May 1, 2011

Hey, Hey, Its the First of May ....

... and Outdoor Spanking Begins Today!

Well, OK I paraphrased it a bit.  But for me its really the Pagan holiday of 'Beltane'.  Some of the traditions are still celebrated, such as the May pole and leaving baskets on front porches.

So here in the Pacific Northwest part of the USA its finally getting to look like spring. The view of the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainier is spectacular. We expect temperatures in the mid 60's (that's almost 20C for those of you in the more civilized parts of the planet).  Cora and I may celebrate the day by taking our pups for a walk along our local waterfront.

The downside of this time of year is that things start to grow.  Really grow.  So while we may be enjoying the beach, there will be lots and lots of yard work for me to attend to when I get back. 

So may your Maypoles remain erect and may your May Baskets be full of all kinds of goodies.

Happy Beltane!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Seattle on a beautiful sunny day. One of my favorite cities to visit. What a great place for a spanking. I am so jealous.

Newports.sub said...

Ken - the idea of an outdoor spanking got my attention, it just sounds so right on several levels.

Nice picture4 of Seattle.


widgets said...

aj informed me it is also May Day: the day one sings The Internationale and waves a red flag for labor. So in honor of International Workers Day my boy sang in The International in his birthday suit and then waved his red bottom around after I labored on it. I enjoy your pictures of Seattle and think you should also wave a red bottom around the Pacific Northwest.

Respecting Mistress said...

Happy Beltane? Isn't that happy belting? As for outdoor spankings? I've never had the experience but love the thought of it. Must be nice to have that cooling breeze on your bottom when Cora is hard at work with a paddle?

Njspank said...

Beautiful people in a beautiful town, I love Seattle and miss my travel there.

Be well