May 31, 2011

Last Night ...

... She Spanked me!

I was attending to our video player setting up a video to watch.  (We have been on a Hitchcock kick).  I heard Cora behind me and she seemed to want my immediate attention.  OK.  I turned around and she was gently pulling me towards the couch.  She sat down in the middle (her usual position is on the far right) and pulled me over her lap.  I could tell what she had in mind and as I was being draped over her lap, made sure my bottom was bared for her.

As you may have noticed, we haven't been posting much as there really hasn't been much going on in our relationship in regards to our FLR.  Much of our energy has been directed in taking care of Vixen.  Thankfully she is almost completely recovered and we were so thankful that everything associated with the growth was benign.  And thanks for all the comments from our last post.  Its obvious that we are in good company when it comes to our love of our four legged friends.

So last night I guess I must have been in a 'mood'.  Not exactly in a depression but definitely energy drained and a lack of my usual passion.  Cora picked up on this and decided that a session over her lap was just what I needed.  Wow, was she ever correct.

If you have followed our blog, you know that Cora and I love our music.  Recently I discovered a device that allows me to use our wireless network to send music from the hard drive on one of our computers to our sound system.  I have been loading music from our CD (and vinyl) collection and organizing them into groups.  Last night, I had a group of 'classic rock' loaded and playing randomly.  (Its a really neat set-up).   At the time I landed over Cora's lap, bare bottomed and ready to be spanked, the song 'Venus' from Shocking Blue began to play.

Cora began hand spanking me.  Her cadence immediately fell into the rhythm of 'Venus' which has a very solid beat.  And I was getting a full four-to-the-bar hand spanking from Cora.  About half way through, she switched to one of her new Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes.  At first she hesitated a bit but soon she was back into her rhythm.  When Cora spanks along with music, she tends to accentuate her strokes more than she does without music (although I think she held back a bit with the hairbrush - Honey, you need to not hold back and just let go!).  I was definitely getting a thorough spanking. 

After I had resigned myself to getting a spanking from Cora, I just surrendered to her.  The position I was in over her lap with plenty of room on both sides of her was incredibly comfortable.  I just laid there and let the spanking sweep over me.  Yes, it was painful (I can still feel the tingle this morning as I am writing this) but it was something that I really needed.  In fact it was very enjoyable.  I know that many of the men who get spanked by their Ladies, don't actually like the actual spanking part but for me it was great.  I found myself drifting into space, knowing that I was being spanked by a Lady who loves me and can tell what I need.

'Venus' is three minutes and six seconds long.  It was interesting that it began at exactly the time Cora began her spanking.  And she stopped just when the song did.  I think the chorus goes something like:
     I'm Your Venus ...
     I'm Your Fire ...
     At Your Desire

Well, Cora is definitely my Venus.  And it was indeed my desire that she be my fire.  That fire manifested itself in the redness of my bottom when she was done with me.  Oh how I Love Her!!!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! And so cool that you are in tune with one another and that your music network is in tune throughout the house! You're quite a talented man, Ken!

Glad to hear your show doggie has mended.


Anonymous said...

Great Post, all I could think of is how music soothes the savage beast, LOL.
You are indeed a lucky man!!!

Njspank said...


Glad all is well with Vixen and happy that Cora's lap was there for both of you, what a wonderful spanking she delivered.

You two continue to amaze me and continue as well as inspiration to all of us.

Ah, Venus, great song and nice to spanked to, wonderful.

Glad you both well.