May 18, 2011


Cora and I share many passions but probably nothing like the passion we have for our pets.  When we first got together Cora had three cats and I had two dogs.  And while she was very concerned, Cora wielded her special kind of Magick and soon everyone was getting along quite well.

My two dogs, English Springer Spaniels are from a great line of 'Show Dogs' and I had planned for the younger of the two (Gypsy) to participate in the Show Dog process.  At the time I acquired her as a puppy, an arrangement was set up with the breeder to be co-owners.  The plan was for the breeder (and co-owner) to take possession of Gypsy and handle the actual showing.

So, when she was about two years old, the breeder requested that we send Gypsy to her for 'Show Dog Boot Camp'.  In addition, in order to keep her kennel population balanced, the breeder asked if we would take one of her dogs while she had Gypsy. 

Now, I have been familiar with this line of dogs and they are noted for being layed back, mellow and as sweet as can be.  So I indicated that I would be glad to take one her dogs in exchange for Gypsy, on a temporary basis.  The exchange was made at a dog show that was being held near us and Vixen came home with us that afternoon.

Cora, was not too sure about this arrangement.  She was concerned that our other Springer (Devi) might not get along, yet alone the cats.  I was confident that there would be no problem.  Devi had been around plenty of other dogs (including puppy kindergarten) and I knew that Vixen had also been around plenty of dogs, as she had won enough shows to have achieved her 'Championship'.  And I had seen Cora in action around the animals.  She has that certain Magick and truly owns the title, 'Animal Whisperer'.

So when we arrived back home, we introduced Vixen to Devi on neutral ground on the sidewalk next to one of our neighbors.  Soon, they were best pals.  And Cora soon found herself bonded with Vixen.  Tightly bonded!  Like I said, I knew this particular breed and especially the dogs bred by this Kennel and Vixen was no exception. 

Shortly after we added Vixen to our family, Cora was diagnosed with a deteriorating hip and was soon scheduled for a replacement.  Her procedure went well and Cora was soon home, recovering.  During the recovery, Vixen revealed her own healing powers.  Both Cora and I are convinced that Cora's quick healing was partly due to the presence of Vixen.  And the bonding just got tighter.

A few months later, the breeder decided to 'retire' Vixen and asked us if we would like to keep her.  Cora and I were delighted at this development and immediately said, "Of course!".  So when Gypsy was retired from her time in the Show Dog circuit, we found ourselves with three wonderful English Springer Spaniels, three very special friends and very important parts of our lives. 

We make sure that our pets get good medical care and they get annual check-ups.  During our most recent check-up, a couple of weeks ago, the vet found a 'lump' on Vixen's underside.  This was something that concerned us.  Serious Concern.  The vet took a sample from the lump and sent it out for analysis.  Meanwhile we returned home and tried not to panic.

When the call came back, we were relieved to hear that the results did not show signs of cancer.  However, the recommendation was to remove the lump.  Of course we agreed and set up an appointment to have it removed.  The date was set for Tuesday, May 17 (yesterday).

So we took Vixen to the vet at 7:30 yesterday morning and left her in the care of our vet.  Naturally it was a day full of anxiety.  About noon we received a call from the vet who indicated that the procedure went well and that we should not be concerned about the spread of anything.  (We will get final results of the analysis of the lump in a couple of days).  He also indicated we could take her home anytime after 5:00PM.

It was a happy reunion later that afternoon and we took a very groggy dog back home.  Of course Gypsy and Devi were happy to see her and it was great to see the family whole again.  Today, Vixen is taking it easy and on the road to recovery.  Gladly, she seems to be getting back into her routine and loves to curl up with Cora on the couch.

Naturally, this post is off topic from the things we usually talk about, but its something that we are very passionate about.  Real Life provides plenty of 'distractions' and we have certainly been distracted for the past couple of weeks.  Our 'Special Friends' are with us for such a short time anyway, so a threat to losing them is a large concern.  Thankfully, this time we expect that we will be blessed with their company for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

First let me say "GREAT POST". I know how attached we get to our animals, especially dogs. All they ever want to do is please us and bring us joy. And they really don't expect much in return, a little love, and food and a place to sleep.

But they become much more than that, they become friends, and family. This post was really nice to read, and it shows the type of people you and Cora are.

We are thinking about getting two dogs ourselves. I have always had German Shepherds, and my wife poodles. So we have decided to get one of each. My last Shepherd was a working dog, and after 12 years I had to put her down, one of the worst days of my life.

Anyway hope all works out well with yours, and the tests come back with good news.

Njspank said...

No way off target, posts like this is what makes you two so special, thanks for sharing and glad all is well. Take care of the pups, my little one is right at my feet, great posting ,thanks.


Dana said...

Ken, it is always fascinating to me to learn ofthe various components that make up a person. I knew I liked you and the beautiful Cora. We are also pet people. Currently, three cats and two greyhounds. I also used to have another greyhound, "Cupcake". She got me through a very rough time in my life. I don't know how I would have made it without her. I lost her to cancer two years ago and to this day, I well up with tears when I think of my beautiful Cupcake. So all our best wishes for "Vixen's" recovery.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Do you have a Rent A Dog program. We don't have one, but would enjoy a dog for a day.

bobmski said...

We've had 3 springer spaniels and luv the breed, although we have 2 dachsunds at the moment, our next dog will be a springer, great temprament and ours got along well with the family kitty. Luv your blog, keep on keeping on !!