reacted.

"Get Back In Here", she said.  After a bit of a discussion (well it was really a scolding), I was taken by the arm and bent over the kitchen table.  Cora then grabbed one of her paddles and began demonstrating her ability to 'lay it on'.  She then paused and grabbed the waistband of the pants I was wearing and soon was bent over the table, bare bottomed.  "You are lucky you are not getting what Serving B got from B a while back" she stated.  Cora then proceeded to apply some very intense strokes with one of her paddles.  I am not even sure which one it was.

What Cora applied in intensity, she made up for in brevity.  Thankfully, her paddling was rather short.  But it still left quite a sting in my backside.  And I have to admit, I deserved it.  Reflecting back, I know I had it coming and am thankful that Cora handled it in the way she did. I am also very proud of her.  It was rather perfect.  After the spanking, all was forgiven and we went back to 'normal'.  Although I must admit, I felt very contrite.  Cora even remarked, "Oh that felt so good to me" immediately after paddling me.

Later that night, Cora came to bed and instructed me to 'pleasure' her.  It wasn't a request.  Now, I think most of the men in FLR's will agree that there is nothing better than when your Lady initiates sexual activity.  And last night was no exception for me.  We finished the night like teenagers at a drive in. Then both fell into very deep and satisfying sleep.

Looking back, I can tell that both of us were under lots of stress.  A couple of days ago we purchased a new car (well, not exactly new, but new to us).  And we probably get wrapped up in all the events of the day.  Bottom line is that the safety valve popped.  The good news is that the guidelines of our FLR worked and worked quite well.

In reading many of the blogs written by the men engaged in FLR's, along with some of the Yahoo groups I follow, I know that many of us feel a build up of the need to be spanked.  At times it may seem to reach extreme levels.  Last night was one of those times and not just for me.  Both Cora and I felt a great release of stress and I am convinced that Cora's later arousal was partly due to her enjoyment of applying the paddle to her naughty boy.

Oh, how I love Her!

So, both of us recognize that we need to better communicate when we need to engage in some spanking activities when the stress levels warrant it.  (I wonder if Cora knows I have stashed three pair of her panties?)


Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Ken and Cora,

It's interesting to read your latest blog, and strange that only last night I blogged how I reach a point where I feel a need to be punished. And that Mistress reaches a point where she also de-stresses by beating me

I'm glad we're no lone in those felings.

Going back to your situation, isn't it so easy for us male to get wrapped in our own little worlds and forget the rules?

This week, Mistress and I have both been flat out working and won't really have any quality time together until next week but already she's dropped a couple of hints that my attitude hasn't been great.

It sounds like you got so wrapped up in other issues that you forgot your place for a split second and then paid the price. But isn't it great to have a lovely lady there to keep you on your toes?

Dana said...

Ken and Cora:
I continue to marvel how there are times when I am being disiplined because of behavior that I hate it and act like a naughty adolesent. That is usually when I get it the hardest,the amazing thing is that it clears the slate and makes everything ok again and it is over and done with. I got disiplined this week as well for a repeat offense. Not sure if I was testing to see if I could bet away with or maybe knowing that I needed it. Good reminder too to have a good sting on the behind for a while. I admire all our women for not putting up with our crap. One thing beautiful wife oftens says is "I don't think your bottom is red enough yet".

spankedbywife said...

Wow, two great comments so quickly. I figured that this subject would resonate with many of us submissive men who are spanked by our Wonderful Women.

Yes, you are so correct in observing how easy it is to get caught up in our own little worlds. Its truly a gift from our Ladies when they bring us back to reality, like happened to me and as you described happened to you. I think we need to appreciate that its takes quite a bit of effort on their part to cross the threshold where they take charge as our disciplinarians.

Your observation about 'clearing the slate' is such a HUGE benefit of a FLR. While some men would consider being 'emasculated', in my opinion, we are stronger for it. And much happier.


Note: This Comment has been Cora Approved

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, Cora,

I enjoy reading about your relationship. Congratulations on making a wonderful relationship, and giving hope to the rest of us.


Njspank said...

Wonderful story and yes sir, the build up is sometimes daunting to say the least. While we have made unbelievable steps in our FLR the kids are still here. I know I am in need and I can see in my lady's eyes, she is itching to get at my naughty bottom.

Great stuff, you two continue to lead the way and inspire us all.


Njspank said...

Forgot, please let us know if Cora finds her panties!!

Love it


Anonymous said...

Love seeing Cora at work (and, ooh, those panties!) :) Z

Njspank said...

Morning, pouring here again in NJ.

Well now hope you two are well, that is what is most important.

Wanted to let all know, we continue to grow and this past saturday I was caught with two pair of silky white panties, wow, I got a long hand spanking on the bare and then my partner, who is becoming just awesome, put me in each panty and used her brush, long and very hard. Was all I thought it would be!! Awesome, trouble sitting still but just incredible. I believe a spanking over panties hurts more than bare, it was like the silk was holding the heat in!!

Thanks for the inspiration and guidance!!

Best wishes always